University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about USF is frustrating at any school: the price. Financial aid is very tricky to completely comprehend and some of the fees feel ridiculous.


Probably the fact that our football team isn't very good. If it was, I know more people would want to attend this school. That is literally the only downside to my school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tuition amount, but I believe that goes for all colleges.


The area is the most frustrating aspect. Tampa's highway seems to be in a perpetual state of being under construction, making getting to classes on time difficult if you don't leave early enough, or if you attempt to get to school during high density traffic times.


The campus is very large. Difficult to find your way around.


The different schools in the University are not on the same page at all times. At times all of the schools work together and it is great but sometimes the teachers and the advisors convey different ideas on the same questions which cause undue confusion.


The most frustrating part of my school was finding parking. There are a lot of students who commute to the school from the Tampa Bay area. The task of finding part was like Hunger Games!


The most frustrating thing about school is probably how much it costs. It really adds up fast with books, costs of classes, distance learning fees, other school supplies, and parking passes. So now I am going crazy applying for scholarships when I really should have done this while I was still in high school.


Some of the buildings are run down and need to be replaced. The on-campus running trail needs to be cared for and kept up. More parking would always be greatly appreciated.


The most frustrating thing I would say is that there are a lot of politics involved, it's not about what you know but who you know. This happens everywhere, but it's frustrating to see it happen at a large university. The Greeks at USF really come together for each other when it comes to positions and titles, etc. It can be frustrating to have all of the credentials or capabilities to do something, but because you aren't with "the crowd" you aren't given equal opportunities.


The meal plan centers are not great.


The smoking is very aggravating, but the school has taken action against it very recently, and there has been much less of it since then.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the administration offices. Many times departments such as financial aid or academics are not very helpful and it seems as if they expect incoming freshman to know everything about college life, therefore providing short answers to questions and limited service.


Long commute, lack of public transportation surrounding the campus (inside/within the campus there is great transportation).


One of the main things that people do not realize at my university is that we are a young school. This is our chance to leave our mark in such a large institution. Not many students are able to do this when they go to a big name school. The school spirit at the school is something that is up and coming as more and more students graduate, but we need to work on creating more awareness of sporting events and overall school spirit.


USF has fairly old dorms that are not in the best condition.


The most frustrating thing about my school would honestly have to be the financial aspect of it. The way the school tells you where your money is going is insufficient. However, with a newly elected Student Body President, his platform is to work on getting the school to tell you where exactly your money is going.


The administration namely dealing with financial aid and the Registrar's Office. I had issues with Bright Futures and they sent me to every possible place they could think of before finally attempting to deal with the problem. Pretty much every time I've had an issue with financial aid or transcripts it has taken weeks to months to get resolved. If you have a parent with you they tend to give you less of a run around. I guess they don't respect the students.


I think there are two things that really bother me about my school. One small thing is the lack of respect for pedestrians, the drivers are very rude. But importantly, I dislike that some of the professors don't try to help out their students a little more. I am very aware that this isn't high school and they aren't going to hold your hand, but the lack of care or the indifference is not beneficial to students.


There is never any room to park since USF has a large body of students who commute from the neighboring cities and counties. This means there are few parking spots and on the weekends, the campus has virtually no one walking around.


The most frustrating is finding classes for my major that I can work around my work schedule and parking on campus is ridiculous for those individuals that commute.


Like many other schools, it's navigation in regard to class schedule, major requiremenst, and finding which books are required for books is a pain in the neck. The system and catagorization is cumbersome and completely unintuitive.


Oasis. It is what we use for our student registration or were we can get a copy of our records, and at times can be a real pain in the butt trying to navigate it. Other than that are teachers that don't like posting info to blackboard it makes knowing whats going on in class nearly impossible


The art program does not have specific classes for pottery, sculpting, painting, etc. the classes are labled Art I, II, III etc. so it is confusing to choose which class to take.


Registration timing. Sometimes classes are really hard to get into.


Well, administration is very frustrating at USF. I understand that with any school, financial aid is usually the department that one may struggle with. With USF it's no different. They prefer you to answer any questions online, which is understandable with a school that size. However, the website is quite difficult to navigate. In addition academic advisement has been known to misinform/misguide and that's in several departments.


The most thing about my school is the unbearing walking students and faculty have to endure. Your'e lucky if your classes are right next to each other. It is impossible for anyone to gain the Freshman 15 here at USF.


