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What is your overall opinion of this school?




It's a great school with LOTS of connections. Many, especially business major students, take advantage of that for internships or future jobs. Most professors are approachable and genuinely caring. The curriculum is great even though some don't like our core education classes. But the school offers students to take classes pass/fail for non-major courses and for 1 core education course. There is such a diversity of majors that you can choose from. The school is very open about their students switching majors, allowing us to explore or initiate our interests.


The best thing about the school is the strong network among its current students, faculties as well as its alumni, which creates a lot of opportunities for us to do what we've longed to do. USC doesn't have the largest campus but it is big enough to have almost anything in it. Cafeteria, gyms, libraries, let alone the gigantic Colisuem just across the street from campus. People generally think it takes a lot of things to go to USC, such as good grades, impeccable resume as well as some shining awards. I spend most of my time in classrooms, libraries, my rooms and gyms. USC is located in t downtown LA. The administration's been powerful thought doing less about improving the campus life for student, in my opinion. There hasn't been major controversy in the last 8 months. Although the accidents just outside the campus in which two grad students were killed did stir up the urge to better security in and near campus. USC is famous for how proud its students feel about being Trojans, the mascot of the school. Nothing unusual. The experience I will always remember is that the USC football team beat UCLA 50-0. The food in the cafeteria is awful.


The best thing about the University of Southern California is the great sense of community that you feel from the moment you step on campus. USC has a large emphasis on becoming a member of the Trojan family. Knowing that you are a member of a school that treats you like an individual, unique, and valuable member of that family is one of the best things that USC has to offer. At about seventeen thousand undergraduate students, I believe that USC is the perfect size. There are always new people to meet who have interesting and diverse backgrounds and interests. When I tell someone that I attend USC they normally react with statements that I am very smart. I believe that this is a good thing because this means that my school is recognized as a respectable academic establishment and that is something that I am proud of. Located in the heart of Los Angeles we are definitely not a "college town." However, USC's location is special because students are able to have the college campus experience within a big city. It is as if they are getting the best of both worlds. USC students are proud to be Trojans, therefore almost anywhere you look on campus you will see different forms of school spirit.


I love USC so much!! It's the best school, especially for me!! This school is the perfect fit for so many different people because it has so many different things to offer! Great academics, a wealth of extra-curricular organizations, community service, the benefits of living in Los Angeles (including BEAUTIFUL weather), and wonderful people abound on this gorgeous and vibrant campus. One of the best things about this school, for me, is the flexibility and encouragement they offer students who want to try many different things. Especially if you are getting a B.A., it is easy to add a minor or a second major (or both). One of the things that appealed to me most when I was applying here and considering whether or not to attend, I was drawn to the encouragement they offer students who want to explore many different interests. As someone who came into college completely unsure of where I wanted to go, the prospect of being able to be exposed to so many different things was fantastic. This doesn't only apply to academics, either. There are so many different clubs and organizations at USC that are full of motivated and creative individuals. They can help you learn so much about leadership and about the organization they are a part of. It is wonderful! Another thing to love about USC is its size! It's just right, in my opinion! It's big enough that you feel like you always have the opportunity to meet new people and there are lots of different kinds of people, but it's small enough that I inevitably see at least 3 people I know when I'm walking around campus between classes. USC is also right in the heart of Los Angeles. We're 10 minutes away from down town and as soon as you step off campus, you feel like you're a part of the living, breathing creature that is the city. This is one thing that some people on campus complain about, being right in the middle of Los Angeles (and not necessarily the best part, either), but I love it! For one thing, it exposes people who have never lived in cities (like myself) to city life and what it's like to live in an urban environment. But also, being surrounded by the busy city makes campus a kind of beautiful oasis in the middle of it all. It's so beautiful and peaceful compared to the city of Los Angeles that you can't help but love it and feel like it's home. One final thing (amongst the many amazing things) about USC is the school spirit. It's crazy, it's contagious, and it's impossible to escape! There is nothing quite like going to a USC home football game and being a part of the student section, your face painted cardinal and gold, your arm aching from holding up your "fight on" V for victory, your voice hoarse from cheering on Matt Barkley and your eyes shining from the lit Olympic Torch in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum! You feel like you're a part of this huge collective, that mythic thing called the "Trojan Family" and you just love it!


Overall, coming to USC as an international student who has grown up in the US, UK, and in Southeast Asia was a truly life-changing decision and I would not be the same person if I had chosen otherwise. USC has allowed me to grow not just academically in allowing me to complete a dual degree in completely different majors, but it has also trained me to be a leader. The faculty actually care about their students' well-being and classes are small enough for professors to actually know your name. The campus is not in the best area of LA, however the area is being gentrified and it developing at an incredible place.


