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Its not too big or too small it perfect.


I didn't really have to consider any other schools because I wanted a quality education and be able to afford it since I'm paying for it all myself. This school seems to have good review from those I've talked too and I am able to afford to send myself there.


The majority of non traditional students brings an amazingly diverse range of experiences and views. This helps to shape your understanding of the workd and other professionals you will someday work with.


The school I attend is unique because of the demographics. Our school is diverse and the average student on the LAC campus is 30 with a family. The classrooms are smaller and the professors are amazing. We are a very hands on community and I find the students here to be very engaged in their learning. It's the perfect University for me.


The University of Southern Maine is located in the beautiful, transitioning city of Portland, Maine. This city is a hub for artists, revolutionaries, musicians, and thinkers of all sorts. Everything is easily accessible by bike, bus, or foot, and the restaurants and bars are on every corner. Portland was deemed one of the "foodiest" cities in the U.S. The university itself is split between two campuses, Gorham and Portland, with shuttle service between the two. The theater program is run by exceptional faculty with incredible amounts of knowledge, and hosts exciting courses like "aerial dance".


Atmosphere. USM is one of the most open minded friendly colleges I have seen. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand or listening ear. The other thing I noticed is how diverse USM is compared to other places in Maine. One can learn about alomst any country from the students who attend, which I love.


The commuter like school offers many classes at many times. It pleases me and many others


It is a split campus


The unique thing about University of Southern Maine is that it's a school that allows you to forge your own path. It's very much a commuter-based school and it lacks a traditional campus feel, but if you know what you want out of college its a wonderful school that nudges you in the right direction as long as you are proactive and independent about what you want out of your education.


I believe that University of Southen Maine is unique because it its large enough for you to meet a new person everyday but its small enough to recognize people. It is a large commuter school which must help certain students cope with the stress when they know they can return home, and get away from everything. The athletics are fantastic here, its competitive but you can still have fun with it unlike a Division One school.


USM is a commuter school. Most of its students come from on campus and it creates a different atmosphere. There are not alot of students who stay on campus during the day due to the fact that most live so close to the school. It does not allow for a good socializing experience but it makes you get involved in school activities to meet new people.


its split campus in a city and a more rural area


This school was the only decent business school in the state of Maine other than Thomas College. I chose this one because it's not isolated. Since it's in Portland, I can get around just fine. The area around Thomas College is basically deserted and unentertaining. USM is definitely not like that.


i didnt want to go to this school


We are a split campus, and while it can be a major drag sometimes, it can also be really great because you have city surroundings on the Portland campus and suburb settings in gorham so there is somethimg for everyone.


The split campus is something that most schools don't have, providing a great mixture of homelike country feel with the ability to get into the city. It's also close to my home but just a busride away from Boston.


This school is unique because of it's nursing program: it is organized in such a way that students receive a lot of exposure to different clinical settings. Having a diverse clinical setting arrangement allows students to increase their level of experience and exposure to the different nursing environments and venues out there! Small classes and friendly professors, who each possess a contagious passion for the subjects they teach, truly enrich the learning experience at the University of Southern Maine!


USM is split up over several different campuses. You can take a class in any campus, including Gorham, Saco, and Portland. This helps keep the variety of classes up.


The University of Southern Maine has one of the best business schools out of any public university in the country. I am persuing my degree in business, and feel that this is the perfect place to complete my schooling. The University also offeres a degree in business, with a consentration in sports management, which I did not find very common in my initial college search. So far I have been very happy with my experience, and am planning on completeing my degree at the University of Southern Maine.


Well, there are two parts of the campus, one in Portland and one in Gorham, so you can get the city life in Portland and the more rural campus life in Gorham. Also, the campus is diverse in age, so it's not just traditional students, but older students who are at a different stage in their lives.