University of Southern California Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We're best known for the Trojan family and fighting on. We have the biggest brand in football and one of the biggest alumni networks in the United States.


If you don't get financial aid and/or scholarships, and you arent really wealthy, choose a different school. The connections are helpful but unless you're going to put in an insane amount of work to be the best, save your money and go to another school.


Their sports program, and being the number one film school in the world according to The Hollywood Reporter both times they've released their list. Their alumni from the film program include many successful filmmakers such as Bryan Singer, George Lucas, and Academy Award winner Ron Howard.


Research, Sports, Parties, Academics. USC is a well-known research university, especially for overseas innovation, engineering, and arts and letters. I also really enjoy the depth and size of univergraduate reserach easily available at this school.


That it's a rich kids school.


USC is known most for its football team and its film school. It additionally is known for being in Los Angeles and having many affluent families. While USC's reputation is growing in the academic community, the name still does not evoke as much respect nationally as Stanford or Berkley.


The University of Southern California is best known for its alumni and its sports programs. It is common knowledge among students on campus that the alumni network at USC is very beneficial for finding jobs after graduation. Although in the past USC has been primarily known for its thriving and entertaining athletics, the high level of education of my school has become a more prominant aspect recently. The average gpa of high schools seniors accepted to USC has risen year after year, making this school extremely competative in its academics.


Fountain run for graduating seniors in May. Seniors run through all the fountains on campus. Primal scream in freshmen dorms during finals season. Food is provided by the residential student government for a few days at night during finals week, where residents can scream to get free food. Going to football games. If you don't go, you'll be left out.




The University of Southern California is best known for its Trojan pride. I am very proud to officially be apart of the Trojan family! Students that attend USC come from all over the country and world; it is a very diverse student and staff body. The fact that we are all able to call each other family, students and staff, is uplifting; it feels good to know that you have people in the world looking out for you that aren't your immediate family.


Football, other sports, music, engineering, medical school, architecture


USC is best known for its amazing educational programs as well as its sports, but it has so much more to offer. It is becoming more and more selective which gives its students better opportunities in the classroom (including smaller class sizes). Also, the arts programs are growing and becoming more popular throughout the entire student body, and the school is always working to make cultural events free to all students. USC also has one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.




Our school is known for our amazing school spirit. Everyone here is always decked out in cardinal and gold, and everyone owns at least 3 pairs of Trojan attire. The football tailgates are insane, because everyone has so much Trojan pride. Wherever we go, we take it by storm, yelling "Fight On" to each other til we lose our voices.




Film/Cinema (which is my major) Business Administration




More one on one learning because of it's size and known for liberal arts majors.


My school I feel, is best known for its spirit. Everyone from faculty to students wears those colors (cardinal and gold) with so much pride. Being a part of USC means having a second family. It is something that you will always be apart of even years on down the road after graduating. It a major aspect that makes USC so great. Everyone has a space in this family; noone is left behind.


USC is best known for its diverse student environment and the benefit of offering courses to students outside of thier selected majors. At USC, the diverse mixture of students creates a comfortable and open atmosphere to get to know students from other states as well as internationally. This enables students to become open-minded to learn more about cultures different from thier own. Taking classes outside my major has been an important advantage for me to understand other topics I am interested in such as cinema, astronomy, and even yoga.


USC is best known for the well roundedness of its students and the close-knit community. When first thought of, many people think of its amazing athletic program, more specifically its football team. On the other hand, many people also see it as a quickly advancing research school, with tons of research opportunities available to students of all status in many different fields. Though, the one thing that sets USC apart from all other schools is the school pride that each student and faculty member holds, forming a strong bond with each other their entire lives.


USC is best known for its vast and well-connected alumni network. The Trojan Network may very well be the source of all your undergraduate internships, your first job after graduation, and even your next one.




Our academic rigor and alumni association (and football team) make my school one of the top 25 school in the nation.


USC is known positively for its dedicated school spirit, anyone who becomes a trojan is a trojan for life with a very large and wealthy alumni support system; whenever I run into USC alumni outside of school i am automatically greeted with a hug or handshake and more often than not a story of his/her own experience! USC is also very well known for its varsity athletics, especially our football team.


Having an excellent football team, also being a very well respected research institution with intelligent and highly motivated people. There is also a stereotype of being "university of spoiled children". Because of the cost to attend USC many people assume only rich students attend, when in fact many of them, including myself are struggling to attend and are only able to do so through student loans.


Its alumni network. After graduation, USC students can rely on former USC students to help them find a job. By creating such a close community. Trojans feel as though they can help each other out at all times.


USC is best known for its family orientation and the strength of our alumni network in supporting fellow Trojans.


Football, school spirit, and alumni connections: the Trojan Family.


The Trojan Family/Alumni Network. There's very strong ties and they help each other out.


Academics. Sports. Alumni network. Students who graduate from USC get great jobs and are paid higher than alumni from other schools.


Being a prestegious school with a great balance of social and academic life. We have great school spirit and a top-ranked football team. They also have an excellent allumni network.


Right now, our football team. But we also have one of the best film schools in the nation. We're also known for our medical school, dental school , and law school. We're also known for the Trojan Family, the way USC alumni are actively involved in the school, and they help each other out.


school spirit, football team, greek life, los angeles


We are very much like a family. Once you come here, you will find your group, the people that you feel most comfortable around and love to de around. This university is very academically challenging, however, there are many resources available to help you in your studies. There are countless student organizations to bea part of, and the one thing that brings everyone together is football! FIGHT ON!!!


Athletics, sports.


Football season, business school, film school,


USC is definitely well known for football and strong school spirit but also for its academics as well as its social scene.


Parties and strong school spirit. A strong alumni network too.


USC is best known for its football team and its amazing alumni network. The football team is one of the greatest sports legacies of all time, creating an excitement felt around campus that is second to no school. The trojan family and alumni networks extends to all regions of the world and in all fields. Alumni associations give out scholarships and hold welcome parties; trojan alumni specifically help reccommend and help acquaint fellow trajoans into the field of work they have so long studied to become part of. There is no alumni network as strong or proud as the trojans.


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A clip of USC football fans kicking the flagpoles: a tradition that ensures good luck for the team.


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Academic and athletic excellence, located in the diverse and exciting Los Angeles.


USC is in a great location for getting involved with the local community and football here is really exciting.


Football and alumni connections; also being in the ghetto.


Football. We are a large urban campus focused around sports and academics. I wold say about ninety percent of the students own a season football pass. We are also known as a strong and competitive school academically. Some might even know us for our rivalry with the UCLA Bruins.