University of Southern California Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Rich, spoiled, and prideful.


Rich, spoiled, and prideful (about the school).


We are often called USC, the university of Spoiled Children.


When the average American hears the word "USC," images of football often rise up first in their minds. It is true that USC is a big sport school. A huge part of our campus culture revolves around our football team, and game days are always crazy, with current students and alumni alike celebrating all over campus. Another common stereotype is that USC is loaded with rich kids.


USC gets a reputation for being the University of Spoiled Children and even though there are some students that fit that stereotype, the vast majority of Trojans do not.


We are rich, spoiled and apathetic.


Spoiled Children Expensive Ghetto


smart, spoiled students school of beautiful people work hard, play hard


Rich, Stuck up, All from California, go home on weekends


All the usuals: "University of Spoiled Children", "University of South Central".


A student takes on some of the perceptions of USC.


USC students are often given the stereotype of Spoiled Children (Hence The University of Spoiled Children). We're also known as a University that has exceedingly attractive people, a great football and athletics program, wonderful film and music schools, and increasingly known for excellent academics. USC is thought of as a party school, a dream school, and a perfectly well rounded school.


USC students are known to be very wealthy and stuck up. We are also considered to have an attractive student body. Some people also say we are just students that didn't get into UCLA or Stanford.


Rich, Spoiled, Not Serious Students, Smart, Superficial, Concerned with Networking


I'm in the graduate MFA program so we aren't exposed to too many stereotypes, or even hear too much about them. However, one stereotype I heard, years ago, about USC students is that they're all rich and all republican.


USC is known as the University of Spoiled Children. What that nickname (made up by the unmentionable school) leaves out is all of the scholarship options available to the students and their parents. There are in fact a wide diversity of students with a variety of interests and financial backrounds. So, we're not all spoiled!


The greek scene is a continuation of high school parties. USC students are tards.


Some stereotypes are - that USC stands for University of Spoiled Children, that lots of kids get in not because of merit but because of who they know, etc. USC is also described as a popular party school.


People seem to think that all the students at USC are smart, spoiled, rich... you know, white preppy kids from high-class towns.


I suppose the stereotype would be that USC is full of arrogant rich people. And perhaps that the school is football-crazy.


Students are rich and "spoiled," only concerned with themselves, their looks and money.


University of Spoiled Children mainly. This school is full of rich, white kids and Asians. We are conservative and apathetic. We're unintelligent because the state believes we are only a party school.


That it is an elite private school corrupted by money on and off the athletic field. That many students come from the OC and live that lifestyle. That Greek life is buying friends especially here where the people have money. That we have quite possibly the hottest student body in the nation. That most of the people who get in because their parents are rich alumni or they will become rich doners some day. That students don't care about school.


That we are the University of Spoiled children. Everyone just drinks and parties.


University of Spoiled Children...Very true, but also, why is that so bad? No one is snobby, the school just has a lot of money they throw around to make things great for students. Ask any other California university students (save Stanford) and you'll see USC students get treated the best by far and away compared to their peers at other schools. You get what you pay for.


i think there's a stereotype that all kids at USC are rich snobs, and that the school is really expensive.


We are spoiled rich kids.


Conservative, preppy, spoiled Orange County students


Blond white girls and football players. In terms of alumni, old white men with football fetishes.


Rich, spoiled, pretty


USC students are stereotyped to be rich snobs, whose parents' money got them into the school. We are all supposed to blonde and stuck-up, and all we care about is sports.


Some people say we're the University of Spoiled Children. We're all very rich and privileged.


There is one major stereotype about USC and it's students. Many people poke fun at the school and state that instead of standing for the University of Southern California, the initials USC really stand for the "University of Spoiled Children." It is believed that USC is a school full of wealthy students whose parents pay their child's way through school and that the students care about nothing aside from popularity and material items.


Stuck-up, rich spoiled kids.


People think that we are spoiled and snobby because of the cost of our tuition.


The students are rich and spoiled The school is unsafe


University of Spoiled Children. Rich, beautiful, but stupid frat boys and sorority girls partying all the time. Great school.


driven, successful, laid back, rich, surfing, superficial, too many bros for the area, self-centered


We're spoiled


Rich, Spoiled, Conceited


Most people think that USC is for rich spoiled brats. They think that every USC student's tuition is paid by their wealthy parents.


That we are all stupid, rich, and stuck-up. Play boys and pretty girls who are fake and self-centered.


University of Spoiled Children We live in the ghetto Awesome academically Our football team kicks ass Pete Carroll has big balls Comm majors are a joke


rich, stuffy, bitchy, exclusive, self-absorbed, etc


The nickname University of Spoiled Children sticks out in my mind. The image many people have of SC students is that they're a bunch of rich kids from the OC who came to college to party.


-Spoiled brats. -Everyone is blonde and in frats. -Rich Kids -It is located in the "Ghetto." -Everyone is tanned and Hollywood perfect. -USC students think they know everything and are unteachable(stereotype of my major)


that we are professional surfers- I got that a lot- and that we party hard. We are also beautiful


Some people think that we're the "University of Spoiled Students" and we really focus on sports. USC also has a reputation of having really good looking people (and I'm not just saying that--I've heard it from SO many schools!)


The main stereotype I heard of before coming to USC was the "University of Spoiled Children" where most of the students come from rich families and are here more so to 'have a good time' than to study. Outward appearance and materialism is very important and it's where kids from rich families go that can't get in anywhere else. Greek life and parties play a dominant part on campus.


People think USC students are rich.