University of Southern California Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The people that should go here is people that are not willing to get just an education but people that are willing to make a differnce in the world.


The perfect USC student would be one who is extremely motivated. This is a campus with high educational standards and an active social scene. This means that the ability to balance school work and an active social life is extremely important. USC is known for many things, one of which is its school spirit. Go to sports games, get involved in clubs and organizations, and take advantage of the connections that USC offers.


Come to the Univeristy of Southern California if you have a work hard, play hard mentality. The academics here are absoulutely amazing in each and every respective field and going to a private school is a totally different experience than going to a public one. At the same time, trojans know how to balance their studies with social activities and greek life is a major part of the school. If you like sports, you're in luck as well because we have one of the best football programs in the country. Tailgates are amazing.


An appropriate description of a student well suited to attend the University of Southern California is someone self-motivated, dedicated, and well-rounded. An education is only as valuable as you make it. USC prides itself on a plethora of opportunities provided to students. Students are afforded to participate in a variety of activities including; sports, studying abroad, tutoring students at local schools in subjects such as Spanish, English, math, and so on. As long as new students have an open mind, and a solid work ethic, USC might be a great fit for them.


The kind of person who would have the most enjoyable experience at the University of Southern California is one who seeks a balance of strong academics and student life. This person should be open-minded, as diversity is highly emphasized by USC. This person should be willing to make connections with fellow students, peers, faculty, and alumni, as these relationships are essential to career-oriented opportunities.


A typical USC student incorporates academic engagement, social involvement (regional, national, and international), and athletic interest, all under the overlying principle of true commitment and fairness. USC advocates racial diversity and equality of all members of society and to a great extent integrates these ideas in its educational methods and contents. Thus, any high school student who can find such characteristics in himself and wishes to further develop them should definitely consider USC for his future academic career, as it provides a great educational surrounding for both, mind and personality, offering guidance, but simultaneously granting individual determination and freedom.


The average student at University of Southern California is a goal-oriented, ambitions, and studious individual who really likes to party and have fun. It’s a buzzing campus with constant opportunities to get involved in social and extracurricular activities, which is why an organized and well-balanced individual would surely have a great time at this school. Most students at USC are contortionists in a delecate balancing act, twisting and bending in all directions to get the most out of their experience.


Passion is definitely a key quality in attending any academic institustion. Especially for a prospective student wishing to attend USC, I would expect them to be passionate about what they want to do, as well as having passion in life. They must be determined in reaching their goal and never give up. Along the way there are many obstacles, and people tend to get discouraged, so a person hoping to attend USC would have to have clever ways of overcoming these obstacles and learning something from them. Overall a passionate and determined student is someone right for USC.


A confident, intelligent and savvy individual who is not afraid to be alone sometimes, and to be completely surrounded other times. This school has so many different people that standing out is a daily undertaking.


The people at this school are those who seek challenges both academically and in life in general. More importantly, students realize they will become the best people the can be by facing these challenges and experience something they have never experienced before.


A person who likes a strong balance between academics and social life. This school has many great opportunites if students are willing to take advantage of them. People who come to this school should really use all of its amazing resources and make strong connections with the professors. A person who enjoys socializing and is school-spirited should attend this school. Sporting events such as football games are very popular and support a close-knit campus community.


Someone who is open-minded and eager to learn not only in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. The campus is very diverse allowing a student to learn many different cultures. Someone attending USC is able to interact with people he/she may have never thought they of meeting. Spirit is also a quality one must have if attending USC. The spirit the school has is what brings its students together. It is a bond unlike any other due to every student wanting to be at USC and feeling so fortunate for the experience we have all received.


USC should be the first choice of any student looking to be academically challenged while being immeresed in a huge cultural center like Los Angeles.


A person who should attend this school is someone who is hard working, responsible., creative, and diverse . They should love school sprit and be willing to take advantage of all the opportunities that USC offers.