The amount of school pride in USC is amazing, and students really love their school. (that includes me!) And it's really great to see such enthusiasm about the school, since you will feel that you came to the right school, even if you had reservations when you first came. It can be attributed to our strong performance both in the academic scene and the sports scene. For academics, we constantly receive large amounts of donations, which is extremely important for engineering majors where research will definitely help in the resume. For sports, our football team was ranked in the top 5 nationally last season, our women's volleyball team went to the Final 4, and our men's waterpolo team won its fourth consecutive national champion!



The best thing about our school is spirit. Cardinal and gold can be seen everywhere, everyday, at anytime. You won't go through a day without seeing USC gear. Even though there are students from everywhere around the world with different backgrounds, USC really ties everyone together. I know it's cliche but the Trojan Family definitely exists.


The best thing about our school is spirit. Cardinal and gold can be seen everywhere, everyday, at anytime. You won't go through a day without seeing USC gear. Even though there are students from everywhere around the world with different backgrounds, USC really ties everyone together. I know it's cliche but the Trojan Family definitely exists.


I think USC is the perfect size. It is a private institution so the student population is much smaller than that of a public school. A lot of my friends who go to UC's complain about lectures that are extremely overcrowded, but I've never felt that any of the classes I've been in enrolled in (even the larger GE classes) have been too crowded. When people find out that I go to USC, they are really impressed. They know that it is a renowned institution that is impressive both academically and socially. (They don't hide the fact that they're jealous of our Trojan Network, either!) The school pride here is like nothing I've ever seen. It's almost contagious. In high school, I didn't really have much pride for our mascot and sports teams. But becoming a student at USC means so much more. You become a Trojan, and it's not a feeling you can's a connection you feel once you're here. The most frequent student complaints probably come from DPS, the campus police/security. It's true that the bike impounding and traffic citations are annoying, but their presence is something we need, so just be cautious and follow the rules.


I love USC and I can say that I could not have made a better "total" decision for school. USC was a complete longshot for me as a student and I could not be happier with the friends I've made, the classes I've taken, the experiences I've had, shared with those friends, and those that still remain as I approach graduation. As a first semester freshman, I pledged a fraternity, Sigma Nu--it was the first and one of the most influential decisions of my college career. As a engineering student and a member of an IFC fraternity, keeping a balance of academics and social life has been difficult, but it has been one of the most positive life-defining experiences of my life. People are mostly impressed by attendance of USC and also anticipate a party animal lifestyle, which I must confess is available for those who will seek it. School pride is at its highest, as we continue to receive large donations from families towards improving the scholarship opportunities afforded to students from alumni families. It is even higher in light of, our beloved 3 year starting quarterback, Matt Barkley's decision to return to school and forego an early departure for the NFL draft. One experience I will always remember, as well as the internet, will always be the opportunity I received to be featured in an ESPN article comparing he and I in the midst of our freshman year. Link: I will say that USC is not the environment of the Spoiled Children that we stereotyped to be. The campus is located extremely close to the storied "South Central" area of Los Angeles and thus is the setting for several instances of petty crime. We do, however, boast one of the largest, most professional Public Safety forces, who vigilantly maintain our neighborhood, protecting not only USC students, but the surrounding magnate middle and high schools. Attending USC is the most definitive experience of my life. I have made friendships, I will cherish and maintain the rest of my life, professional aspirations, unrealizable anywhere else, and had unique experiences, I could never imagine.


My decision to attend USC was arguably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I absolutely love SC and would recommend it to anyone. I think the best part of USC is the sense of spirited community. I think part of this comes with the nature of the athletic department and the pride USC takes in their sports, but the overall spirit is unlike that of any other school. In regards to size, USC is just large enough to be diverse in its student body, while not being overwhelmingly large. I spend most of my time on campus at the new and may I say gorgeous Ronald Tutor Campus Center. You are bound to run into friends there and I found that it was a great place for lunch dates with my friends. If I am not at the Campus Center, the gym is also a great place to meet people while being productive. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, you can be at the beach in no more than twenty minutes or in Hollywood in nearly the same amount of time. There is no shortage of activities to participate in both on campus and off campus. I am proud to say that I attend USC and I cannot rave enough about it.


