University of South Florida-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of South Florida is its emphasis on research and technology.


The thing that really has changed my prospective on the wrold has come from me going to the University of South Florida. As a student, I just think it is great that there is alot of diversity. Most of my best friends since attending USF come from other backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. Having this surrounding has challenged me to be more open with people, and myself.


I would definitely say the best thing about my school is the diversity and the comradery of living in a dorm. At the University of South Florida you encounter people from all over the world such as China, Venezuela, and even Poland. Making friends is super easy and the university has many different organizations that fit everyone's interests. Living in the dorms you become close to the people around you and build friendships that are sure to last!


I think the best thing about my school is the activities they have. Coming to college is a big change already, but when the school has so many activities it allows you to get to know the campus and the people who live there with you. Knowing the people and the campus makes everything seem a little better.


The atmosphere, which is made up of incredible people, will always astound me. There is such a sense of community no matter where you are on campus. Every where you turn, you have wonderful opportunities to meet different and diverse groups of people who have the ability to teach you things and impact your life, even in the smallest ways. I love to feel a part of something bigger, and I feel that at my school.


USF has numerous access for success becasue the library is open 24/5, has hundreds of computers in the library, tutoring with along hours, cheap book rentals, nad free printing, and multiple study areas throughout the campus.


My teachers are passionate and strive to help students learn what they know.


I think the best thing about my school is the recreational programs.


The professors are awesome. They are very focused on teaching classes unlike many universities that are more research oriented.


The best thing is the chance to meet a whole array of new people. The diversity of the campus is splendid and having a multicultural experience is second to none if you ask me. On top of that, you make many new friends.


The best thing about my school is the credibility it has to back it up as well as the many campuses it has across florida.


The best thing about my school is the accademic opportunities that are provided to all of the students. Even though I am only a sophomore, I am well aware of all the chances to do reasearch, intern, or even study abroad. Through my school e-mail, I am given an outline on all of these possibilties. The faculty is very approachable, and making a meeting to see them is easy. Walks in are even acceptable, assuming no one is too busy. These opportunities will be so helpful and will look great when I am trying to get a job.


The landscape is amazing, all of the building have their own unique look and composition so you aren't looking at the same brick walls all the time. Each building at USF has its own flow and has something new to offer to students. We have a mix of modern innovative green buildings and a few of the standard "college" buildings. USF is very green, there is so much nature still present on campus, lots and lots of trees and fresh air. Being in Florida its perfect to find a nice tree and spot of grass to lay and study on.


the best thing about the school is the broad variety of academic majors and educational programs. i like this about the school the most because, since it has such a large assortment of subject areas, i will be able to get a well rounded education. i can major in one specific feild and minor in another, with out having to transfer schools. i feel that it offers me a better educational opportunity.


I think the best thing about my school is the cultural diversity it offers. USF is one of the top universities in Florida in the number of internatinal students. This is a great thing and advantage because now we live in a globalized world, trading in China, science in Europe, culture and religion in Asia an South America, all this features make it mandatory to know and learn from one an other. Thanks to USF's diveristy I have friends from all over the world, and each with different points of view.


The best thing about USF is the on-campus spirit. Everyone on campus is generally very happy and eager to help each other and ready to learn. Our campus is a great place to be whether it is 3 A.M and you are walking home from a long night studying at the library or it's 8 A.M and your on your way to the first class of the day.


The thing I liked most was the research-focused science department. I was a biomedical science major and will be attending medical school, so I believe that USF prepared me well for my future as a physician.


The best thing abou my university is that we are a growing institution. Some schools have been there for hundreds of years and have no room to grow. We, as the student population, choose where we want the school to grow.


The best thing about my school its the great cultural diversity that exists here on campus. The University of South Florida is home to a myriad of races, ethnicities, and nationalities. There is a place for everyone here on campus. No person would ever feel out of place, everyone is extremely friendly and inviting as well as accepting of one another.


The undergraduate research program.


I woud say that it is cheap, but that's really not the case. The main advantage that this school has is that it it's close enough to home that I don't have to worry about housing costs. If that five thousand dollars wasn't an issue, it would have no advantage over any other school in the area.


The View. I go to USF's Saint Petersburg campus and they just added a new building and a water fountain the school is smallbut it meets the gulf a\so we can see a lot of wildlife (We have seen Dolphins at times for example). The grass is green and the harborside lawn is just begging for us to relax and look at the marvolous clouds in the sky.


At this school people are willing to help anyone.


There are a lot of very open-minded people that attend school here. The teachers are very helpful but a lot of information is online and it is best to have help surfing the school's website because it can be confusing.


Sarasota Campus - Great academic counselors, enrollment counselors, and financial aid counselors.


