University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not comfortable with large crowds or have difficulty living on their own (or at least far from their parent/guardian). Campus during the school week is always packed with people running to class, taking tours, or setting up for events. The student centers are almost never empty with students working or projects or just hanging out. Additionally, a lot of the resources on campus and off require one to take initiative to further themselves, you can't have any one holding your hand living in the city.


If you don't like walking you should not come here. The campus is very large and you will have classes that are a 10+minute walk everyday. If you don't understand accents or struggle with them don't come here. The student body is very diverse as well as the professors and some can be hard to understand but they are there for a reason and they aremore than qualified to teach you what you need. If you are afraid of squirrels don't come here. Campus is flooded with them and they will climb on you.


Every kind of person should attend this school because its so diverse and it meets the needs of everyone. If you are quiet they have places for you, if you are a party person they have so many campus parties for you, if you are from a different country they have meet and greets with other people from the same country.


The kind of person who shouldnt attend this school is someone who is going to college to join greek life and party their life away. While greek life is popular at USF, the men and women of the greek organizations on campus are more centered around philanthropic work and making a difference than throwing giant parties everynight. USF is definately not a school for someone who just wants to party.


Those looking for an all-inclusive on campus experience; USF still have a commuter campus feel to it


A person that is not motivated to learn and stay focused.


Someone who is lazy and thinks that they can skate through. You will actually have to work and study in order to pass.


The University of South Florida is a very diverse school with a wide array of different races and religions. Many would be attracted to the diversity alone in the University, however, like many universities it is not for everyone. USF is a very large school with record enrollment nearly every year. Many of the classroms are auditoriums and lecture halls. An incoming student should not expect small class sizes and personalized attention from the professor. A student must work to grab the professors attention by either attending the office hours or sitting in the front row.


Anyone not willing to be on an active, lively campus on a daily basis.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is, someone who doesn't want to get involved. This school has so much spirit all around campus, and has over 600 clubs to join.


I wouldn't say that I DON'T recommend this school for the arts, but I would strongly reccomend an actual art school if you are serious about your career in the arts (as in you are looking for the notoriety of the name of the school you graduate from with an art degree).


Honestly, I think this school fits just about everybody. They have clubs and fun things to do that fit anything anyone could ever imagine doing. This school is extremely large though, holding about 40,000 students, so if you are someone who likes to be in smaller more intimate places, this school is probably not for you.


A person who keeps to themselves or a person who does not enjoy talking to people; I found that most people who went to USF were highly outgoing.


Anyone who is lazy and does not like to get their feet a little wet should not dive into this school because it is alot of money to attend this school.


Someone that doesnt like/fit in on big campuses or if they dont like the "big" university college feel.




One who acquires negative qualities such as pessimism, or lacks determination should not attend USF. USF has proper values and promotes school pride as well as earning outstanding grades. Professors at USF understand certain circumstances as long as you maintain levels of respect towards them as well as your peers.


USF is primarily a commuter school. Our roads and buildings were built to accomdate students living elsewhere and then dorms were added in the back end of the school and later a football team was created. If an individual is looking for school pride and to enjoy college by attending all sorts of functions and parties then I do not reccommend USF. USF is located in the middle of Tampa away from everything except Busch Gardens. Also, if an individual is looking to connect with fellow students for support then USF is not for them.


anyone, there is something for everyone in this school, especially off campus activites.


People who are not focused and do not have any goals


Someone who is afraid of meeting people and putting themselves out there. The University of South Florida has many students and preofessors who ask not only for academics, but for interaction and feedback. Anyone who would prefer to stay inside and simply complete the homework and attend lectures will have a rude awakening when they discover that many of their classes are discussion based and feed off conversing with others.


The University of South Florida is well-known for being a diverse campus. I have attended the University of South Florida for one semester and can truly say that I have made a diverse group of friends. If I had not attended the University of South Florida I would not have met these people and would not have had the privelege of learning about these different races and religions. Therefore, I believe that any person would love to attend the University of South Florida and find it easy to adjust to, no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


Anyone who is interested in learning!


the kind of person who wants to party a lot and who is not willing to apply themself in classes


A person that is not going to take advantage of his education opportunity. One thing good about USF, though, is that everyone is very friendly so if the person really wants to be succesful, there will be enough tools to help him make it.