Since I started attending USC last fall, I have had a plethora of exceptional experiences that have assured me that my decision to attend USC was the right one to make. The best thing about USC is the student environment and atmosphere. While our undergraduate programs are highly competitive and large, the student organizations that are part of USC ensure that all students interact with one another and enjoy the time they are at USC. When I tell people I go to USC, the first thing they ask me is how fun it is. USC has a reputation of having a great student atmosphere while offering rigorous and challenging academics. When I go to campus, I love spending time at the Tutor Campus Center. Opened only 2 years ago, the Tutor Campus Center boasts a brand new food court, with Panda Express, Carl's Junior, Wahoo's, CPK, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as well as Lemonade. This new campus center is the hotspot for students and is a great place to meet your friends for lunch and enjoy the surroundings. USC's administration truly hope to help students as much as they can. Each day, I receive emails from my school discussing internships and job offerings. The administration is truly involved with students and wish to help them as much as they can. The most recent controversy on campus was when a fraternity member was photographed having sexual contact with woman from another school on top of one of the buildings on campus. The story headlined on many local news stations around southern California. USC is known for it's school pride, mostly towards our athletics. Recently, USC beat UCLA in a dynamic football game with a score of 50-0. Since that all my professors have been raving about what an amazing game that was. The one experience I will always remember is going to the football games and enjoying the camaraderie with all the students. The one thing I do hear a lot of from students is the issue of the general education curriculum. Myself included feel that it is not conducive to our overall learning experience and that they only hinder our academic standing because of the level of difficulty.


USC is the best school in the universe because you get so much for your money. First, there's the fact that it's located in beautiful, sunny Southern California. Who doesn't want to go to a school where it's 70 degrees year-around? Then there's the fact that it's located close to everything you want to be close to as a young adult. There's the numerous glistening beaches, Hollywood, dozens of world-class theatres, Disneyland, the list goes on and on. As far as the school itself, USC is the perfect balance of academic and social opportunities. That probably has something to do with the fact that the campus--when compared to other big name schools--is relatively small. Only a square mile essentially, the campus size allows for a homey, intimate feel. Every day on campus, I see at least one person I know in passing, which is something that you don't get at bigger schools. USC only has about 30,000 students (including grad students), so it's very likely that you run into friends all the time! And that's something that's important in feeling that you belong at a school. Since my time here began nearly 4 years ago, I have never once questioned my place at USC. Socially, USC has countless clubs to get involved in, as well as an active Greek Community, which about 1/3 of the student body participates in. There's also USC's fabled sports teams, which are a HUGE deal at this school. USC is a football school, and even if you aren't into football coming in, you will certainly be converted come Game Day! The experience of being on campus during a USC football game is indescribable, and is something that you definitely don't want to miss! When I tell people that I go to USC, they are automatically impressed because they know what it takes to get into SC, and they know the kind of education that I am getting. This is something that definitely comes in handy when it comes time to get a job! While USC is a dream school for countless reasons, it should be noted that USC is not in a quintessential college town. So, if that is something you want, USC may not be the school for you. It's located in the heart of LA, which means it is in an urban environment. Obviously, this comes with its unique set of challenges. The campus is so beautiful though that it is easy to forget where you are. That is, until you hear sirens and helicopters every day, and then you remember. Bu some of the best colleges in the nation--Duke, North Carolina, Yale, and USC of course--are in...less than ideal locations. It's just something that you learn to adapt to in going to school here, but it is definitely safe nonetheless. The thing that living in an urban community allows one to do is experience what real life is beyond the bubble of comfort that most USC kids grow up in. Plus, I always say that if celebs and CEOs of Fortune-500 companies have no problems sending their kids here, than I shouldn't worry about going here either! Going to USC is worth living in a sketchy environment for 4 years. trust me.


The best thing about USC is... Well I don't even know where to start... It could be the fierce Trojan pride and spirit, or the amazing SoCal weather and beautiful brick buildings, or it could be the brilliant and driven people I've found here. The undergrad class itself is large, about 18,000 students but the campus still feels intimate. The sizes of my classes have also been great, except for when they are GEs or general electives. These are classes that every student must take to have a well rounded individual, but if there were one thing I could change about these classes it would be the size. Most of them are very interesting besides this. When I tell people I go to USC they are always impressed, it is after all ranked as the 23rd school in the nation (tied with Carnegie Mellon). I am also very proud to go here. I spend most of my time on campus in the Campus Center, where all of the food is. I'll admit it,, I'm a foodie! And the stuff there is delicious, plus its a very social atmosphere where I can sit when my friends and relax. Also, I love the older libraries like Doheny. The big inside study room looks like it came out of Harry Potter! I wouldn't call downtown LA a "college town" by any means, but we have made the area around the school our own. I always feel safe, but also never go anywhere alone at night. Be smart! USC is also only minutes away from great beach spots and the fantastic Staples Center and LA Live complex so there is plenty to do.


