University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


It is okay to take a break from hard science classes.


The school and all the faculty and students are amazing. Everyone is willing to give their all and help others, and it's a good environment to be in. I wish I had known more about the weather around Hattiesburg. I didn't realize it got super cold, and I wasn't prepared with the clothing that I brought with me. I also wish I had known about more scholarships.


I don't have any regrets, but i have back flashes of things i would have done differently now that i've been through alot. The first of things was taking things for granted. I wish i would of taken my classes and free access to the resources that were given to me. I felt just because they were there, they always were goin to be and that i didnt have nothing to worry about. i made plenty of mistakes that could have easily been avoided. With that being said use every resource your given like it was the last.


I wish that I had known more things about college life in general. I was not prepared for it, as I did not have a lot of help. USM is not that great about helping transfer students get their footing when coming from another school; they tend to only focus on incoming freshman. I wish I had known that before transferring here.


I wish that I had known not to stress over school work too much. I was nervous that the classes were going to be huge and that the professors did not care about the students, but they professors did everything in their power to help out each and every student.


I wish i had known that it would be that hard to find a job on campus..


I wish I would have known that I was not going to have a good time there or have my time waisted with the classes I take.


How large the campus really was and how crunched for time I would be to get from building to building for classes.


I wish I had known more about all of the scholarships that are out there.


I wish I had known how important the classes and people would become to me. It is difficult trying to mingle my new world with the one I still have at home.


more about financial aid and assisstanceships and jobs


I wish I had more scholarships and help from family. I am almost completely on my own. Family and financial assistance would make keeping my grades up a lot easier than it has been for me.


I wish I had known about the transfer scholarships. It could have helped me out a lot. I don't get financial aid because I'm married now. I did get it when I was at Perkinston MGCCC.


I wish I had known more about scholarship opportunities from the university as well as in general. I would have liked to have known that my out of state fees were not going to be waived before I decided to attend this university. I believe that if I would have known that I would not be considered for this waiver that I would have either selected an university in the state of Louisiana or worked harder to find more scholarship funding for my education at the University of Southern Mississippi.


I wish I had known how great the professors are and how interested they are in the students' success. I would have attended this school my entire college career.


After graduating high school, I was excited to attend a college away from home where I would be more independent and free to make my own decisions. However, I wish I had fully understood that with freedom comes much more responsibility. I wish I had known that complete organization both academic and personal is required for a successful academic career. I wish I had known and understood that organization is the key to getting enough sleep, avoiding procrastination and falling behind, and overall happiness. I always heard about the importance of organization, but I never fully appreciated it until now.


I wish I would have known that even though you feel you have done your best on papers and projects, that the teachers pretty much base their opinions on your schoolwork. I also wish I would have known that most on campus jobs are only available for work study students making it hard for me to get a job on campus that will allow me to do my homework at the same time.


Actually, I studied everything about my school before I went there. This was my reason for choosing this school because of the different opportunities they provided. Yet to answer this question, the only thing I knew beforehand about this school are the variety of degrees that they provide. They are so different, and you can get so many different opportunities when choosing one.


I wish I had chosen a new major with more job possiblities. I am struggling a little to find a job, but I know my perfect job is right around the corner.


I knew what I was getting into from the beginning.


That so much emphasis was placed on your GPA when you graduate. Especially if you plan to further your education or attend graduate school.


That it would be this awesome!....If I wouldve known that, I wouldve never applied to any other schools!


I think students should be aware that there is a rather large gay/lesbian population at this university. I think that it's a great environment for people who question their own sexual orientation or who are open-minded. And I think that the closed-minded individuals should probably be aware of this.


I wish I had know more about finacial aid before coming to this school.


Before I came to the University of Southern Mississippi, I would have loved to have more information about financial aid, I went into college with no financial aid, and have received little despite my high GPA. The most useful knowledge would have been where to find the aid, how to apply for it, and what was available to me. I also wish I had known how to navigate the rather complicated university bureaucratic system, between admissions and advisement and other factors that shape college life, but I have learned through trial and error how to operate in the college system.


Before coming to The University of Southern Mississippi I wish I would have known more about where my classes are located and in what buildings. I had a issue the first week of school I was in the wrong class because I did not know where I was going and how to get there. Walking around a few days before school starts I would recommend just seeing where your classes will be located at so you will not be in the wrong class and you will not be late for class the first day of school.


How to adjust to a senior college!!!!


I knew everything I need to know before I came to USM.


My first semester I was in an apartment and thought that was want I wanted to live. But due to financial reason I moved into the dorm the next semester and I so wish I had done that to begin with. The advantages weighs out the disadvantages.


I wish that I had known that Southern did not have a pre-med program. I started Southern with a different major then decided to go to med school but I did not realize until that point that Southern did not have a pre-med program.


parking sucks