University of Southern California Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


As long as I am wearing my school logo somewhere, someone always shouts my school slogan to me, "Fight on!" Needless to say, I brag most about the school pride at the University of Southern California (USC) to my friends. Everyone is proud to be a Trojan and the term Trojan family certainly fully accounts for the sense of belonging granted to each student at USC. I have never been more proud to attend a school, and everything I do at USC pays off in the long run, because I know I am an accepted member of my Trojan family.


Something I often brag about was our football team. We won back to back championships and almost a third, with nearly 3 seasons undefeated. It has a beautiful campus with so much history even if it is located in one of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Lots of networking opportunities and campus life. Mentoring is also available in various programs, I recieved help with things I would have never expected from school. Graduating from USC will always be something that follows you where ever to go and has been very helpful getting jobs with other alumni in Southern California.


The fact that it is highly regarded and very career oriented


I like to brag about the school's resources and spirit.


Up to date facillities.


Honestly, it's the prestige of the school that I brag the most about. There have been numerous people who are popular in academia, the entertainment industry (among other fields) who have attended USC, and their legacies give the school a respectable reputation. It's almost like an Ivy League of the West.


The thing I would brag most about to my friends would be; how many connections USC has if one chooses to take advantage of them. Just coming to this school alone will not suffice or guarantee a well paying job once you are awarded your degree. However, if you are persistent and put in the necessary hard work that is required for success, then countless doors and opportunities will open for you if you choose to take advantage of them. Last but not least, having the historic Los Angeles Coliseum as our football stadium is amazing!


I’m going to the most renowned film school in the world, so no matter how humble, bragging rights are something people accept from my fellow classmates and me. I’m given access to the most amazing speakers and events in Los Angeles (and therefore, the entertainment industry). Every single day, there are new emails from various schools, organizations and clubs around campus; every day there’s a new path to walk on for a while. I feel like I’m actually living an education, rather than learning one…and I think that’s something worth bragging about.


The most prominent things that our school is known for and that I brag about is the school spirit, football team, small classes, great area (access to downtown LA), beautiful campus, social life (include parties and a wide variety of different clubs and groups around campus).


can borrow laptops for up to 8 hrs at a time! Have a bunch of study abroad opportunities, small classes, helpful TAs and professors


The many activities, and envolvement of the student body


It is a Private University and it is small.


I tell them that this school harbors so many faculty and guests that are 'famous' or have incredible connections, simply because we are in LA.


Unlike most colleges, USC provides the everlasting motto of working together. Having been on other college campuses as a high school student where students are constantly competing with one another to get a higher grade, at USC every student wishes to to help each other and collectively reach to the peak as a group. Besides that, being on campus will allow any student to interact with people from all over the world, therefore expanding one's horizons.


As far as bragging goes, I think I like to talk about sports and the football team, as well as how beautiful the campus is. I also like to brag about individual programs, like the awesome film and business programs offered here. In addition, I think the newer buildings and residence halls are great, along with how some auditoriums appear as well. One thing I love about the school is the many libraries they have, along with all different clubs, diverse organizations, and events that the school puts on. I also love the high level of student satisfaction.


I wouldn't use the word "brag", but I share my academic excellence with my friends. I am very proud of my work and how hard I study for school. I often share this with my friends, with hopes to persuade them to try hard and focus in school. I wouldn't say I'm one of the smartest kids in the lcass, but I deffinately work tremendously hard for my good grades.


I tell my friends that my school is filled with pride. Everyone that goes to the school appreciates te opportunity to go there an they would rather not be anywhere else.


I say that: I'm in the city where movies are made, I'm at the oldest film school in the country, I'm at arguably the best film school in the country, and the weather is always perfect.


I hate bragging, but if I were to brag about something, it would be about the fact that I get to take classes in Animation and Digital Arts at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Also, I sometimes like to tell people about how one of my assignments was to write a thesis paper about why Ren and Stimpy is one of the greatest and most influential animated television shows in American history. Now that is definitely NOT your average college assignment!


Just how amazing and passionate my professor's are and how enjoyable the services are.


That we have good weather, interesting classes, and great opportunities to enjoy life while getting a good education.


I don't think I've ever bragged about my school.


Everything, mostly the stuff that we experience outside of the classroom. The musical, artistic, social experiences as well as all the cool networking opportunities.


I would say that the school itself is really great, the classes are very interactive with great professors and I really feel like i'm being prepared for entering the working world when I graduate.


We have great parties, great academics, and great facilities.


Very successful people come out of this school. Well-known actors, directors, basically anyone who is anybody started here.


Amazing school spirit. Great academics. Amazing professors. Amazing football team! Great alumni network


At USC you really feel a sense of community with your fellow students, which leads into great networking opportunities. You also have so many opportunities to pursue whatever you want, as long as you are willing to take the initiative to ask and then work for it. The advisors in the Engineering School are helpful in giving you good options, but you have to put forth the effort. Of course, you also have to add in the football team and the band. USC would not be the same without either of them.


The community that is created by the film school for support and working together. My Bible study and how commited and passionate they are about God and the gospel. The intelligent and caring professors that I've been blessed to have.


I brag about the spirit. It's so awesome when you can walk around somewhere, even far from campus, and when you see someone with a USC shirt on you can say "Fight on!" and they'll just shout it right back. I love that community.


The overall campus atmosphere , school spirit, and alumni relations.


Our football team is amazing. Our faculty is world-class; our national ranking is increasing as well as the quality of our students. Our undergraduate business school is number ten in the nation, and our network of students and alumni is world-renowned. I love our school.


That the location is amazing. Its in LA the mecca for music and I am going to have a lot of jobs coming my way. Also the people are really friendly and are always willing to offer a helping help. There a are a lot of on campus activities and clubs, you are rarely bored here, it just never happens. The campus is beautiful and its just a awesome place to learn.


Sports teams


I brag about our computer labs, high SAT scores, and accessible professors.


Our school spirit. USC students and alumni are so proud to be Trojans. Also our professors are amazing and always available, and since classes are pretty small they actually know who you are. We don't have impacted majors and if you want to change majors its usually fairly easy. Fianlly, as a film student, I am attending the best film school in the country so that is a huge bragging right.


Our Football team


I mostly joke about how I'm going to turn out after coming out of U.S.C. All my family and friends who have attended USC have a lot of pride from where they came from. Having pride for their school is a disease, its contagious.