When the average American hears the word "USC," images of football often rise up first in their minds. It is true that USC is a big sport school. A huge part of our campus culture revolves around our football team, and game days are always crazy, with current students and alumni alike celebrating all over campus. Another common stereotype is that USC is loaded with rich kids. However, both stereotypes are very limiting and misleading. While USC does embrace its sports culture, the school also boasts its already strong and still growing academic strength. Music is also popular here, with weekly live music on campus, and aspiring musicians holding events throughout the year. Visions and Voices hosts a plethora of arts, music, and literary events, with world-renowned speakers, artists, musicians, and authors. USC Spectrum is another organization that hosts a number of art/music-related events. The stereotype that USC is filled with rich and spoiled kids is completely false and misleading. While the school does have a number of well-off students, there is definitely not a "rich-society" culture. In any class, you can find students from all walks of life. I've personally met students that were very well-off and students who were depending entirely on financial aid. With almost 3,000 students matriculating each year, it's impossible to have a homogenous student population. You can find people from all walks of life here.


In terms of university level undergrad education, pretty much every school is the same, you get out what you put in. You have to look at individual professors, some are good some are bad you just have to deal with it, like the fact that you can't always choose your boss. USC has some pretty good majors like cinema, business, music., journalism, engineering Once I got out of school it's not necessarily not what you know (but grades are important) but who you know in terms of getting your self on track for a career post-college. And USC's alumni are well known for treating their fellow trojans well in terms of helping them find a job and such so that is definitely a boon for the University. There are many different kind of people at the school, including yuppie go getters and burnt-out hipsters so you'll be able to find a group of friends that has similar interests to your own, and if not you will find something that interests yourself. What I would change: price of tuition (I think currently colleges are overpriced due to how the loan system is set up, but that's a story for another day), location is not great, students interact with others but are self segregating (cultural changes are hard to adjust). Reputation: In southern california USC has a really good reputation people are generally impressed that you go to the school. Sometimes if you go elsewhere like the east coast they won't really have any sort of opinion.


USC is the perfect size: it's just big enough where you can maintain a certain sense of anonymity but small enough that you always feel a tangible support system around you. You always run into friends on campus and recognize faces in your classes but you can still run to the University Village, Ralphs, or the Lot in your sweatpants without any concern. Furthermore, everything you need is on or near campus, from Chipotle to Superior (grocery store) to Traddies (the on-campus bar) and everything in between. The opportunities are continuing to expand, as well, thanks to a strong administration who cares deeply about their students and actually listens to them. The Trojan Family is not a myth; the loyalty and camaraderie that defines it are evident in every aspect of USC.


USC is incredible. The administration (though a little politically conservative) spoils its students with brilliant/accessible professors, incredible opportunities to get involved, and personal attention. In my environmental science class we went to USC's campus on Catalina Island, and went snorkeling, sea kayaking, and learned about the island's ecosystem. It was beautiful.


20 years ago USC was known as the "university of spoiled children" and "university of second choice", now it is the fastest rising school in the country based on rankings and has also been featured on princeton review's list of "top 10 dream schools", and this forward momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down. so props to president sample and the administration for turning this school around! Campus: It's relatively small for so many students and during breaks between classes the campus can seem very crowded. I wish the campus was bigger and had more open green space- a rarity in LA. EVK food sucks, parkside food is better. I would change the location of the school, although living in central LA is pretty convenient "broader experience" And make USC cheaper, 50k+ a year is a lot of money


One thing I'd change: Nothing. Size: Perfect. Big enough that you meet tons of people who are interested in all different things but small enough you actually get to know people. Class size is a mix between lectures with 100 or so students to more intimate classes with maximums of 20. Most large lectures have an accompanying discussion section with only 20 or so students. When I tell people I go to USC, they usually hate on it a little bit. It's a good school academically but also athletically and people tend to be resentful because we win a lot! I spend most time on campus either in the dorms (this isn't true for really depends if you get in a good dorm, if people there are social, etc), the Row, the quad, etc. No college town really. The area surrounding the campus is pretty sketch, but, that being said, the campus itself feels safe. While there is no traditional college town, we're in the middle of downtown LA and people go out and explore on weekends. We'll hit up Manhattan beach on the weekends or go to the Grove for lunch. SO MUCH SCHOOL PRIDE. Everyone loves it here. Everyone. From freshmen on their first day to seniors on graduation day to alumni fifty years later.


