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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to get involved! College is a lot more enjoyable if you are involved in activities on campus. I would also tell myself to make these years the best years of my life. Don't be afraid to go after what you want even if it seems intimidating or impossible. College is an exciting wonderful oppurtunity and although it is hard work and important to take seriously, that doesn't mean you cannot have fun. Lastly, I would tell myself that the friends that you make in college will be you're friends for life. Your high school friends might drift away but friends you make in college are true pernament friends.


If I could go back in time, some advice I would tell myself is to not stress so much. I had no idea what major I wanted to work towards before high school. I worried about it constantly. It's okay to go to college being unsure, most people take core classes first anyways. I would also tell myself to cherish being with friends and family at home. I moved three hours away from everything I had ever known and it was so difficult. I went to school and suddently everything was gone. No more family, friends, pets, job, not even my own bed. It was hard but I'm proud of myself for adjusting to the changes.


Get all the scholasrships you can and go to Azusa Pacific.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself the advise of the importance of time management. Being a full time student and having to work demands a great skill in time management. Being able to balance tests, papers and assignments is very important. I would tell myself that waiting to the last minute causes a lot of stress and aniexty. I would give myself the advice of communicating with my professors more; they are there to help you and you should really use all the help they offer and never feel silly for asking for extra help. You are in college to learn and asking professors for help is only furthering your education. I feel that this would be the beast advise I could give to my high school self.


I would tell myself to not date anyone and that the reason I had no friends was that I scared people off. I would tell myself to chill out and branch out. Also I would say that there was no chance that I would get a 4.0 and that I should life a little. That and follow my sister's lead. She knew how to rock high school.


"Minimal effort will never get you into the university of your dreams." As a high shcool senior I was set on the fact that I could get away with doing as little as I had to and still get into the college I wanted. I was right, I applied to the college of my dreams and was accepted. My excitement was at an all time high and I had never felt so proud of myself. When it came time to pay for this expsensive university, I began to realize my dreams of attending were fading. My not so hard work came back to haunt me. I always think about what if. What if I would have applied myself more? Would I have recieved more funds for college? These questions taunt me every single day. If I could give the high school version of me just one piece of advice, it would be to apply all of myself to every thing I do. I would say, put your whole heart into every class and every assignment. Hard work does indeed pay off. Not so hard work will never get you where you want to be, especially when it comes to college.


Since entering college, I have learned many things that have helped to transform me into the person I am today. All of the things that I have experienced will help me with my future. If I could take what I know now and go back and talk to my High school senior self, I would have some important things to talk about. First, I would tell myself to make sure to keep my sleeping habits from high school. As a high school senior, I had to be in class by 8:05am. I would say this because in college that can be very helpful. Being lazy and sleeping late will not work. You have to be efficient with time. Along with that, I would make sure that I tell myself to be prepared to study. In high school, I did not tend to study all that much because in my case it was not always necessary for me to do so in order to pass a test. During collage, I have learned that study is important in order to learn the material and pass the tests. It is very beneficial, and that is why I would tell that to myself.


If I could go back in time I think I would get myself to stay on top of my homework more. I struggled with that more than anything. As a senior, I did not want to motivate myself at all and do any of my work. So if I could go back in time I would be more motivated and do all of my homework and also fill out more scholarships.


All throughout high school, I was one of those quieter students that only hung out with their small group of friends. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to branch out more and talk to different people. Right now, I am a freshman in college and I'm still some what quiet and hang out with my small group of friends. I wish that I would've been able to learn those better communication skills in high school so that I would not have to repeat the same mistake. In high school, I also was a procrastinator and didn't use my time wisely, which would get me very stressed. I would've told myself to build those skills to use my time wisely, because in college I have more free time and I get to decide when I want to do my homework, which means it's easier for me to waste my time. Luckily, I have began to learn how to use my time better and also have each day planned out so I know when my free time is and when my study time is.