People who aren't open minded and who don't show spirit in what they do.


Anyone who is not comfortable being in big classes or surrounded by many different types of people.


Someone who will be overwhelmed by large classrooms, and lots of people around campus.


The only people who shouldn't attend my school are the ones who are not serius about their education. If they are not willing to work hard they should look elsewhere.


A person who is either extremely dependent on others to motivate them to work or anticipating an abundance of school assistance with placement should not attend this school. After the beginning of freshman year you are very much left up to your own devices so far as planning your college career; guidance counselors are available to assist if you seek them out but there is not much around campus to remind students of the end of Add/Drop week, when to turn in the FASFA or other such things. It really motivates on to become self-dependent.


Anyone who is uncomfortable in a metropolitan area should not attend the University of South Florida. It sits in downtown Tampa. The ability to navigate the surrounding area, be it via personal car or city transit, is a necessary skill.


I believe that anyone should be allowed to attend this school. As long as the student is willing to work hard and can balance their social life and their studies there shouldn't be any limitation to who is allowed to attend this school. Everyone deserves a chance at something because you'll never know what you're good at. In this case everyone should try to attend college to see if it's right for them.


The school is extremely diverse, however many entry level classes are large, 200-400 students. I would not suggest this school to students who need one on one help often or thrive in a small group environment.


Someone who wants a small school or alot of individualized attention shouldn't attend this school. You definately have to be able to take the initiative to join clubs/learn extra/ get jobs etc etc. at USF


This school is very diverse and incorporates many different people from all over the world, so the only type of person who probably shouldn't attend this school is someone who is intimidated by the large university experience. Depending on a person's major, classes can give the intimacy and feel of a small college atmosphere; but on the whole this school is wide and expansive enough to accomodate all kinds of people. Those not wishing to be overwhelmed with multiple possibilities may want to approach this school as a venture of caution.


You should not attend this school if you are the type of student that enjoys big school traditions and customs. Since USF is a relatively new, we lack traditions that other big schools such as the University of Florida or Duke have. At sporting events, there are not any special chants or popular crowd responses to made free-throw shots. This also describes the Greek life on campus. While there are events sponsored by fraternities, and members wearing their shirts, the majority of the campus does not show an interest in Greek life.


The only type of person who should not attend this school is a person who is not committed to their education.


Someone who is not able to focus in an active environment should not be attending this university. People are always conversing and doing things on campus. An individual is likely to become distracted within hours of sitting in one place by another person or group of people. Even in the study areas where there are quiet zones, people are constantly walking in and out of the room. So unless a person can focus well on what he or she is doing, whether listening to music or trying to read, they will eventually become distracted.


The person who received all As during high school, but never did any of the work is going to start college thinking that he or she does not need to study or even attend every class. In fact, the person may be too smart for one of their classes and decide to fool around instead of keeping up with that class's assignments. It is very dangerous for this person to go to college, because the next thing you know they flunk-out and have to work at a fast food restraunt thinking they are a loser.


Anyone who would be extremely overwhelmed by a large school/campus would probably not like this university. If you're not into school spirit and cheering on your team at sporting events this is definitely not the place for you.


People who should attend this school should be sllightly more interested in school than in their social life. There is plenty opportunity to get involved but I think the school is more known for its academics. School spirit spreads a long way so show your Bull Pride!


Lazy individuals should not attend this school as they will get left behind.


A person that is not self motivated and someone that is not open to new ideas and ways of thinking.


people who are not motivated to do their own work should not attend this school.


A reserved, introvert person with a very conservative upbringing who has not been exposed to such a culturally and religiously diverse atmosphere would not likely have a great time at USF. It would take a while for this type of person to get used to such an environment and be able to have an open mind about the extremely diverse student population. Some students just getting out of highschool seem to have a hard time at first because of the fact that a lot of them just moved away from their parents for the first time.


People who want to live in a city life setting, people who are focused on their futures, people who want a very active social life, people who want to live in a nice city, people who enjoy lots of diversity without it being forced to the point where you can tell it is lacking. People who want a real greek life.


a lazy person with no motivation


Someone who can't handle large classes and a lot of work.


USF accomodates all types of people. The variety of students amazes me. There are classes, specific colleges, a Greek house, and organizations that fit any type of personality.


Anyone who is academically arrogant or close-minded.