University of Southern California Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you don't enjoy dialoguing with others and brainstorming ideas together (and being OPEN to ideas that are unlike your own), then this is not the school for you. If you don't enjoy being challenged personally, academically, and professionally, then this is not the school for you. If you aren't proud of your decision to be a Trojan, this isn't the school for you. They will make it worth it!


If you’re used to being the big dog at your high school- and are expecting more of the same in college- USC is definitely not the place for you. No matter who you are or where you come from, USC’s the type of place where, in all likelihood, there going to be someone better than you, smarter than you, more skilled than you. The trick is using the competitive atmosphere to your advantage, to feed off of and find inspiration in your fellow students.


The University of Southern California is a school for everyone. If you want to live on or off campus, be involved or sit on the side lines you can find your place there. The school is for someone that wants name recongition and that little bit of something special to add to your resume. If your concerned about location or the cost of attendance, don't be. It really is as safe annd the cost can be heavily balanced out by the abudance of grants and scholarships available to such a large private school.


Anyone who is not willing to blend with an extremely diverse student body should not attend.


The kind of person who is unotivated. This school is for people who are determined to unwaveringly fight on through all situations in life.


A career-driven person that wants to explore Southern California and spend 4 years at one of the most spirited campuses. Constantly rising in the rankings, USC has transformed into a nationally recognized University and will soon become a new "Ivy of the West."


Everyone is welcome at this university and all should apply.


Someone who has passion, drive, goals, and ambition. Someone who embodies the traits of a Trojan: ambitious, courageous, faithful, scholarly, and skillful. Someone who will go the distance to achieve what they can and want to achieve. Someone who, under any circumstance, Fight On!


All kinds of people are welcomed here at the University of California, but a person that doesn't like the city-life shouldn't consider USC as a potential school. USC is located right in the middle of Los Angeles, a quite busy city with hundreds of inhabitants. I personally love the city life and I enjoy watching people walking down the street or running to catch the bus. A person that likes quiet and nature like environment will not get the full college experience if they attend USC because they will not enjoy the environment they are living in.


A person who isn't willing to work, isn't open to new things, and doesn't want to take advantage of opportunities shoudn't go here.


Perspective students who are adventurous, tolerant, and ambitious should look into attending the University of Southern California. USC is a great school with a very prestigious background, with a name that weighs heavily on future career choices. But the name of the school is not the only reason why a person should attend. The campus also has a lot to offer students. USC caters to students from all backgrounds, and tries to make each person feel comfortable. For example, students can choose from an array of sports, classes, sororities, and housing environments focused on community. USC is a welcoming environment.


People who do not believe in themselves and their ability to innovate their field of study. Anybody who would impact the atmosphere of higher education in a negative manner.


You must be ambitious to thrive at USC. If you lack ambition of motivation, you will not be successful at this school. USC has wonderful opportunities for its students, but you must take the initiative to get involved on your own. People lacking drive and motivation should not attend the University of Souther California.


I would definitely say those who think the school is awful or come in with a negative view of the university. Not all the stereotypes are true! But in all seriousness, I would advise against those who aren't into cities. It is vibrant and loud and busy so you have to be prepared for that. And if you think you will run into celebrities on your way to class, that likely won't happen. You have to be pretty open-minded, but I would say that's for any college.


I believe that a person who attends USC should be not only friendly, but extremely outgoing as well. Life on campus would be more enjoyable if everyone is out there having fun and balancing out their lifestyles, instead of just simply solemnly studying in his/her dorm.


Someone who cares for school spirit. Smart. Fashionable. Internationally interested. Someone desiring to network. Wants the prestige of a private school. Any ethnic background.


The University of Southern California is not for slackers. All of the courses require significant time and effort in order to receive a passing grade. Overall, I love the university and the challenges it has given me, but I would not recommend it to students who are not dedicated to their studies.


A person who does not try to succeed to the best of his/her ability. I think the most important feature a person can possess is a strong work ethic. Determination is also a key characteristic. Unfortunatley, if a person does not have a strong desire to succeed, he/she does not blong at this university. Also, a person who is intolerant, in regards to religion, politics, race, sex, or socioeconomics, also does not belong at this university.


This school has a place for everyone.


A person who is afraid to question their own self-image and beliefs should not attend because this school is all about discovering those things that you don't know.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of money-hungry people at this school, which can be annoying, especially for those who are sensitive to this issue. I also think that people looking for diversity will be a little disappointed, mainly because the school has a lot of diversity but it lacks unity. In addition, anyone who is going here for the title is not making the right choice, because if they do not actually love USC but only its name, they will not get the most out of their college experience.


Anyone who is unwilling to go to class or do their homework and thinks that college is only about partying should not apply to USC because the professors here take their jobs seriously, and in order to succeed you must put in the time and do the work to the very best of your abilities.


