University of Southern Indiana Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I feeel the most frustrating thing about USI is the lack of parking and having to walk a good distance to get to your class.


One thing that frustrates me is that they don't have very many classes that are only one day a week. I prefer one day a week classes rather than classes that are around three hours a day two days a week.


I don't really like the parking because students can only park in designated parking spots. It just takes a longer time to walk across the whole entire campus to a class when there's a parking lot right next to the building. I also enjoy the Loft, which is the food court, but it does get frustrating sometimes figuring out what I want to eat because everything is the same every day.


The most frustrating aspect of University of Southern Indiana is the administrative offices. In order to get the necessities taken care of at school, students have to return to the offices multiple times because the staff continuously hands work off to other people, loses paperwork, or sets the paperwork to the side and forgets about it.


The matching of advisorts would be the only frustrating part about USI at the moment.


The councilors are hard to get a hold of, and once you have their attention they do not answer all of the questions completely. The councilors will tell you as little information as possible, and I do not think the councilors see students as adults. This aspect is very frustrating.


It is hard to be apart of a large social circle.


everyone going back home on the weekends


I believe the most frustrating thing is when there are changes to the programs and the needed classes are not readily available. Some classes that were required for a major were not available because they did not have a professor available to teach and it put myself and many other fellow students in a tough waiting game to see what the university was going to do about not having a required class readily available.


The lack of different foods. There are only 5 places to eat on campus and they can get old pretty quick. There are a lot of resteraunts around, but they are not part of the meal plan, so if you are on a meal plan, you options are pretty slim.


Majority of the students are communitors. Therefore it is hard to have social activities in our free time.


The parking situation for the school isn't accessible to all, we pay parking fees but usually walk a ways to class.

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