University of Southern Indiana Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The environment of the school is very welcoming and friendly and beautiful.


Its pretty awesome and everyone is there to learn and they want to be my friend


The staff of the Social Work Department consists of very caring and warm people from the secretaries to the dean. They are always available to help in regard to academics but are also willing to help with personal matters when appropriate. Students tend to become very close with staff and the department begins to feel like a second home with mentors advising and encouraging their progress.


I would brag about the size of out library and the size of our dorm rooms. The library has 4 floors and computers for every student. Our dorm rooms are all the same and you do not have to pay extra for the suite style. It is two rooms, two baths, and a common room with a provided frige and furniture.


I brag about our campus, and how nice it is with all the flowers, new buildings. I also brag about the dorms and how all the rooms have their own individual bathrooms and not a community for the whole floor. Also we have some pretty good food choices, like Sub Connection, Burger King, The Loft, Tex Mex, and many other places as well.


The University of Southern Indiana is not one of the most popular schools so therefore people think that its very easy to get into. I brag mostly about the nursing program being ranked number three in the state. I also brag about the fact that we have a beautiful campus and lovely rooms.


I brag about that our school probably shows the best southern hospitality out of any other even though we aren't really considered to be in the South. This is even shown when pontential Freshmen are taking a tour of the campus which is on a specific day called Southern Hospitality Day!


The graphic design program being one of the best in the state.


I usually tell them how many cool people there are on campus and how easy it is to make friends.


they buildings and residence halls are amazing and dont forget to get involved




The people are amazing. Greek life is wonderful! I love my sorority sisters! I love learning. We have an AMAZING library!


I tell my friends that my school is the fastest growing school in Indiana, which is true. They have a reputation of being affordable and also an excellent academic facility.


The small class sizes. Very rarely do I have to sit in a huge lecture hall, instead it is very easy to interacte with my profeesors.

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