University of Southern Maine Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its convienient to all students.The teachers are great.Its a nice community school.


I think USM is best known for being accepting of all types of students in relation to race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, etc.


Our School of Business and Law School are the two main areas that attract students. USM is known for affordability as well as for having a high job placement upon graduation especially in the Business department. They are known for their excellence in sports as well as in theatre and fine arts as well.


University of Southern Maine is a smaller school with the same offerings of a larger university. The smaller class sizes allow for the students to feel like they are getting more attention from the professor than they would in a lecture hall with 500 other students. I find larger classes to be overwhelming and I'm uncomfortable asking a professor for help if they don't even know my name. The environment at USM was so much warmer versus my previous school and the faculty I met were encouraging and I feel like they can be true mentors.


The school is best known for the atmosphere provided by the students who attend. Walking around on campus as an incoming freshmen can be frightening, but the upperclassmen here are so open, and willing to start a conversation with anyone, it makes you feel like you're one of them. Just the feeling of being home really helps. The feeling makes it easier to do homework, join clubs, and hang out around campus.


I would say are school is best known for having multiple campuses. Each campus gives a student different idea of what a college campus is. The Gorham campus has the typical campus feeling of a small town campus. There is a place to through frisbees and the living areas can either be your stereotypical dorm or a nice appartment. The portland campus gives you the idea of a city base campus where there are just buildings, but downtown is close enough to explore.


The art program at USM is top notch. The professors are accessible and full of good information. The Gorham campus is beautiful with lots of greenery and the students are friendly and full of energy. You can grow as an artist and teachers encourage you to go beyond your own expectations to really challenge yourself. Porfessional artists are invited to campus to view student's work and USM gives students the opportunity to make connections in the real world.


Our school is best known for our music department and athletics, especially hockey.


being a good school while being affordable




Having a good education for very little money.