University of Southern Maine Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is self-motivated and willing to work hard. A student who can mulitask and is curious about the world around them and wants to improve the environment they are in.


Any type of person could fit in at this college. There are numerous athletic teams, clubs, and intermurals. There are theatre clubs, open auditions, performances. There is also a wide variety of academic clubs. Anyone who comes here has all the opportunities in the world to fit in. The school is capable of housing every and all kinds of personalities and interests. In short, every kind of person could come here.


The type of person that should attend this school should be open minded and willing to try new things. USM offers a lot of fun activities and encourages you to interact with other students and campus life.


Anyone can really attend this school. There are programs for all types of majors and activties you can get invovled in to help with your career or to just have fun. The greek life do events here and there, but aren't the center of attention. In other words, the type of person who should attend this school is someone who wants to really understand their career and wants to make friends who will last.


Students who value gaining knowledge, quality, well-rounded curriculum, and teachers who actaully care about your future should attend the University of Southern Maine. This school provides its students with the skills neccessary to land a great career, and the staff to mentor, guide, and encourage you to apply for scholarships, internships, and jobs that will suit your personal interests and qualifactions. The educational caliber of this school is high and for those willing to work and study hard to earn a degree that will lead to a fulfilling career.


A person who values life in a college town, while appreciating a larger city-like environment, would enjoy living in Portland, ME and attending USM.


Anyone would be happy here. Whether you prefer a city life or rural area, you get to experience both at USM between the two campuses.


There are some smaller classes, but also larger lectures, which give you variety, especially if you don't want the professor targetting you (which sometimes they tend to do). If you like variety, then come here, there is city life AND rural life to choose from, although living in a dormis always in Gorham. Student apartments are available in Portland for the city dwellers.


this school is very good for many types of students. There are two campuses, one in the city of Portland, and one in the town of Gorham. This allows students to be in the city when they want, as well as getting away in more of a country setting.


Anyone with any type of major.


This is a great school for artists. The professors teaching the subjects are enthusiastic and know their stuff - and they want to share their knowledge with you. There are good studio facilities here which are conveniently located in the building most art majors live in.


Anyone looking for a degree. It's pretty affordable if someone commutes and there are a lot of classes to choose from so anyone really could go.