If I could go back give myself advice about college and the transition, I would tell myself to study more in my math and science classes. That no matter how easy it was for me then, I could be challenged later. I would tell myself not to put projects off until the last minute, even if I knew I would get an A or a B. I think the best advice I could give myself would be to grow up and accept the world for what it is, not to get caught up in all the drama and to focus more on my studies.


I would advise myself to start planning out my finances then. My biggest struggle in college has been paying for it. I somehow have been able to find ways to cover my costs, whether it be delaying getting my books or cutting out classes, or emailing the university President. But I wish I would have started trying to save up money then, because it's a rough financial transition. I also would tell myself to participate in more extracurriculars because I would have been more scholarship-worthy had I not been so focused on academics. I really would just tell my high school self to try to think ahead more about money. I did somewhat, but definitely not enough.


Take as much college credit as you can in high school. It is cheaper and easier. Study more so that you learn how to study better and learn how you learn best.


I took a few classes about three years after I graduated high school and it wasnt as difficult as they hype it up to be. I would advise my high school senior self to suck up the drama that family was putting me through and atleast have enrolled in a community college atleast part time. Finding time to go to school as a single parent is alot more difficult and those four years of freedom could have been better spent getting an education. Classes are much more flexible time wise and just because you are required to take core classes that you dont think apply to your major doesnt mean the college is going to make you take advance core classes ex: taking business math instead of calculus for a human services degree. I would also advise myself that funding isnt that hard to come by even if your father wont give you his income information for your fafsa.


I would tell myself that slacking off as a senior is a horrible idea. No matter how tired you are of high school, you should keep up the hard work. Also, look around at several schools, not just one. Look into many, many scholarships and grants and apply to as many as possible because you will regret not doing so when you receive nothing from the two you actually did fill out. Next, don't end senior year on a bad note with your friends. It hurts very badly when you realize they don't miss you once you all move away from each other. Lastly, get involved and stay involved. Those are the memories that will last becasue they actually mean you made a difference or helped out in some way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to slow down, relax, enjoy, and appreciate the time with my friends and family. I tended to focus on outcomes rather than the "here and now" during that time. While that might generally be considered a positive attribute, I tended to hyper-focus on the details and get lost in the idea of hurying up to grow up rather than just enjoying the end of my carefree lifestyle supported by my parents. I wanted a car when I was sixteen years old. After discussing it with my father we decided that I would have to get a job and save money in order to buy the one I wanted. He said, "Are you sure you want to start working? Once you start, you can never stop." Well, I got a job and he was right. I have been focused on getting from point "A" to point "B" without really enjoying the experience of getting there.


If I could go back in time to be a high school senior, I would want to visit more colleges in general. I had one of the experiences of walking onto the campus of Southern Indiana and absolutely loving it before even entering any of the buildings. I wish I would have visited the other schools that I was excepted in. It would have helped me decide a choice much more acceptable to me if I took more time to compare all of the different colleges. I would look deeper than just what the education had to offer me and the size of the campus. I would look more into the facts of the lifestyle on the campus also. There is a lot I would do over if I was a college senior but I do not think that I would choose a different University.


As far as the college experience goes, it is a once in a lifetime venture. I am so enthralled that I decided to attend college and not just jump straight into the workforce. I have met a lot of very interesting people and have made lifelong bonds with several friends that I would have never met had I not chosen college over other options after high school. College is a wonderful experience and should be experienced by all high school students who wish to do something useful with their lives.


I have gotten my own taste of independce here at USI. Its 3 hours from home so I have become a lot more dependent on only myself, but I need to get a job. I have also learned what my strengths and weaknesses are as far as studying and focusing goes. From the time I started school I have grown as a person and been open to a lot more things to sort of "find myself." It's valuable to attend USI because the campus is gorgeous and all the classes are small and really hands-on, as oppossed to a huge school with all lecture classes. Also, being so far from home with no car makes you partipate in many things you probably wouldn't do to occupy yourself, and by doing so you may find an undiscovered talent. GO EAGLES !


During My college experience so far I have made alot of mistakes and learned from them. I have learned that college is a whole different part of life, like the middle between childhood and being an adult. It has helped me become more focused, and determined to finish what I have started. To strive for a better life, and not give up No matter the obstacle.


