University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school, althought the classes are tough but needed, is very open to help guide you to be your own person along with helping you succeed!


USM Gulf Park, located on the beautiful coast of Long Beach, MS, specializes in the nontraditional student by offering various degrees attainable through classes online, on campus, or at the main campus an hour away.


Go Eagles!


It's average and the center of medium town.


My school is beautiful and diverse with very strong academics, but it is still growing.


We are a family.


My school is the epitome of what a higher learning institute should be: outstanding teachers, great resources, and an optimistic environment.


My school has flaws like any other school, yet and still they are unique in their own way and I do not at all regret coming here.


The University of Southern Mississippi is very diverse; you honestly might see a new face every day.


My school is beautiful with an atmosphere that welcomes everyone.


The University of Southern Mississippi is a wonderful school with beautiful surroundings. The cost is slightly high even with the FASFA help. My college is great and the professors dearly care about the students as individuals. It is a pleasure to attend class and learn. I attend all sporting events which are free to all University Students with an ID Card. I would recommend this college to anyone who wanted to feel safe. People from Mississippi are very courteous on campus. I take great pride in knowing that I will be a future graduate of USM. Sincerely, #1 USM Fan


My school is a great educational facility with amazing staff and faculty that are willing to help a student when it is needed.


The University of Southern Mississippi is the epitome of a southern party school.


An authentic looking school, that is very accomadating to new people.


Overall it is a great school


Here at the University of Southern Miss, the atmosphere is great and so are the people.


USM is absolutely the best school for me when it comes to pursuing my career in being a pediatrician.


My school is challenging and tough, but it is a great place to learn.


It is a small school, but we have a lot of pride in our academics.


My school is a wonderful school after only attending classes for two days because am a transfer student.


USM is filled with oppurtunities and many different majors of study available.


The University of Southern Mississippi is a beautiful and growing university with a personality befiting a great Southern institution.


The University of Southern Mississippi may not be the best university but it does have some good things to offer such as diversification and and overall different experience.


My school is very helpful and strickly about academics


The University of Southern Mississippi is a diverse school where it seems that only the nicest people attend and only the brightest professors teach there.


My school is very well-rounded. Everyone helps each other obtain their goals.


southern miss to the top


The University of Southern Mississippi is a small university with a big spirit that is academically diverse as well as rich in culture, sports, and lessons that will prepare any student for their future careers.


Southern Miss is my home away from home; it's a small city that feels like a large family.


It is a very upbeat and spirited school. People are very friendly and helpful to your problem and situations. It is very diverse and career oriented school. We get involved in school activties, environemental help, and career oriented activties provided to the students. Campus is different. This is my first time going to an out of state school and living on campus. The experience has had its ups and downs but I am glad a tried it out. I am looking forward to coming back here in the springtime to finish up my program.


The University of Southern Mississippi has a very welcoming environment. It is noticed how people try to help others and lift others to excell. This is where seeds grow into flowers.


USM is where you can be yourself without being judged, feel free to express yourself, and a place that you and your many friends call home.


Our school is just like home.


Pretty campus


School that likes to promote academics, but fall short.


USM is a place where I feel I can really grow.


The University of Southern Mississippi is a high achieving school and really cares about the students education.


Very spirited, a dream come true