University of Southern California Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Southern California?


As long as I am wearing my school logo somewhere, someone always shouts my school slogan to me, "Fight on!" Needless to say, I brag most about the school pride at the University of Southern California (USC) to my friends. Everyone is proud to be a Trojan and the term Trojan family certainly fully accounts for the sense of belonging granted to each student at USC. I have never been more proud to attend a school, and everything I do at USC pays off in the long run, because I know I am an accepted member of my Trojan family.


Something I often brag about was our football team. We won back to back championships and almost a third, with nearly 3 seasons undefeated. It has a beautiful campus with so much history even if it is located in one of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Lots of networking opportunities and campus life. Mentoring is also available in various programs, I recieved help with things I would have never expected from school. Graduating from USC will always be something that follows you where ever to go and has been very helpful getting jobs with other alumni in Southern California.


The fact that it is highly regarded and very career oriented


I like to brag about the school's resources and spirit.


Up to date facillities.


Honestly, it's the prestige of the school that I brag the most about. There have been numerous people who are popular in academia, the entertainment industry (among other fields) who have attended USC, and their legacies give the school a respectable reputation. It's almost like an Ivy League of the West.


The thing I would brag most about to my friends would be; how many connections USC has if one chooses to take advantage of them. Just coming to this school alone will not suffice or guarantee a well paying job once you are awarded your degree. However, if you are persistent and put in the necessary hard work that is required for success, then countless doors and opportunities will open for you if you choose to take advantage of them. Last but not least, having the historic Los Angeles Coliseum as our football stadium is amazing!


I’m going to the most renowned film school in the world, so no matter how humble, bragging rights are something people accept from my fellow classmates and me. I’m given access to the most amazing speakers and events in Los Angeles (and therefore, the entertainment industry). Every single day, there are new emails from various schools, organizations and clubs around campus; every day there’s a new path to walk on for a while. I feel like I’m actually living an education, rather than learning one…and I think that’s something worth bragging about.


The most prominent things that our school is known for and that I brag about is the school spirit, football team, small classes, great area (access to downtown LA), beautiful campus, social life (include parties and a wide variety of different clubs and groups around campus).


can borrow laptops for up to 8 hrs at a time! Have a bunch of study abroad opportunities, small classes, helpful TAs and professors