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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


USF is a very diverse university, with a wide variety of students. A large number of USF students are native to Florida, with a smaller number from various places around the United States. In addition to domestic students, USF is home to numerous international students from many different cultures. On a typical day, you have the opportunity and interact with fellow students from other backgrounds, speaking different languages, and with different views and opinions from your own.


People often joke that USF is a commuter school that everyone gets into. When I first matriculated into South Florida in 2003 the on-campus housing was extremely limited and school spirit was fairly low; which was partially to do with a poor sports showing and a high percentage of current students "coming back" to school after taken years off. By the time I graduated in 2007 things had dramatically changed. SAT scores required for entry had skyrocketed. More noticeably yet was the large increase in on-campus housing and school spirit. Also of note was that the Tampa community began to get behind the Bulls after a rebranding and a successful football season that found USF temporally ranked number two in the country.


good business students (especially accounting)


I always believed that USF had low standards for admissions.


USF has been known as a commuter school for many years but I feel that is changing, most students are from FL


I haven't really been at this school so I really do not know. I am a transfer student so I haven't heard anything negative.


Young accounting majors do not stay that way too long!


That it's not a "real college" and not "real college living". It has no school spirit.


I'm not sure. Haven't heard anything.


I dont really know. I know when I tell people I go to a University that is 3rd in the state, they seem "wow" compared to if I said I went to a Community College or something.


That we are not a real university since its considered a commuter school.


Believe it or not, USF is in TAMPA, not Orlando. We hate it when people say we are next to Disney World. It's Busch Gardens people. Everyone also thinks that people go here because they didn't get accepted to FSU or UF. Actually, we WANTED to go here. I got accepted to all three colleges and wanted to come here.


A lot of Muslims


I transferred to USF in order to finish my degree so I have a unique perspective of a transfer student. One of the stereotypes that USF has is that it is more lax when it comes to academic standards. The classes are known to be easier and the professors not as quality as compared to other Florida universities like FSU or UF.


That the classes are too big and because of that the teacher won't make time for you.


The sterotypes of USF, is that you stay forever.


USF= U Stay Forever! We're wannabes; all the FSU/UCF/UF rejects come here.


USF is such a large school that the demographics are vast. There is a group on campus for everyone to fit into.