The best thing about my school is that there is so much spirit. Everywhere you go on campus, you will no doubt find someone wearing a school shirt, or jacket or something with the USF logo. We take pride in our school. We also take pride in being there for others. There are many resources at my school that i know if i ever need anything, they most likely have it. These resources are there to help support students like myself and encoursge us towards a brighter future.


I love that the student life is very active and diverse. There are all types of people going to my school, and the University accomadates many different interests so that everyone feels comfortable. This is the foundation for making new friends who come from different backgrounds and have unique talents.


The best thing about my school is the ability to do whatever I want. This is because no matter what I would like to eat, do right now or even as broad as what i would like to do with the rest of my life, i feel that it can all be obtained at USF.


The campus is beautiful. Just walking around campus makes me thrilled. We have a beautiful botanical garden right on campus that is a 10 minute walk from my dorm. It's a great place to just go walk around and clear your mind from exams and studying.


The best thing about USF is that there are a variety of campuses to attend. It also has a large variety of degree options.


They offer online and campus classes which make it easier for someone like my self to get a degree. They also walk you through each step to make this process easier.


The variety of different types of instruction you are exposed to. As well as the variety of programs offered.


The best thing about USF is the passion of the educators. I have been extremely impressed with my Professors, their ability to teach and the willingness to assist the students.


USF is determined to get people involved in some way. Whether it be by playing a sprt, watching a sport, going Greek, or just joining a club that is compatable with your major, USF has such a vast amount of social activites.


My school has impacted the surrounding community as far as the public schools go and has a great impact on one of the biggest school districts in the nation.


The best thing about University of South Florida is the pride that people have for the college. The spirit not only carries throughout the campus but envelopes the whole community. When you walk onto campus you feel this rush of excitement that engulfs your body and makes you want to shout with glee! You cannot walk onto campus without someone displaying a USF bull t-shirt or some sign promoting a school related event. The universitys' main goal is to get veteren and new students alike invovled in the culture.


I would consider the best aspect of my school to be our diverse population. I have attended two other colleges and visited countless others and have not found an ethnic dynamic anywhere close to that of the University of South Florida. Our school has a mix of international students and students of different races and cultures. I would consider this our greatest attribute because to me college is about broadening your horizons and being open to learning different things. Being able to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds is a valuable experience for students attending my school.


The best thing about about my school is the accessability you have with your instructors and advisors. Unlike several university's, the large campus is not intimidating because there's always someone on campus ready to help you and answer any questions you have. The advisors are just as personal as friends and your instructors can be as well as long as you talk to them and make yourself known to them. Your not a number with your instructors at this school but a student with a name and career a head of them.


The best thing about USF is the atmosphere that is created here. Maybe its because ofthe accension of our football program but there is a real school spirit here, that I didn't feel at the first university I went to. That atmosphere creates a sort of bond that we are all here together and for eachother, and its a realy nice thing to be a part of.


I consider the best thing about my university is its diversity. I went to a predominately white high school so attending an ethnnically diverse college was really important to me. It allowed me to get more comfortable and break out of my shell which made getting involved with school so much easier.


I think the best thing about my school is that while it is big its not too bad. It doesn't that very long to get from one place to another and its a very pretty campus so the walk doesn't seem that bad. There are food places right next to the dorms and you can get almost anywhere on campus in about ten minutes.


The mass communication college at my school is one of the best in the state of Florida. Many of the professors work or have worked in the mass communications industry. It is better to learn from people who have worked in your field rather than people who have only studied it. It makes me more confident knowing that professionals are teaching me the ropes of my career path.


The teachers and advisers seem to really care about the students. I had problems at another school with the advisers and lack of interest in how the students did in class or what and how much they actually learned. When I transfered to USF, I noticed an enormous difference. There were plenty of help sessions and advisors and teachers are almost always available. I brought my GPA way up due to the amount of help offered from teachers and advisors at this university. It makes me feel like they truly want me to succeed!


The vast amounts of different activities that students can get involved with


The best thing about my school to me, would be the drama program that I'm in. The people are so friendly and want to see you succeed. The teachers go out of their way to help you, and the students make me feel at home here. its also tons of fun!


The best thing about my school, is the fact that most of the professors enjoy taking extra time spending with their students regardless if it is on their free time or not, explaining any information that needed extra attention or giving advice.


I like the fact that USF has such a diverse group of students. I also like that you do not have to drink to have fun here--there are many things to do if you are a sober person.


With the athletics department on the rise (Big East football), more money will come and there will be a better quality to the atmosphere. If you are looking for a rich ethnic environment, USF is the place for you. Most people are friendly and are not afraid to speak out at social injustices, etc.


The student participation and school spirit on and off of campus is absolutely invigorating.


The natural beauty of the campus is the best part because it provides a nice environment to relax and study outdoors.