University of Southern Maine Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The USM nursing program requires dedication and passion, these are the things that carried me through. Ask for help when needed, it is there for you but you have to reach out.


See above.


Any scholarships you may have been elligible for if you were applying right out of high school do not apply even if you are a first year transfer student coming in during the spring semester. While it's still fairly cheap, it would've been much cheaper if I had just gone here as a first choice.


I wish i would have known about the split campus and the difficutly of getting classes on both campus. The hardest part of college is commmuting 45 min between campuses and classes.


Before I transferred to USM I was at another school in the University of Maine System. I wish that I had known before transferring that my core credits for my major wouldn't transfer. Had I known this before I came to the school I would have better planned out my class schedules so that I would still be on the traditional 4-year path.


i wish i would have known more about the work load and how the responsibility is all on the student that the teachers could care less if you do good or show up for class. i also wish i would have known the the price of books is so expensive


I wish i had known how cold Maine would be! I also know now that staying off campus in Portland or somewhere else is better than staying on campus, it is more expensive though, but you can use your loans to pay for off campus housing. I wish i had known about the multucultural center and the womans resource center earlier, it would have helped make me feel better about coming all the way to Maine from Iowa in that i would have had some support right from the start, as it was i had a pretty rough start.


I wish that I had learned more about extra curricular activities that went on here when I first started to attend USM. I didn't join any student organization until I was a sophomore in college, and by then I still haven't made that many friends. I am very greatful for joining because I have made friendships that will last me a life time.


I wish i had known that the health fitness major was not an accredited major. The university is in the process of getting it accredited but it is not yet there. other than that i love my college, it is a great size and has been a great experience thus far.


nothing, i have every thing i need at usm


How unorganized the faculty is.


I wish I had known that not all classes were offered on each campus, and that parking was nearly impossible on campus.