USC is incredible. The best part about USC is that you are in LA which allows you SO many opportunities you wouldn't get at another school, while still giving you a (gorgeous) campus feel. For me, the school is a little small, however I seem to be in the minority. Everyone loves the size and honestly- for anyone who is worried that it is too big- the campus is so close that you will never walk to class without seeing someone you know! The one thing I would change is the lack of an immediate college town, however you still get the Row which always has something going on if you want to go out, as well as the 90. And the surrounding community is NOT as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The school pride is incredible, and the Trojan Family really is so strong and will definitely prove helpful when you are looking for a job.


USC is not one unified school, but is, rather, a collection of the smaller pre-professional schools that comprise it. While I can only speak as a former student of the School of Theatre, the SOT had serious administrative problems and has been losing a large number of theatre majors (who usually switch to minors in favor of more popular majors such as Business or Comm) because of the lack of direction offered by advisors and by the poor quality of the lower-division classes. USC's reputation has outgrown its academic prowess, which desperately needs to catch up.


There is an immense amount of pride at USC. People love going to school here. We love the fact that the University is well above average in every aspect of the collegiate experience. The best thing about USC is that we party all the time (especially on the row) and still manage to have great academic programs with a very diverse student body and wonderful professors. The school is without a doubt well rounded. I couldn't imagine a school more well rounded than USC. I will say that being in South Central LA is a bit unnerving. The area around us is not the best, and I get asked for money about 5 times a day. I've had people ask me for money when I am ordering at drive-thrus. It gets annoying and you have to be careful, but thats life in a big city.


Among my friends, if we could do college over again and had the choice of ANY college in the country, we would still commit to SC in a heartbeat. It is really rare to find a school so well balanced; we have incredible faculty but we also have a great football team; we have a vibrant Greek system and at the same time there are plenty of organizations to join if you don't want to get involved there. I'll start with why I love USC, and then I will go into its drawbacks. First and foremost, the school spirit here is AMAZING and lasts for the rest of your life. No matter where you go in the world, if you are a Trojan you are part of the family. You will have job opportunities, friendships, and other relationships that would never exist but for your membership in the Trojan family. I have experienced it countless times, from meeting an alum while on a community service trip in Ghana to finding a great internship through the alumni network. Many schools brag about alumni networks, but I have heard MANY times (through both USC and non-USC alums) that the Trojan network is simply unparalleled. To me, the meaning of this is more than just knowing it will be easier to find a job. It's really about feeling like you are part of a camaraderie- wherever I end up in the world, I know there will be people that have something in common with me and will greet me with open arms. Another thing I like about SC is that the size is perfect- it's not so small that you feel like you're living in a gossipy small town, but it's not so large that you feel like nothing but a number. Politically, I also think there is quite a good balance between liberal and conservative supporters. People sometimes think USC is very conservative, but I think they say that because we are just more conservative than the average college campus- overall, however, I would say the student body is more liberal than conservative. As for the bad... the first thing that comes to my mind is that we are not in a college town in any sense of the word. Frankly, we are in the ghetto. There are no cute boulevards with shops and restaurants, no streets with college bars. In fact, we really only have two bars: one on campus and one down the street. EVERYONE goes to those two. Surprisingly, though, my friends and I didn't really mind not living in a college town- the food around here is cheap and places like Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Manhattan Beach are all very close. I guess we just saved money. Another thing I didn't like about USC was that it was pretty dead on the weekends, particularly as a freshman in the dorms. While we have a great many students that don't live in southern California, many do, and they often go home on the weekends. That said, if you make friends with people who don't leave you will be fine.


USC seeks to expose its students to as much as possible; therefore, we have more international students than any school in the U.S., the school offers a relatively enormous amount of majors/minors, and encourages students to study seemingly disparate fields using scholarship incentives. We have a lot of top-rated schools at USC which makes it easy to pursue a diverse set of interests (from Film to Business/Accounting to Engineering to Music to Communications: these are among the very best in the country). Because USC has so many good schools in so many different areas, and because USC gives so much in Financial Aid, you'll find that wherever your interests lie, there is probably a decent following of similar-minded people.