A person that has big dreams and is willing to work hard for them


An outgoing person that likes to challenge themselves academically, enjoys learning and experiencing new things. Someone who likes to meet different people would fit well here. Anyone who enjoys having lots of options would be really happy here.


A person looking for a challenging environment, but also one who loves to be in a social place.


It's a big campus so you can't just be a wallflower if you want to be social and succeed. People here are usually very exuberant in personality, regardless of what drives them. You have to get out and get involved. Take advantage of the fairs on campus for clubs, internships, jobs, study abroad, etc.


The kind of person who really believes in themselves and wants to do something with their lives.


The kind of person attending USC should be someone prepared to live in a large city such as Los Angeles. The amount of diversity Los Angeles offers is coupled with demand for tolerance and open-mindedness. This is reflected on campus, and I feel that open-mindedness, towards fellow students and towards the overall university experience experience, is very important. Students entering the university should be prepared to undergo a significant expansion of their conciousness and outlook on life.


To attend the university of southern California, I beleived that a student should have school spirit and should want to be academically challenged. I also think they should be willing to get involved on campus, as most students do and should be open to meeting to people and making friends with people from diverse backgrounds and different ways of life. Finally, I believe that a student should wnat to better themselves academically, personally, and spiritually because USC really emphasizes growing and learning all sorts of new things throught your four years there.


People who are sure they can afford it and or are going into a practical, career orientated field of study.


Work hard, play hard.


self- oriented people


People who are well rounded. They need to love getting hands on experience. People here are very active, whether that be sports, music, art, theater, or volunteering in their communities. There are so many different areas of study and a lot of freedom. There are so many resources, you need to be able to absorb.


Someone who is ready to be exposed to new social environments and is willing to work hard.


Anyone that wants to recieve a balanced education, understands the importance of networking, and wants to be sucessful and happy in the future.


While my school has something to offer for everyone and while the administration does make it possible for anyone with a dream to see it through, there are those who I believe should not attend USC. These are the people who have no dreams- the people who are unwilling to grow and expand their minds. They cannot attend my school because it is an environment in which youth is forced to think and develop. Those who refuse to do so prohibit the development of society, and USC is a place that encourages growth and progress to no end.


Someone who loves football, is interested in the Greek system, wants to live in a busy urban area, and looking for strong connections after graduation.


Absolutely anyone. Someone who is eager to learn, have fun, and experience new things.


Some one who can balance all the fun of a full on college social life and attend class in full force as well.




someone who is well rounded. people who excel here are not only intelligent but social as well.


outgoing, spirited, hardworking, athletic


Someone who wants a mix of good academics with the stereotypical college scene (parties, etc). Overall, people who are social will thrive here but there really is such a variety of students here that virtually anyone can find their niche at USC. I would not recommend a certain type of person to avoid the university but rather for an individual to visit the campus and see if it is a 'fit' for them personally.


Those who are able to balance a busy social life with challenging and enlightening course work.


People who are talented, outgoing, adventourous, ambitious, fun-loving, full of passion, and committed.


businessmen, artists, and thespians; the "popular" kids will feel right at home in the Greek system.


Ambitious students who are looking for a strong sense of professional community, but who aren't needy when it comes to friends. USC is, a lot of the time, an every man for himself kind of school. However, if you have the drive to succeed, USC can and will take you extremely far.


USC is very much a school for people who subscribe to the "work hard, play hard" way of life. People who go to USC are intelligent and (probably more importantly) persistent in their studies, but they also are very social in their freetime, and they get out to explore the Los Angeles area as much as possible. It often feels to me like the happy medium between a party school and MIT. Meaning, it is a school for people who want to be challenged, but still want adequate time to meet people, have fun, and enjoy college outside a classroom.


Anyone who's passionate in what they do or what they want to do in the future.


Anyone who wants to get a really good education and put a lot of work into getting that education should come here. Socially, everyone could find a way to fit in somewhere in the school, it's not all frats, sororities, and football like most people think. There is a quite large alternative scene that I found i fit in more with.