I have learned a lot in my college experience. I've learned new ways to use my creative ideas and new skills for creating art. I've learned better ways to teach children how to create their own art and creatively channel their own talents. College has been valuable to me because of the things I have learned and what I plan to do when I graduate. The people I have met at college will be friends throughout my life and I plan on actually going into a charity program with one of them after graduation.


By leaving Indianapolis and coming to Evansville to attend college, I have had the opportunity to not only come to a school where the students want to learn, but I have also been introduced to a different life style. While the residents of Evansville still use cell phones and shop at Wal-mart, they also have very different attitudes. University of Southern Indiana has many native students, and by choosing this school, I have opened myself up to being able to learn how to talk and interact with more groups of people. Until I was 12, I moved about every two and a half years. Because of this, I never kept very many of the friends that I made over the years. My college experience has given me the closest group of friends that I have ever had. We spend time together almost every day, and I believe that in order to make the college experience the best, everyone should have their own university family.


It might be the classes and the professors and how cool they are, but hey I'm a freshman maybe I'll discover to the whole college thing.


University of Southern Indiana has really helped me to grow as a person and student. With the university being small, it has helped me to adjust to living on my own without getting overwhelmed like most do at bigger schools. Students are USI are often encouraged to join groups and organizations which pushed me to do the same and has allowed me to meet several students. There are also several areas on campus that are run by students who are there to help others with classes and homework. These have helped me a lot with my classes and have also pushed me to do better in them because I know that if I get lost in a class there are several options I can choose from to get help. The size of the campus is perfect for me because I can get to know my professors and classmates. This makes it easier for me to feel comfortable asking professors questions and to form study groups amoung my classmates.


My college experience has allowed me the opportunity to further my education as an on line student. My instructors are absolutely wonderful and my co-students are the most supportive group of people imaginable. The program was a little confusing when I first started, but now that my instructors have explained how the program works, my classes are easier to follow. Hard work, yes, uncloudy thoughts, yes, self motivation, yes, but I know that the end result will be worth it. Have a Blessed Day...


Art is my life. Honestly, it took me awhile after high school to decide what occupation I wanted to pursue that would impact people?s lives positively. All I wanted to do was art. One day I realized that being an art teacher was what I would be destined to be. Knowing that I will be able to spark creativity in children?s minds for the rest of my life is just amazing to think about. I?m so proud of myself for returning to college to get a degree that I am so passionate about. I?m one year into school at the moment, and I am having an amazing time. My GPA last semester was not what I wanted to be. I never realized that going back to school would be such a hard transition. With a year under my belt, I?m ready to do the best I can! I did very well last semester. Being passionate and doing the best I can is what college is about. I?m having fun, and can?t wait to be an art teacher one day.


I have made more friends, and have realized that it will take a lot of hard work to acceive my carrer goals. I think that if I put my mind to it, I will be able to succeed. If I went to a larger school, I doubt that I would be able to accomplish much of anything because I don't do well as being just a number or just another person. With the friend aspect, I believe that these people are people I can depend on at any time, and are people I will talk to for the rest of my life. Already, we help each other in anyway that we can and even though we have our differences, we don't let them get between us. We may be just another group of crazy college kids, but we have fun and watch out for each other.


My college experience so far has provided me with a definition of who I am. Before I came to college I was just a student, but here I am a student athlete, treasurer in a fraternity, and active person on campus. It has been valuable to attend because of the experiences that I have been through were life changing. Joining a fraternity, athletic team, and clubs on campus have provided stepping stones in my life to were I want to be. The value of attending college is far more than the tuition and fees that it cost.


Attending Jefferson Davis Community College has been extremely valuabe to my life. Going to a small college is so rewarding to your educational experience and teacher/student relationships are much easier to develop. When I began going to college at Jefferson Davis, I was unsure of what direction my life was going in, I was a waitress at a restaurant in my hometown and did not have much confidence of being able to afford to go back to college. A friend of mine heard that there were art scholarships that were available to students, I applied, and succeded. Recieving a hands on, small classroom education helped me to really have the confidence that i was looking for in life. I began to thrive to learn more on every subject. One of my favorite classess was Ethics, my instructor was amazing and really made the class exciting and made learning a journey and not something that should be of dread. My life has completely turned around since I started Jefferson Davis; I am now employed at a printing company and love my job, also I started teaching a homeschool art class. Attending Jefferson Davis really enstilled the confidence that I needed.


