University of Southern Maine Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


USM is diverse, people are not judged at this school. A person who is close-minded or who is not accepting should not attend. When it comes to location, we are in Maine. Winters are cold, summers are perfect. You must be accepting of the weather changes in Maine, because it changes hourly.


A person looking for the average college experience. USM offers a different experience and environment. There is not a since of community nor school spirit and pride .


I would say, any student who isn't commited to their education, or willing to put in the work to sucessfully complete their major.


I believe someone that doesn't like to travel between campuses shouldn't attend this school. Also if they aren't friendy or willing to work with others.


A student looking for a school where they can party and have fun, passing their classes by staying inconspicuous would not find what they are loking for here. If the student is judgmental and close-minded of diversity they should stay away. If the student does not enjoy an urban setting full of opportunities for meeting new people and exploring new experiences the University of Southern Maine would be a poor choice for them.


Students who are capable of attending an IV League college should not choose this school. If the potential is there for the individual, then that's where the effort should go for the students education. Students who don't come from a lot of money should also not attend this school, especially if they are out of state students because of how expensive it is. If you cannot afford it, don't go. It's not worth the stress you will have once you graduate and are forced to pay off student loans.


I wouldn't suggest attending this school if you are easily offended by diverse experiences or are extremely conservative.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school are people who are stuck up and are not into conserving the environment. The school has a big focus on beging green. Also a lot of people here are down to earth and the ones who come in that are not do have a harder time fitting in but from my experience, I found that they turn around and begin to understand.


People who want all of their classes to be on one campus should not go here. Most people have classes between the two major campuses. People who want easily-accessed assistance in either financial aid, registration, residential life, or what have you should not go here. I have found that going to those people are really a waste of your time for the most part.


Though this may read contradictory to my top response, i assure you, i have good reason. People from small towns in rural maine should go to USM in portland to experience its diversity. Having been from a small town myself, i found that i grew so much in one year just living in the town of Portland.


Any type of major would find this university rewarding. There isn't a reason why you wouldn't attend this university.