A person that does not want to work hard while having fun at the same time should not attend USC, as they will not full appreciate what is offered at USC. People may see college as somewhere you are constant studying or constant partying, but shouldn?t be exclusively either one. USC is well known for having a very social student body, but it should still be considered an institution for learning. On the other hand, time should be taken for people to enjoy themselves, and USC offers many opportunities to do both.


There is no kind of a person who should not attend this school. Everyone can fit in here and find a niche. The only problem may be financing it. The school offers quite a bit of financial aid but sometimes even with a work study job or part time job, a full time student here on financial aid will begin to feel depressed at not being able to live as lavishly as some of his/her friends.


Introverted people may find it challenging to fully experience the vast diversity that is the University of Southern California.


Someone who is shy and does not adapt to new situations easily. A person that is not very outgoing might not like it here. Anyone who has trouble balancing their school work with other things may have trouble also.


Someone who doesn't want to do anything with their lives. Someone who refuses to take advantage of the many oppotunities USC has to offer.


Attending USC and being in constant contact with the surrounding neighborhoods can be challenging for some students, and perhaps those looking for a college-town environment might look elsewhere. At first south-central LA can seem overwhelming and hostile, with its history of violence and gang activity. However, these areas and the whole of Los Angeles also offer a plethra of enriching cultural discoveries.


Students who are unwilling to take a chance with new and diverse social groups should not attend USC. Increasingly, USC is shedding its old stereotypes and students who can adapt to the new opportunities afforded by an ever more varied student and alumni network are the ones who will succeed here.


Depending on the major. Architecute has been great because most of the classes are small so good for me but most of the other classes are maybe 100 or 200 people but there are always discussions of like 20 people. So I guess someone who doesn't like football probably shouldn't come here :P well maybe you'll come to like football....


Someone who wants to take advantage of unlimited academic and professional opportunities.


If you are not focussed enough to be able to keep yourself on track academically, the social opportunities can overwhelm a person to the point that balancing school and fun can become REALLY difficult, so if you are the kind of person who doesn't care about academics all that much, maybe this school isn't for you.


Someone who dislikes the city, noise and school spirit.


People who are not into sororities and fraternities. Those shallow groups rule this school.


The type of person that should not attend this school is one who does not want a school with plenty of connections. If you di not want the perks of going to a school to give you a lot more than just an education. If a person just wants an education with none of the extra curricular activities and the opportunities of a great research cener school that has a great football team, then they should go to another school that only focuses on academics.


Someone who has trouble saying no to partying when there is work to be done. There is always something going on.


Well, there are two types of people who come here, very hard workers, and the extremely sociable people. Sometimes they mix, often times they're separated. So if you dont fit either categories, it would be difficult here. Also, anyone who cares about the success of their future should consider attending as well.


Most people generally feel welcome at USC. The atmosphere is highly inviting and open to all types of people.


If you are not looking for an academically stumulating courseload, this school is not right for you. It also helps to be social and well-rounded as we attend a school in Los Angeles.


If you know you hate Los Angeles, you probably won't have much fun living in the city for four years. If you're looking for a super small, ultra nurturing liberal arts education, then there's only a few majors here for you (like film, screenwriting, etc).


Anybody who is disgusted with lots of school spirit and does not like to feel left out (if they do not like social events).


Someone who thinks this school is the epitome of Southern California or expecting 90210 in real life. Anybody can fit in well at USC because of such a diversity of students here.


people who are not prepared to work very hard to get the grades they want.


A motivated individual who knows the value of hard work, as well as social activity


There is no kind of person that should not attend this school. It is a small campus located in one of the biggest metropolises in the world. The campus feels like an oasis in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. It has the big city feeling, with lots to do and get excited about, but at the same time there are the open fields of grass, small outdoor cafes, roses that line small sidewalks, and long grassy knolls, that give that small town, relaxed feeling. The school is the most diverse in the nation, so anyone can feel welcome.


A person who is outgoing and can make friends easily. Someone who is smart enough to get work done efficently and have time to socialize. Someone who likes being involved in many groups and activities


People who are intolerant, anyone who slacks at their school work, people who don't like living in big cities, anyone who is really opposed to alcohol use, people who are too cut-throat to enjoy being part of the Trojan Family, people who don't care about community serivce


People who want a small campus in a small town should not attend this school. USC is in the middle of Los Angeles, where there are tons of things to do all the time. With that in mind, its a big city, and people who don't like taht shouldn't attend USC. Also this school is very spirited, so if you don't like athletic events and school spirit rallies, you also shouldn't attend USC.


Anyone from a small suburban town with little experience outside of their home grounds might struggle to adjust because there are so many people on campus. Although, I still feel that there are enough things to get involved in that help make the community smaller and more manageable. Also, anyone that isn't prepared to work hard shouldn't bother.