It was my life's dream to go to USC film school but I would say the experience, wholly, was a disappointment. There are many unfair rituals that take place at USC; you WILL get black-listed from certain events, scholarships, directing opportunities, if you raise your voice about ANYTHING; or complain about anything. I once complained about how poorly sound people were treated on a USC-funded class (CTPR 546) and I was NEVER able to get a sound SA-ship afterwards. I was more than qualified but the positions kept being given to people who were not of my caliber and who, in certain instances, turned their application weeks after the deadline. After this incident took place, I shut my mouth, which is afterall what the school wanted me to do. If you're a lesbian you will do really well at the Film school as the heads of many divisions are open lesbians. Several semesters in a row 546 were directed by lesbian women and also contained lesbian-themed films. Nothing wrong with this of course, just another factor about USC that I think is worth noting. Scholarships are completely unfair, I mean COMPLETELY! They are not judged by a panel of unbiased observers, and the applications are NOT anonymous as they should be, but instead the applications are judged by USC professors who undoubtedly give the scholarship to their favorite students. For example, a friend of mine just recently won a scholarship for comedic-writing, for which he did not even apply for. This was an award listed on the General Scholarship application, many students applied, whole-heartedly. Their application was not even read, because the professor simply handed the award to a student he personally liked. But again, no one can complain without fear of being black-listed.


The best thing about USC is the Trojan Family. As cliche as it sounds, it's true. It's not just the fight song chants between drivers with Trojan stickers on the back of the car. It's the personal encounters between Trojans of all ages. In fact, just the other day, a man noticed me wearing my USC sweatshirt and stopped me in the middle of the check-out line for Micheals. He couldn't stop talking about how amazing the school was and what an awesome college experience he had. By the end of the conversation, he congratulated me multiple times and said, "If you ever need anything, please let me know!" Quite a generous offer from a stranger.


USC is an amazing campus in the middle of south central Los Angeles. This makes it feel like a bubble at some times, but also opens the university up to the city's culture. Field trips into downtown and hollywood make up for the bubble effect, and the students who are outgoing benifit from their surroundings.


The best thing about USC is without a doubt the connections you make. There is school pride at USC, you can tell that from the moment you step on campus. Unless you're incredibly antisocial you will go to all the football games freshman year. You meet tons of great people at those games. You stay on campus a lot freshman year, and it's an assett to have a friend with a car or to have one yourself. You never want to hang out in the area immediately surrounding SC, since it's dangerous, and this is especially true at nighttime. During the day though, I've walked around and never had any problems. Regardless, you never want to walk around the neighborhood by yourself. SC has a DPS (Department of Public Safety) that is very good with notifying the student body about criminal activity in the area, so you're always informed. As long as you use common sense, you will be safe at all times.


USC IS THE PERFECT SCHOOL. There so many different types of people and everyone's really friendly. Also, even though students know how to work hard in class, they also know how to have a good time. A lot of students enjoy the Greek system and party on "the row" (where all the Greek houses are located) during the nights and weekends. During the day, my friends and I love spending time just walking around because the weather is so nice. USC is big enough that you don't see people you know everywhere, but it's also small enough to walk to most of your classes is 5-10 minutes. There is SO MUCH school pride, especially during football season because our team is one of the best!


There is an enormous amount of diversity at USC, both among the students' backgrounds and academic endeavors. This creates an expansive learning environment, and is one of USC's greatest strengths. I think the school is perfectly-sized; you'll frequently encounter people you know, but there are always new faces. People seem quite impressed when I tell them I go to USC. When I mention I'm an Animation major, some are skeptical and others are excited. The skeptics should meet the animation faculty. There is an enormous amount of school pride. Some take the rivalry with UCLA a little too far, in my opinion, but as long as you're not harming anyone or being rude, it's all good fun. There are new Cinematic Arts and Commons/Sudent Center buildings under construction, pretty exciting!


USC is an incredible place to go to school, with rich history, great academics, and amazing sports. The campus is beautiful and very unique for a large university. Although USC can seem really big, the classes are moderate in size freshmen year, and can be very small in major classes. Some of my accounting classes had about 15 students in some sections. USC can feel very small, you will see people you know everyday and because most people are really involved with greek life, clubs, sports etc. the campus becomes really small. USC is making a lot of changes very fast, to become one of the top universities in the world. Basically, President Sample, wants to compete with the ivy leagues and everyone at USC knows thats his intentions (although it's hard to fathom becoming an ivy league). New buildings are already being built really fast, including the new George Lucas building at the film school, and the new student commons center which will have a huge cafeteria area and new student study areas and campus organization rooms. The administration is amazing at USC, I can literally walk in anytime to the business or accounting school counselors and just sit down and talk with them, and they have a lot of time to spend one-on-one discussing your classes, major, and goals for jobs and grad school. Also, most professors are very well connected and great with getting you internships, jobs, and reccomendation letters. USC definitely has a network that no other school has, and it has been the best part about going to the school. Many of my internships I have received because I am a trojan.