Financial aid has been a problem every year. The fall semester funds never clear until mid-October causing stress and frustration for my family and me. It becomes a problem because when the counselors look at my application and see that I apply early each year they become confused about what is going on with the funding as well. When I am coming to their office for answers, it is upsetting to see that they have confusion about their area of expertise. I am crossing my fingers that things are better organized next year!


A common problem for most universities: parking. Even when endowed with a basic Student Parking pass, a good spot is hard to come by unless it is met with early arrival. The Park-n-Ride system is good for a guaranteed space, but since the designated lots for such a pass are in the back of the school it can take awhile to get to classes in the front of the university. The shuttle system covers ground enough to alleviate this dilemma, though it can take some time to wait for the buses.


The most frustrating thing about my school is financial aid. Students should start saving up because even if you get a few scholarships and grants, there is still need for more money. It gets frustrating going back and forth between the school and the banks, to make sure that everything is being paid for correctly.


The most frustrating thing for me about my school for me would definitely be driving to campus and trying to find a parking space. The University of South Florida is located in the city of Tampa, so naturally traffic on and around campus is on most days horrendous. Having to navigate through rush hour on its own is a challenge, now add construction projects and overcrowded parking garages and making it to class in a timely manner becomes a daunting task. Even leaving extra early sometimes isn't enough because the parking situation is unpredictable at best on campus.


Personally, I would have to say that the most frustrating thing at USF is the availibility of science courses adn especially the labs that accompany them.


The most frustrating thing about USF is how a lot of the administrative offices do not keep in contact with each other. And when I say that, I mean that financial aid and the office of PrePaid don't correlate their informtation so it makes it very difficult for students to get all the necessary information they need. The same goes for campus housing and food services, etc.


That it is mandatory to pay for the meal plans and they are very expensive. I can save so much more money if I can buy my own groceries.


The lack of student support, you are on your own from day one.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the number of things that must be paid on the fifth day of classes. There are several different things that must be paid, and if it is not paid then your student account would be charged over a hundred dollars of late fees. With many students' not getting enough financial aid, like myself, it is even harder to supply ourselves with books for the semester. Housing even threatens to change the locks on your dorm if you do not have all expenses paid. Money gets extremely frustrating.


I just finished at Hillsborough Community College (2 years) and the most frustrating thing was trying to work full -time and do school part-time. The choices of classes in the evening would not allow me to take everything I needed to graduate, therefore I had to quit my full-time job to look for something part-time. This caused a financial strain. I was encouraged when some Community Colleges in the state started to offer a 4 year degree, but soon found out that mine would not. Therefore the classes offered were still limited.


The school was built on a relatively large plot of land, so some of the classrooms and other buildings are somewhat far away from eachother.


financial aid is the most frustrating thing about my school. most of the time they do not understand how hard it is to fine money for school. even if you recieved a scholarship for a semester they would take away your financial aid like grants and loans that you recieved. which would prevent you to recieved any further financial aid for the next semester because they assume you still will be getting money for the next semester. most of them do not look at the needs of the student , instead they go by the book, the ruls.


buying books and boring teachers


The academic advising. The academic advisor that I have been seeing is horrible and she always tells me what seems to be the wrong advice. Also many ofthe classes needed to graduate are in high demand and there are not enough qualified teachers to teach them. Thus delaying graduation for some students.


Although there is a very high demand for nurses, the university does not have enough funds to provide enough professors for the nursing program. With limitations on professors and clinical availability, it is very difficult to gain acceptance into the program.


The run around if you have a problem, you have to go to four different offices, it's ridculous.


The amount of contrction going on in recent years.


The web-site.


No good places to eat. I go to a campus that is not the main campus and a lot of the classes are offered at the main campus only.


Just getting there sometimes. Heavy traffic on the highways.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not offer enough online classes. I love taking online classes because I have to commute to my university so they make my schedule much more convenient.


The employees of the college.


The most frustating thing about my school is probaly the transition from high school to college. Studying now is not an option, it's a necessity. The adjustment was at first hard, I have cleaned up my act and have acquired better study habits and time management. Another thing is the actual work itself, although I have taken AP and Honors classes in high school, college level courses are considerably more difficult. Even though I've had some problems, i've found the solutions in hard work and plain studying.