University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone with a drive to succeed! The staff at Southern Miss truly cares about their students. There are always opportunities to better yourself and get a leg up against students who are doing college just because they have to. Southern Miss really fosters the creative and driven students.


Someone who likes the south and it's hospitality, and someone who is interested in any of the majors the college provides.


A great student for this school would be someone who likes smaller town living. This is a great transitioning school from living with parents to being on your own. This is also a good school for someone who has the ability to push themselves in their career. This school is not all that competitive and students who are self motivators would do well at a school like this.


The kind of person that should attend this school needs to be responsible, hard-working, detail oriented, able to handle stress, tons of home-work and deadlines. You need a positive attitude, excellent note taking, memorizations and organization and mostly you need to be competitive to push yourself to the ultimate limits of your capabilities. Self-thinker and able to let go and have fun when the time permits. Creatvity is one of the best things you can have when you enter any college and make friends and keep those friends they will help you get throudh it all.


I think creative and curious people should come to my school. It is full of adventure and good times and you just know how to embrace it. Southern has some of the greatest school spirit around and its really important you can be a part of that as well. I feel only people who can leave USM better than they found it should come here.


It depends on what is meant by the question, "what kind of person?" USM is very diverse university. I think people of every background fits in wonderfully at USM. I don't think USM is open to a certain kind of person. It's easy to get there, just buckle down and do what you have to do to stay there.


any kind of person. there isnt a specific type.


I think that Southern Miss is a perfect school who would like to attend a school that is very cultural and is a replica of the united states. Southern miss has a great amount of black and white students so there is not really a sense of dominance. It also is great for peopl who like a smaller setting when it comes to learning. Southern miss is not small but it is perfect for learning.


The kind of person who should attend the University of Southern Mississippi is someone who is a dedicated student who is interested in majoring in either a science or a medical field. I also believe that this person should enjoy a large but not too big campus as well as small classes with direct one on one proffesor attention. Students interested in attending this university should also have interests in school spirit. There is an abundance of school spirit at this school and the sooner you get into the swing of things the more fun and success you will have


Anyone, its a great school, with very good programs. If the person is willing to learn and work hard, then they can attend and do well.


A person that attends this school should be able to maintain a good balance between a social life and an academic life. A person that attends this school should be determined and able to focus on their studies. However, a person who attends this school should also be able to manage their time and leave time available for participating in social events and/or clubs. A person who attends this school should be open to new ideas, experiences, and people. He or she should be willing to learn from mistakes and accept advice and help willingly.


Someone who is serious about a continuing education should definately look into Southern Miss. If you have the will and determination, Southern Miss will be there to cater to your academic needs. The school offers a large variety of majors so that if you are not entirely sure about the career you wish to pursue, you will have oppurunity to get plenty of the information you need. It is alsow worth mentioning that Southern Miss houses perhaps the finest polymer science institute in the nation. Attending this college has been a hugely awarding experience.


Somebody with plenty of school pride should attend The University of Southern Mississippi.


Anyone wanting to receive a quality education for a reasonable price.


Anyone who is willing to work to obtain their degree can attend USM.


I feel like a person that attends this school should be a very social, upbeat, fun loving person. This school is sort of known as a "party school". It is a wonderful school that offers many opportunities for students, but you definitely have fun doing it :)


Someone who enjoys diversity and is eager and exciting about learning.


A person that is goal-oriented and foucsed on life. One who wants to make a life time of friendships and memories.


From my experience at the University of Southern Mississippi, I feel that the kind of person who should attend this school are people who are really into the medical and business field because this school seems to be filled with people who are in those fields and have me told on serveral occasions that the curicculum is very high, also someone who is from out of state would also be a perfect fit especially if you've never been to Mississippi.


Any kind of person would enjoy being a student at USM. We welcome all kinds of people and most people enjoy being students at USM.


Someone who is artistic and open-minded.


Any person looking to open doors and brighten their future.


A rich person who can afford them jerking you around.


someone who likes diversity