University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Southern Mississippi know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to treasure the moments with my family and friends. Try to spend every moment you can with them. It is hard leaving home for the first time and moving eight hours from anyone you know, but it is possible and you will meet new people who you will call your best friends, and you will make a little family who loves you as much as your blood family does. I would also tell myself to apply for every scholarship I can. I would tell myself to write "open when" letters to my sisters and my parents that they can read when they miss me. Jobs are important and getting one the summer between graduation and moving day will help you save up some extra cash for when you want to go get Taco Bell at 2:45 in the morning. The most important advice I would give myself though is to follow your dreams. Chase after them with your entire soul, catch them ,and discover everything the future has to offer your beautiful mind.


My advice to myself would have been to put in that extra effort to get higher grades in order to be able to get on scholarship and be apart of the Honors College on campus. Also I would have told myself to develop stronger study habits because even thought I didn't really need to use them while in high school, in college they are a must and it is very benefical when that habit is already in place.


I would say to myself, get the best grades as possible while in high school, take the ACT test and score a great score, and stay in my books and stay focus. I would also, try to take classes at a community college while attending high shool that way I would have at least some credited classes out the way when I started college. Being what I know now I would try to work while in school, save enough money to pay for school that way I wouldn't have so many student loans to take out. Over the course of my years going to college I have changed my major three times. If i was in high school looking towards my future I would have found a major that I truley loved and stuck to it because i have lost a lot of credit classes from changing my major. I can say I have accomplished some of my goals but if I was to go back I would have done all these things to correct my mistakes.


My big advice would be use your time wisely. That being from sleep, studying, or even extra activities. That is the one thing you can't get back. It's cool to have fun, but you have to get it in your head that you are in the prime time of becoming an adult and every action you take from these day forward are going to be watched. Don't depend on anybody because at the end of the day people are going to go there own opposite way and do their own thing and you won't have nothing to fall back on. Take advantage of every opportunity you get no matter how big or small, because looking back at it, it was a reason it was presented to you


Going back to my high school self, there are a few major things I would stress her to do. One being, volunteer more. Volunteering can help you with scholarships as well as help your well-being, but most importantly it gives back to your community. Another peice of advice would be to be kind to everyone and anyone because you never know what is going on in their life and your sincerity could save them more than you know. I would also let myself know that their are going to be times when you want to give up, but there are so many great things ahead that you DO NOT want to miss out on. The final piece of advice would be to be responsible and manage your time. It is better to have your stuff done than to wait until the last minute and pull an all nighter, which thankfully I have not had to do!


The funny thing about this question is that I seem to answer it everyday in my head. I am in my senior year, and I have already decided to start college in the summer so I can get on the list for Nursing school. The first thing that I would tell myself is to stop and think. Is this really what you want to do and will giving up the summer actually benefit you in the long run? The answer would be no. I would tell myself to start college in the fall without a major and that nursing school is what your mom and your aunt want but not you. Do not waste your time and money because in the end you will quit and wait 17 years to return. Now, you know that you love the medical field but think about what you can do that does not require you to do patient care. That is right there are other options that do not require patient care! So former younger self take the summer off, have fun, and think about your alternatives to nursing school. Oh, you found one, Public Health Administrion. It is only 17 years later.


Don't be afraid to fail. Blow your nose, wipe your ass and move on with your life.


I have learned a lot from the time that I was a high school senior through serendipitous mistakes and hard fought success. If I could go back in time and give advice to myself, it would be an oratorical speech that would challenge great speakers like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. I believe that anyone would deliver a helpful and profound speech to themselves, in hopes of improving their future. Furthermore, I believe that I would advise myself on the same things anyone else would about the future obstacles, laughable mistakes, and personal victories that are made when transitioning into college. After giving my advice, there would be six key statements that i'd want the goofy high school kid to receive: 1) Tough times don’t last but tough people do. 2) Believe in yourself and stay encouraged. 3) Apply for more scholarships ( 4) Don’t change your major. 5) Volunteering is fun. 6) 09/04/2012 at 12 p.m. duck! (Joke on myself). In conclusion, traveling to the past to give myself advice about college would be very helpful but the inability is also what makes life fun and builds character.


If I could go back and talk to myself-without creating a major paradox-I would tell myself to try harder, that it gets better. Push it to the limit so you/I won't look back with so much regret and say, "I wish I had done that," or "I wish I had made more time for this. It could have been so much better."


Do ;your best during your high school years, get the best GPA you can and join clubs. What you do during high school does matter!!