University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I wouldn't say that there is anything super frustrating about this school. It's really great, but one thing that I dont like is when I am late to class and people are trying to stop and talk to me.


Sometimes the most frustrating thing at this school could be not being able to actually afford school, yet you still return each semester hoping that you recieve a grant or scholarship. Another thing could be the cafeteria food, and their lack of variety food choices. Furthermore, school itself can become frustrating because of shool work and sometimes the lack of a social life.


I haven't really run into anything that is frustrating at Southern Miss, except for their method for instruction in mathematics. You do not get to have a regular class despite paying tuition for it; rather, you are relegated to taking an online course in the "Math Zone." You get zero feedback, and help is available in the form of a instructor roaming the Zone but try flagging down an instructor while vying with a couple hundred other students that are also asking for help. It is a travesty.


The most frustrating thing about attending a school like this was the location. Being a musician and living in a smaller town like Hattiesburg did not leave much opportunity for students to perform in the area. I also feel that the school could have done a better job of preparing their students for the world outside of college life.




You are not informed about choices regarding classes and planning for your future career with graduate school.


The most frustrating thing is finding money to help pay for college.


parking!!!! there is absolutely no place to park, and the decals are 150 for one year!! that's ridiculous!!! why would i pay that much just to have to park a mile away from my classes?


When I attended USM, the school was transitioning into a 'walking campus'. I liked the idea of reducing traffic and promoting exercise and safety but it cut down the amount of convenient parking for off-campus students (like me). Also, the campus is huge and very spread out so if you have two classes on opposite sides of the campus, you may find yourself jogging a bit to make it. If this is my biggest complaint then I'm reeeeealy stretching to find something frustrating about my school.


Trying to get finacial aid for school


The cost of a parking permit and the distance between parking and classes.


Communication and help for students with ADHD


Walking to class after not finding a park anywhere on campus.


Being able to balance studying and social activities is frustrating to me. I have recently made the decision that I will study during the week like it is my job and go out on Saturday night. You have to have a some fun!


The way the school budgets money for departments and the lack of parking for students.


Recieving financial aid and getting out of paying out-of- state fees. It takes a little while to make friends but, you do evenually. The up keep of some of the dorms is not so great with some of the older ones that I have stayed in. Also, some classes are non transferable so your having to retaking classes you have all ready taking from preious schools.


The low quality of the food is very frustrating because you must buy a meal plan while living on campus. The meals are very fresh and appetizing.


The most frustrating thing about school is learning how to balance school work and social life. It is very important to keep you priorities in line.


When the education department keeps changing the required classes. There are many classes people have taken that are now not required.


Most frustrating thing about my school is having teachers who are foreigners and I am not able to understand them when they speak. These teachers also make no allowances for not being able to understand.


campus food!


that we have to walk so far around on campus


I really hate the focus on greek life. It is useless, and students could be using their time in much more constructive and less drunken ways.


I am having trouble balancing my studies with my social life.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the housing. USM has two off campus dorms that are placed across the street of the school on both sides of the campus. It is very hectic trying to cross the street everyday on a very busy street. Most of the dorms but one are very old and need repairs. I would suggest getting an apartment if afforable after your first year on campus. The freshmen dorms are decent!


There need to be more parking places for students, and better teachers!!!!!!!


The most frustrating thing and probably only frustrating thing at school is the parking for commuters; however in their defense they are working on a solution.


Most of the faculty and staff do not help you at all. Financial Aid is a joke if you are not a certain race.


The most frustrating thing about Southern Miss is the money end of it. The loans do not come in when they are supposed to, neither does state financial aid. This is not always the school's fault, but when a payment is due and the money has not come in there is much added stress. I want the due date for tuition not to be before the semester begins. I simply have a very hard time coming up with the money as do all of my friends.