University of Southern California Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Southern California is a place where people from around the world unite in order to achieve knowledge about their carrer path, but also themsleves.


The USC name will definitely help you in your professional career, just don't expect to be able to pay off your loans anytime soon.


USC is a spirited oasis in the middle of downtown LA with incredible opportunities for all students.


The University of Southern California is a family, a network that students can tap into to develop their skills, expand their minds, and gain new, global perspectives.


Fight On


USC is extremely balanced because it excels in acadamics, sports, and campus life. It is made up of a diverse student body consisting of well-rounded young men and women.


The University of Southern California is the greatest school in the world.


USC is where academic and industry professionals meet with the common goal to prepare students for future success.


USC is an increasingly academic private school school that has great athletic programs, an abundance of social opportunities, and provides students with a great platform to enter the job market.


Great school spirit and comradery.



The University of Southern California is an academic oasis near busy downtown Los Angeles. The campus boasts regal brick buildings, accented with dozens of beautiful fountains, statues and sculptures. But just because it's in the city, don't think there's no vegetation! On the contrary, USC has lots of lush lawns that are perfect for studying and a pick up game or two of ultimate frisbee or football, and hundreds of trees. In fact, in one particular area of campus there is a state tree from each of America's 50 states! That's pretty cool. Though you might think you have never seen USC's campus before, you probably have in a variety of movies: "The Graduate", "Legally Blonde", "Love and Basketball", and "The Social Network" to name a few. The campus is only about a square mile, meaning that is has a small, private feel to it. As a result, students always run into their friends and professors while on campus, which helps foster a home environment. For students who go to bigger public schools, this feeling is not the same.


My school seems big from the outside, but is really quite small once you get to know it. It is full of beautiful red brick buildings with arches and ivory. It also has a few more contemporary buildings thrown in there, one particularly interesting one looks like a cheese grater :) I think my campus is gorgeous. There is a lovely green quad outside of the freshman dorms and when you walk across it on a warm and sunny SoCal day, you will be amazed. And just wait till you see campus on Game Day, it is a swarm of gold and maroon like you have never seen before. My mom still talks about her first game day and seeing the crowds of the people who came out to support the Trojans.


USC is one of the most amazing institutions, where everyone finds their groove, and it gives you the most amazing college experience.


USC is an energetic, loyal, and spirited school that boasts both engineering nerds and party girls, as well as engineering, nerdy party girls.


USC is the complete package; it has sports, greek life, culture, and anything else one could want from a University (including great weather).


My school is an academically challenging, demographically diverse university; in spite of the fact hat every individual strives for his/her maximum achievement, there is no forceful competition within the student body, but rather reciprocally supportive spirit between students as well as in interaction with teaching assistants and professors. The overall support provided by USC covers physical as well as psychological health issues, academic struggles, and problems evoked by the new setting every student is placed into; even though the university is huge (geographically and population wise), you never feel lonely, but rather surrounded by caring fellow Trojans.


A secure place to learn how to think, help, and love.


The University of Southern California is stereotypically a place for the wealthy, but given the chance, any student from any background can thrive in this privileged environment.


Ivy league prestigue on the west coast.


The best school ever!


USC is a prosperous, beautiful, prominant and prestigeous school.


University of Southern California is not just an institution and experience, but rather a way of life in realizing our potential as students and acting on that potential to greater ourselves as human beings.


USC is a strong academic and athletically spirted school that is full of intelligent, diverse, and creative students and professors who create a fun yet academically challenging envrioment.


The University of Southern California is the most stimulating venue, in terms of academics, athletics, and social life, that I have ever experienced.


The most diverse, amazingly awesome place where I can be a young adult in the "real world" and explore who I want to become in the future.


USC was a great place to fulfill my goal of "work hard, play hard"


The University of Southern California is a safehaven where students can take the most out of their college experience as they can learn everything they need to in order to succeed, participate in any extracurricular activity that suits any and all of their interests, build lasting friendships, and possess tons of school pride.


Large, fast-paced atmosphere. High- pressure but very social with lots of diversity. Place were youu can do what you want if you eep up with studies.


This is a place where people with incredibly diverse interests can coexist and interact.


USC is a good blend of great academics and a fun social scene.


USC is an unbelievable school.


Proud, difficult, alumni oriented, connected, respected, diverse.


A spirited, expensive school with its massive funds well-allocated.


USC is a family-oriented, spirited, competive yet nurturing environment.


USC has incredible school spirit, a vast and helpful alumni network, and a deep connection with the community it inhabits.


Strong school spirit, social life centered around frats, very conservative for a college campus.


A great school with a something for everyone: academics, athletics, spirit, social scene, and off-campus opportunities.


A beautiful and exciting oasis in the middle of the ghetto.


USC is a university of endless opportunities, that allows students to learn a tremendous amount about themselves and their peers.


A constant desire and passion to succeed and inspire new and creative ways of thinking.


This school is amazing.


Motivated people, work hard play hard attitude, amazing experiencies and opportunities. Time of my life.


A super fun community minded place to learn a great deal about yourself and where you might like to go in the future.


In my opinion, the best university on the West Coast.




USC is the perfect middle ground between an ivy and a big state school; it offers unique learning experiences and highly touted career advisement along with a cohesive and motivated student body that radiates school spirit long after they become alumni.


The best University in Los Angeles.


Not just a university, a family, a greater sense of pride that we all know as the Trojan Family and Trojan Pride.


My school is pretty sweet