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While being a large research university located in the heart of Los Angeles, USC still has a fairly small population of undergraduate students, which allows for smaller class sizes.


USC's game design program is the best in the world.


There aren't many schools that can compare to USC's school pride.


The Trojan Family connection is the most unique aspect about the University of Southern California. There is not another school in the United States that has a stronger alumni database than USC does. This allows students to find careers and advance themselves in the world outside of an undergraduate education. This bein said, this connection guarantees a lucrative future and a successful business life past graduation. The name of the university itself carries so much weight that that alone will help in the search for jobs and on applications to graduate schools across the country.


There truly is no family like the Trojan Family - the passion, school spirit, and camaraderie stay with you long after graduation.


I feel that USC embodies a large research university quite well, but it also has a strong sense of partying and social life seems to revolve more than I would wish around alcohol and parties instead of academics or a focus on innovation and academic change. However, recently I've seen a group fo students here who really focus on technology and innovation that I've been able to work with well and has been very encouraging. Overall, faculty is interesting and helpful towards helping with material and classes, overall tend to be on your side.


USC has more diversity than any other school that I considered. It is not limited to one ethnic group or type of person. In my opinion, USC has the most well-rounded student body than any other school in the nation. I liked that USC excelled in academics, sports, and campus life.


USC has an incredible network of people, the Trojan family--students, family, faculty, and alumni--that bleeds cardinal and gold. There is really something special about the mere amount of school pride and connections that everyone has with one another; you're always proud to be a Trojan! The work ethic and passion that each individual here at USC has is amazing; I walk around campus every day thinking, "Wow, I am surrounded by the next big leaders of America, and I'm incredibly proud of each and every one!" It's truly something you can't get anywhere else.


The University of Southern California is unique because it offers the USC Medical Preceptorship Program, which is designed for pre-med students with an interest in learning more about the medical field. This program gives students the opportunity to get a sense of the medical field and observe physicians while doing their work in one of the Children Hospital departments. Being part of this program USC offers is something many pre-med students like myself, look forward to because we want to experience and observe all the different processes and decisions a doctor has to make throughout his/her workday.


Once a Trojan, always a Trojan.


Once a Trojan, always a Trojan.




The most unique thing about my school, at least from what I’ve heard from others, is the very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere here. Even when classes have started, most everyone remains calm and sure of their abilities. While at first it freaked me out a little bit, the attitude soon seeped into my own. Everyone here knows what they have to get done, and get it done they do. As opposed to other schools I know of, or have heard of from friends, stress is less a deterrent and more of a motivator here.


My school has one of the top-rated film programs in the country. The school spirit, especially with football, also stood out among the small, mostly liberal-arts colleges I looked at.


This school is extremely diverse in both its student population as well as what it has to offer students. There are hundreds of majors and minors to choose from and tons of extracurricular activities to get invovled with. USC has a strong presence in the community and highly encourages volunteering.


My school is a good example of where students have fun but also work hard to solidify their success in the future, which is aided by the university who makes every opportunity available for one to achieve their goals and aspirations and become successful, contributing, and innovative members of every field that its students may pursue.


Strong school spirit and alumni network. This school was also in southern California, while the other top school I considered was in Chicago. Additionally, I felt that this school had a stronger balance between a social ilfe and academics.


The diversity: so many racial/ethnic backgrounds can be found here and all are respected. Community outreach: since it's East Los Angeles, there are programs that particularly focus on engaging the surrounding high schools. The faculty: they know what they're talking about and reach out to students. I live next to a professor on campus! Student involvement: so many extracurrics, so little time. School pride and unity: EVERYONE is proud to be here. Fight On! Location: 10 minutes away from downtown L.A., Hollywood also within reach, so we are exposed and have access to several career opportunities.


The kindred spirit: Trojans are taught to care for each other.