My college experience has helped me to open up and be more out going. I moved to a small town my freshman year of highschool and hard a hard time making friends and getting involved. So now that I am in college it helped me to come out of my shell and meet people. I even joined a sorority and love all my new sisters and friends. Going to college has been valuable because I will have the tools to enter the career field with the knowlegde that I need to make it on my own. Whether or no i finish school I have gained a new perspecitive on life and just the world outside of high school. College has helped me to get to know myself better.


Look into more schools and do not let friends hold you back.


If I could go back in time, I really do not know what I would tell myself. While I was a senior in high school, I also took college classes. I would probably tell myself to study harder and take homework more seriously than I did in high school.


If I could go back in time to my high school days and tell myself a thing or two. First, I would tell myself not to drop out of high school. Although, I was able to go back and complete my courses to get my diploma, it was really hard. I also would tell myself to take the time to enjoy things, like spending time with family and friends. Second, I would tell myself to start acting more like a teenager instead of an adult, but having to deal with alcoholic parents and growing up gay doesn?t help. I just wish I had done things a lot differently.


Kara, College is going to be rough. It is not all about partying and being on your own. To get into a great college that will get you job interviews should be one of the most important goals to you. Therefore, you need to focus on your school work and apply for scholarships. In addition to looking for scholarships, you should start practicing good ways to manage your time. Being in college, a lot of students struggle with money, that is why I advise you to apply for as many scholarships and grants as you can. Also over the summer, you may want to work so you can have a little extra money for emergencies. Please make the right decisions and goodluck with everything!


If I could go back in time, a whole eight months, the advice I would give myself would be none at all. I say none at all because if I were to go back and tell myself to do things differently then I would NOT be the person I am today. A great example of this would be when I entered the Berry Plastics Pizza Box Competition through USI. When I entered I was teamed up with three others. What we had to do was come up with a new plastic pizza box and write a business plan of how to implement this new segment of their company. Easier said then done. Throughout the two month competition two members dropped out straining my partner and I to have more responsibilities. We were able to gain two different members but again one dropped out. We ended up losing the competition by only one point to a team who stayed together the entire contest. But what I learned over these two months was three things, people work differently, teams who work together are the ones who will come out first, and growth is made by learning from your mistakes.


As a college freshman, half way through my first year, if I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would have given the advice of learning better study skills in advance, practice being more outgoing, learn to just relax and not constantly worry about home. I would give the advice of being more outgoing, because as a first semester freshman without having the skills to open up and meet people, it was harder to make friends rather then acquaintances. I would tell myself to develope better study skills because, it was difficult to adapt to studying the longer hours than I was used to in high school. Last, but not least, I would advise myself to worry less, mostly because worrying about home more then necessary makes it more difficult to get out and enjoy college life.


Don't listen to anybody else. If it feels right for you, go for it. You can bring your friends.


I would tell myself to apply for scholarships, lots of scholarships. College is expensive, a good education is expensive. I would also tell myself to explore the requirements for different majors. Another thing would be to try harder and learn more so that my grades would improve from learning, not from just doing the work and then forgetting what I had learned. Also, to study harder for tests and improve my vocabulary and knowledge by applying myself better to the material. I would tell myself to get more involved in campus activities.


Make sure you know what you are getting into before you go. I went to IU for a year and it was okay, but USI just feels more right. Go with what you think feels best.


