University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Southern Mississippi?


Personally, I think that Southern Miss is a school for everyone. I think a person that does not want to get involved with activities, or join clubs and organizations should not attend the school.


The Unviversity of Southern Mississippi is a school for any and everyone! There are various social groups and organizations for any type of student and a friendly smile around every corner!


Someone who is shy/quiet shouldn't attend this school.


I believe anyone could/should attend this school . The University of Southern Miss specializes in many majors, and it is a wonderful college with broad studies. The only area I know they do not cover is Engineering. However, everyone should go to college so I would not discourage any type of person from going to USM.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is if they are not willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Every thing does not come easy at southern miss or for any school at that you just have to work hard to achieve what you want in life period.


The person who shouldn't attend this school possesses a lack of work ethic. USM is a fun, yet highly competitive campus. I was a music performance major and had to continually struggle to stay with the top group of students in my department. However, I was a much better musician with awesome skills when I finished.


Someone who is not willing to try to obtain a degree. Determination and motivation are important! When it all boils down, academics are supposed to be one's first priority and education is the whole reason for the university to exist at all.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school would be unambitious, lazy and closed minded. Most of the students here have big goals, big dreams, and plans for their future which is why they are attending a 4-year University. Being unambitious would deffinitely make you different than the normal crowd. Laziness won't help you at all here since what we are in college to do is to learn, you should like what you are learning and appreciate it. Lastly, a close minded person should not come here because most of our students are very open minded.


liberal, non-social


Everyone pursuing their careers through education should have the opportunity to attend USM. However, a person pursuing in finance careers should probably consider nother college because USM is a certified science based college which means that a person would be more sucessful pursuing a science career in health rather than a career in accounting.