USC is a decent sized school. We have approx. 32000 students but the campus is too small to accomodate the population. USC does have large introductory classes but it gets better once you move into the upper level classes. USC is in a bad part of Los Angeles, but fortunately, it's located about 3 miles south of downtown. Downtown LA is becoming a more popular place to live and play so it's good that it's so close...especially if you're going to a Lakers game or a concert at Staples. Of course, when people hear that I go to USC, they automatically say its other name---University of Spoiled Children. Again, we do have a lot of rich kids who go hear, but you see that at any school, especially private ones. You just have to find your niche on campus. It takes some people the first two weeks of freshman year or you may have to wait until sophomore year to find it. People are really proud about being a Trojan, which is something that everyone is supposed to have. Recruiters try to sell USC as an opportunity to join the Trojan family. It's true, but I"m waiting until one of my Trojan family members can help me find a job after graduation. In the next two years, USC is building a new campus center that can rival our rival's campus center. It should be great.


The big picture of USC is set within the context of Los Angeles, which can be overwhelming and graffiti gray at first. People say you need a car to get around, which is partly true but I have also gotten around fine in public transportation (others may disagree). Having a car can actually make the city blander once you've been to the main attractions a billion times. The happiest I have been has been without a car, "stuck" on campus. If you find the right people, all you need is that island called campus, with occasional short boat rides off, for a good experience. I think we generally do things right here, mostly because I can't of any complaints. The most activism on campus has been from groups claiming SC's clothing is from sweatshops but the facts are mostly against them. the group is a joke. We're a Green campus (meaning environmental), healthy food choices everywhere, and pretty savvy technology. School Pride is SC and it is shown on gameday. Admittedly, it is not as much as the the midwest, but you definitely see people representing cardinal and gold all across Southern California. Anyone who likes football in Los Angeles but isn't willing to low themselves to be Raiders fans roots for SC. In my opinion there are more Trojan fans in CA than Bruin fans...but there are also more Trojan Haters than Bruin Haters. People hate this school 1.) because we win 2.) because we're private and affluent and 3.) because of allegations of bribing athletes to come here


When I tell people I go to USC, they are shocked and excited because they know it is very difficult to get into the school escpeciall with my major. I spend most of my time at the music school with all my classes and I work at the Thornton School of music office of Admissions. I wish that the amount of partying would go down and that students would get in more trouble for the stuff they do that they shouldn't do.


USC is like the college experience in movies. Its true. Fraternity row is world-renowned (its true) and houses from other schools come to visit whenever they can because of how great the dynamic is on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. If you're really torn between SC and another school, come to a football game. Even if you hate the sport, you'll come away sold on the school, throwing up a fight on, and chanting the fight song. It happens to everyone. The university's alumni system is no joke. The Trojan Family is something you'll hear thrown around a lot, but it actually is one of the best things about the school, I swear. Since freshman year, my peers and I have been getting calls from recruiters asking if we want interviews. (Think Disney, E & Y, and Nestle.) The preparation the school gives you the 'next step' is unparalleled this side of the Mississippi. USC grads run LA as it truly is a 'professional' university with alumni who fight for their companies' recruiting classes to be filled with Trojans. I kid you not, I would posit that 80% of my peers had job offers at professional forms for the summer SOPHMORE year by April, meanwhile my friends at other schools were still wondering if their usual spot at Macy's would be available.


it's kinda hard to make friends at first just because there are soooo many people...also the classes tend to be a lot larger too so it's hard to really get to know your professors, but there are ways to work through things like that. overall, the whole atmosphere here is amazing, generally everyone is very nice and sociable. the sports are amazing, especially football...and basically if you're looking for a party, you'll find one...or seven :)


USC is an awesome school. Anything you want to do or learn about can be done at USC. Being in L.A., this means that any kind of food you want to eat any kind of show you want to see is 20 minutes away from your dorm (without traffic, lol). When you tell people in L.A. that you go to USC they automatically say "damn, that's a good school." People are nicer to you when you say you go to USC. They ask you do you go to football games? What's it like going there? Etc. Being from Texas where a lot of people think USC stands for University of South Carolina, I was shocked by how much prestige USC has in Southern California. There is a ton of school pride at USC and you will feel it the first time you attend a football tailgate on campus. People who went to SC' a million years ago show up to BBQ and party before the game. At the Coliseum people paint their bodies and yell until they loose their voices. You'll find yourself high-fiveing people you just met 10 minutes ago. The Alumni network is so great, especially if you are a business student. Companies in every field recruit SC' students. Graduating from SC' gets you a lot of perks.