If I could jump in a time machine and tell my senior self anything it would have to be to seize the day, or Carpe Diem. I have learned from being in college that you need to make every moment, of everyday the happiest of your life. Yes, life is hard but you only get one. Take the time make yourself smile, study for the test so that you can be proud of yourself when you get a good grade on it, or maybe help someone in need. I have learned that I need to look at every day like another opportunity to not only better my life, but to better someone else?s, and to better the world. I know that everyone has the potential to be great, but they all do not seize their call. I would like to tell my senior self to seize the call, to prepare myself for college. Hopefully I would not be so afraid of college and instead embrace this experience to better the world and myself.


college life is an essential part of life.....................


First of all, find a college that fits you, not necessarily the one that you think has the major that you want. If you find the right fit you will adjust easier and that will help to lead you in the right direction for the major that fits you, for you will change your major at least once during college. Take any dual credit courses that your high school offers. That way , you either have some of your core class work done or if they do not accept the credit, you have the experience of a college course before you even get there. Next, do not room with one of your friends from high school. Hanging out with them in high school is totally different than living with them 24/7. It will be a treat to hang with them when you have to make plans to see each other. That way you have someone that you respect to talk to when things aren't going exactly as planned. And, be open to new experiences and get involved on campus.


I would tell myself to relax and enjoy life more, to not let the small things get to you so easily. I would say that no matter how tough school and life get, I will always have a great support system that will help me get through it. I would also give some advice on making it easier to find and apply for financial assistance for school since that was always something that has been difficult. I don't regret anything I have done in my past because without those experiences, I would not be me. But if I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself small tips here and there that would help me get through some tough times.


My first advice would definitely be to relax! In high school I studied and worked extremely hard all the time. I would rarely give myself a break if I did not achieve to what I believed I should have. I know that my high school years prepared me for my future in college. I would tell myself that I'm not on my own to get to where I want to be. I will have my professors and classmates there along for the ride with me. It is very important to balance having a life with school, as well as getting into a crowd of good people. I would remind myself that above all family is the most important thing in life, and that they are the ones that keep us grounded and pick us up when we do fall. In all, the best advice to give myself would be to have fun, make memories, and never let my future goals slip away.


I would tell myself to meet new people and get involved while your a freshman because the sooner you get involved the better you will be to know the connections for good internships, opportunities and upper classman.


Make sure you are ceratin with what you want to major in. Do well in high school and take it more seriously so your grades can get all the schlorships you can to help with expenses because they will add up over the years. Be prepared and dont wait for the last minute to look for schlorships or to get student loans. Have fun but dont have too much fun and waste your money. Achieve your goals to your best ability and go be what you are meant to be.


I would visit my high school counselor more frequently to inquire about available CAP and dual credit classes that would transfer to my chosen university. These classes cost almost half the price when taken during high school and I could have had a full college semester completed by the time of graduation, which would have allowed me to spend more time for the specific classes I need to take for my major. I would also tell myself to get involved more in high school; to enjoy the extra time I had in high school because college requires more studying. Another thing I would tell myself is that when I sign up for my college classes, to view the web site called This site would help me discover what teacher I should sign up for. I also would tell myself not to worry about the upcoming new college experiense so much; that I will find friends and will enjoy my time there.


To get into the practice of balancing a social life and homework.


I wish someone would have told me the little things. Such as good places to eat, how long it takes to walk to class, that getting involved is a must, and you have to make friends within the first couple weeks or school will not be fun, partying can only be done on the weekends in order to be successful, what sort of personal belongings to bring (such as a lamp, tv, vcr and dvd player, a selving unit, fridge and organization units), and what sort of personal belongings to leave at home (such as any extrememly expensive or extremely valuable). I wish someone would have told me it's ok to not study all the time, and you can only study so much before a test. I wish someone would have told me to not spend so much time with your boyfriend because if you make him your everything and something happens then you have nothing left. College is great and I love it, but I wish someone would have told me the small things. However, it was an adventure figuring things out for my self.


I would tell myself that take chances now because everything you know will soon change.


Find a school that you love. Going onto the campus of your choice for the first time the student should get a feeling that this campus is the perfect one for me. For parents, let the students choose their perfect campus, don't worry right away about it being too far or too expensive. Get an idea of what they are looking for and suggest schools closer to home and/or cheaper but still match the student's needs.

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