How ambitious everyone is here in their own fields or special way. Whether it be business or music composition, students here know what they want and how to go about suceeding and that drive is contagious. We push eachother to do better. Also, USC is incredibly international and diverse and it adds so much to the education value here. I have close friends from Hong Kong, India, and Egypt. However, that's not just me most any student here will have at least one close friend from another country or with a very diverse back ground.


USC has a great balance of academic rigor, school spirit, and a healthy emphasis on the importance of a social life.


USC is the best Film School in the country


You're a Bruin for 4 years but you're a Trojan for life. Fight on!


Once you're accepted, the school does a fantastic job of making sure you know they want you at their school. USC nurtures prospective students., and it doesn't stop after accepted. You're not just another student at their school; they've chosen you based on personal qualities that came across in your interview or application.


This University has the oldest film school in the country, and if you do your research it is always considered at least tied with NYU as the number one film school if not considered the best. Also, USC has the unique advantage of being in the city where films are made with teachers who are professionals working in the industry. Along with this is the curriculum keeping up with the most recent technology while being diligent about the history of cinema.


We have the Best Cinematic Arts Schoo!!! Thorton school of Music! And Visions and Voices!!! And Spectrum! The last two programs bring lots of different events to campus and even take students to Los Angeles theaters, etc. in order to expose us to other areas of study or arts. There are countless opportunities here to become a well-rounded person. Our school is also a relatively larger private school, so we have the advantage of private school education with a larger and more diverse student poulation than most other private universities.


Definitely the trojan family and the great alumni network. Especially on game days it's really obvious how together all the Trojans are.


The school allows for the discovery of self. It's extremely student-oriented, reaching out to all kinds of students, and providing students with resources and tools to find their path and walk confidently on them.


bike thefts are a bitch, buy a crappy bike or get a good lock!




My school has a very strong and loyal alumni community, so I would say that's the unique thing about my school, compared to other small schools I had considered.


USC has a great sense of community, which is very attractive when it comes to support while in and out of school.


We work extremely hard when it is time to work, and have a ton of fun when it's time to have fun.


USC is amazing. Definitely come if you get the chance! (:


Dining halls are horrible, though other on-campus dining options are pretty good. New/North is overrated. It's not worth coming to a university just for the sports team. While I always felt safe ON campus, sexual assaults, robberies, and even stabbings have occurred more frequently than you might think (check out A lot of people who are there to help you (counselors, advisors) really couldn't care less. I lasted a year at USC, and while I made great friends, I couldn't have lasted another day there.


It's environment, programs, and alumni network. Also it's incredible connections with the entertainment industry.


The school spirit is intense. Football games are attended with ferocity. Once a Trojan, always a Trojan!


The honors program gives it a small-college feel within a big university setting.


the school spirit is intoxicating


Its atmosphere


It was in LA, the entertainment capital of the world.


The strong school spirit and alumni loyalty. Trojan networking is something unique to USC that helps students get jobs, especially in the Southern California/Los Angeles area.


The school focuses on admitting students with a drive to suceed, and on students with high test scores. The school also encourages students to pursue many different things in college, from dual majors, to many extracurriculars.


Definitely the amount of opportunities to get involved. I'm never bored.


It's in Los Angeles. Football is very popular. It's known more for its networking than the rigourousness of its academic program.


not sure


USC offers students a complete package. It's a big school, but you will find that once you've been on campus for a few weeks, it feels like a small town. There is tons of school spirit, a wide variety of clubs, sports, and a strongly academic student community. You not only get the big university feel with football games and a passionate alumni community, but you also get smaller classes, research opportunities, and a great academic experience. I loved USC because of the options I had when I got there and the options I had when I left.


Though the school is a big one, the classes are small because the school has enough money to hire professors to keep the class sizes down.


There is a TON of team-spirit. Also, it is very competitive an has a great reputation.


It was in a completely different part of the country than all the other schools I was looking at. It has a big enough population to feel like a University, and yet small enough once you get into your major classes to feel like a small college. And it has an amazing alumni network.