USC is an amazing school, no doubt about it. The best thing about USC is the feeling of being a part of the Trojan Family. No matter where you go there is always someone there who can say they went through the same experiences you have gone through. The campus is beautiful and we are often in all the television shows and movies. From my opinion the only people who react negatively when telling them you go to USC are rival schools like Notre Dame, and the top UC schools. Many react to the stereotype that USC students are snotty brats and don't deserve what we have. This is completely false. The USC administration does a great job at handling and dealing with the students. USC has thee most school pride on the West Coast with out a doubt, and is right up there with the SEC schools of the South. Not many complaints when living in this perfect environment.


The best thing about USC is the connections you make with people in your chosen field. The campus is nice--an island in a ghetto--and I feel completely safe here. However, USC could use its space a little more efficiently--many classes have to use spare spaces at the cafes. The gym isn't big enough. The film school is crammed, but that is being fixed by the new George Lucas building that's being built. The school pride here is insane--and infectious. I especially love how hardcore the marching band is. The internet at this school is not very good. It's often down, and the connection is weak in the dorms. I had a particularly bad experience, as I had no internet working for half a year, and the ITS and Housing people couldn't get it together (bureaucracy....). The internet works just fine in the classrooms, though.


USC is what you make of it. It is stocked with outstanding faculty who have joined the world of educators via successful careers. It has talented kids who will change their respective fields. But it also has a bunch of spoiled, privileged brats (and lower-middle class pretenders, like me) who look the part, who walk the walk, and should be ignored.


USC's location in the middle of thriving downtown Los Angeles is a large reason why so many students choose to come here. Any big city has much to offer for university students, but Los Angeles especially is so diverse and huge that it's easy for the students to get off campus and go something fun for the weekend. Everyone in LA recognizes SC; it's cool when you can walk around Olvera Street or Little Tokyo and somebody will shout out a "Fight On!" in your direction. So many people think that USC is in such a bad location and that the area is just too dangerous. However, we have a Department of Public Safety for the USC campus only, as well as USC specific LAPD officers on campus all the time, and we have a fire department right across the street. The campus and surrounding areas are all well lit, and as on any college campus, if you're smart, you're safe. USC thrives on school pride. We bleed cardinal and gold, we have The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe, the World Famous Song Girls, 87 NCAA National Championships, as well as 7 Heisman Trophy winners. What's not to be proud of ?


I love USC. The School of Engineering is amazing. It's like a small school within a big school. Students are really involved and love being here. The professors will help you with anything. There's one professor who will regularly stay in his office until 4am to help his students finish their homework. Los Angeles is a great place to go to college. There's the beach, Disneyland, and Hollywood all nearby. There is a ton of school pride. Football season is a very big deal.


The best things about USC are the student's pride and unity. If I had to change one thing it would be very minor. I would change the fact that student's can only pay for food with their USC card account or cash. I would make the food courts accept credit cards as well, which is the most convenient form of payment. I believe the size of the school is just right. It is large enough where you can meet a large array of people and small enough that you get to learn the people in your major. When I tell people I go to USC I normally get a very positive reaction and comments such as, "you must be smart!" Most of my time in campus is spent in the classroom, however, during my breaks I can usually be found in the computer lab of Leavey Library or on a bench drinking coffee. USC is not really located in a "college town," but resides in the center of metropolitan Los Angeles. My opinion on the school's administration is mostly positive. I have come across only one or two professors who were not benefical or helpful. There is a huge amount of school pride! One can not walk around campus without seeing hundreds of USC sweatshirts and lisence plate holders. I do not hear many complaints from other students. The only complaining I hear is of midterms and papers, which can be heard at every college across the world!


USC has everything--academics, atheltics, and a great social life. The thing I dislike most is that it sucks when you have to leave for winter break, summer, etc. The neighborhood isn't Westwood, but its not that bad if you're smart about not walking around by yourself in the middle of the night, etc. There is so much school spirit here!


The best thing about USC is the school spirit. I feel like every single student at this school loves it and loves being here. This gives the school such a sense of pride and community that is rare to find. The campus is the perfect size and there are enough students so that you are able to see people you know when walking on campus, but you're still meeting new people all of the time.


I love that USC is an enclosed campus, but is still in touch with the surrounding community. There is an enormous amount of school pride, especially during football season.


best thing: exposure to a wide variety of people, enthusiasm one thing i'd change: cheaper food size: just right, i guess people's reaction: enthusiastic then move on to other pleasant formalities most time spent on campus: food or library USC administration: they run it like a business, but they have to biggest recent controversy: Daily controversies courtesy of the Daily Trojan School pride: Fight on Trojans lets go TROJANS! Unusual: Yes the biking is a little extreme frequent student complaints: I think either money or the occasional feeling of the school trying to screw you over