University of Southern Maine Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We have a program for everyone! You can find nearly every degree in the book at our school, and the success rates are amazing. I feel like anyone could do well here, with the right ambission and a drive to succeed you could definitely live your dream at USM.


The fact that its a quality state university and that its affordable. The teachers that I've met have all been really nice and they have very nice facilities. Also the actor Tony Shalhoub graduated from the University of Southern Maine, so thats always something to brag about.


The Portland campus is in an amazing location. The number one thing i brag about is the location. Portland is a beautiful city with so much to offer. There is plently of things to do. (Even for poor college students) Apartments are easy to find in comparrison to other schools. And were right on the coast which offers a lot.


That occasionally teachers drop the lowest grade, because they all know we can have a bad day once in a while.


I brag about how simple it is at USM. It is not a school to show off it is just what I need.


the classes are very well taught in my opinion. the professors use good examples, and great use of their time.


The class size is generally small, which allows the teachers to establish relationships with individual students and to provide more interactive teaching. The quality of the courses I have taken at USM, along with the teaching styles of my professors has far surpassed other colleges I have attended in my undergraduate studies. The location of the school is fantastic, situated right in the middle of portland and close to many local shops and restaurants. The food on campus is great, too! Also, USM offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities, sports, outings, clubs, and events.


I would have to say the athletics, I love the teams here and how they do a lot of things for charities and communities.


I always brag that even though it was a state school, I feel like I had better classes than when I went to a more expensive private university for my masters degree. Just because it is not as famous or costs less definitely doesn't mean the education isn't as good. At USM I never had a class taught by a TA or an upper level class with more than 20 people. This was not true for where I received my masters. Your education is what you make it to be and how much you invest in it.


I really dont brag to my friends about my school. The best thing is only having classes three days a week next semester.


I think i had really good professors teaching me for the most part. I think that the Department of Environmental Science (DES) may have the best teachers in the whole university! I also liked one of my professors from the political science department. They worked us hard but they were good teachers. I think all of them are still there now with the exception of my first advisor. The DES has a great dinner too at the end of the school year where alumni get to meet students and staff. You can take a non DES friend to this too.


The city of Portland. The souroundings.


When I brag about being here, I'm always sure to mention my location. Because I'm from a small town, I love the bustle of being in a city, even if it's a small city by most standards. I can walk out of my apartment and have a wide array of shops, museums, theatres, and all the activities that these places entail at my disposal. I also love the location because of its beauty--my home town is right next to the ocean, a luxury I know I could never give up. Here, I don't have to.


I don't brag about my school.


That it is extremely inexpensive to go to.


The environment is very clean and friendly and it is very easy to interract with people and make new friends. The campus buildings are not easy to get lost in, which makes it very easy for new students to attend their classes, and for everybody else in general. The way it is set up is very beautifully done, and allows a lot of space for people to meet up for class work, and even regular conversations. The fraternity, off campus houses give a chance for students to relax and have fun after school.