University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The intimacy of the campus is what I would brag about the most. The campus itself is kind of small, so it's not uncommon for me to run into people many times out of the day. Building relationships with memebers of the community is very easy to accomplish. Everyone could know your name very easily on this campus.


I brag the most about the home like enviornment that you get while on campus. I love the small campus feel you get from the big university. Everyone is very friendly, the school spirit is insane! Southern Miss to the top!


I am not trying to be funny but there is nothing to really "brag".


My school has an awesome amount of school pride, the teachers are interactive and interesting, and it's almost impossible to fail due to the large amount of help with tutorial labs, help centers for writing and speech, and an amazing computer lab with tools for any field of study.


The things I brag about when I tell my friends about my school is that my school is very affordable. They are very helpful in any way you need them to help. They make sure your set to complete the school year. As well as having the going away experience you want or need , they have on campus and off campus housing which benefits you in many ways. Its good to live on campus because those students are more likely to succeed but off campus housing is just as good as on campus. Going to my school is worth it.




The University of Southern Mississippi is one of the best schools in the area. There are many social programs and events to be involved with, and the athletic programs are a good way to be involved as well. The academic programs are all top notch, and I am proud to attend my university.


I tell my friends that the school I attend is very informative because unlike in high school, I can summarize what I've learned in every class I have taken. I brag about the fact that I actually am learning a lot, and it encourages me to further my education because I like how I am retainingthe information that is being taught to me.


School spirit and excellent academic programs


When I tell my friends about USM....I brag mostly about the food and the laid back environment. The campus is so relaxing and its also in one the biggest cities in Mississippi. Not only that , USM is just a hour and thirty minutes from New Orleans, LA.


We are the Gulf South Regions best research instiution, and we have an amazing geography department.


It's large enough to have amazing professors, opportunities, and funding, but not so large that the class sizes are unbearable. As a marine biology major, it is very important to me that USM has an excellent marine biology program, in fact the top in Mississippi.


It is a smal campus that is easy to walk around and to get to classes easy. Our campus has one of the top rated Polymer Science programs, and is one of the only colleges in the state that offer national certification for students studying to be teachers. Our school has a lot of pride and spirit, and our football team has been to a few bowl games (football).


I brag to my friends about the school activities, whether it's about a parties, a fotball games, intramurals, or clubs. There are so many ways to get involved. I tell them about the different organizations that we have on campus and which ones I would like to join. I also tell them about the diversity. There are many different ethnic groups and people with different cultural backgrounds that attend my school. I tell them that I literally learn something new everyday.


It is the perfect size campus! Not too big, but not too small! You can walk to pretty much any building on campus in about 15 minutes.


Since I have gotten into my major program, I've had some of the most caring and helpful teachers I've ever had. I had one teacher in particular last semester that has helped me out more than anyone. She's even helped advise me on how to get into graduate school.


I mostly brag about the professors and how dedicated they are towards their students


I tell people about how stellar my friends are. I brag about how much talent is at Southern.


The education.


The school is not snobby.


The martial arts club. I don't like to brag about anything. I do like this school though


The most thing I find myself bragging about is the surrounding area and having so much to do when school is not in. In most cases there are schools where they are so far out and can never find anything to do. I love this school becasue of this.


I brag most about all of the different student organizations/extracurricular activites at USM. There is something for everyone.