University of Southern Mississippi Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about my school is how sincere and welcoming everyone is around campus. Each day I know I can smile at or help a random person because almost always they are very appreciative and return the favor! It is very easy to make friends, join study groups, and just enjoy the beautiful campus!


Go Eagles!


I have found many special things here. Amazing school spirit, good dorms and fraternity living, good food options. I enjoy my classes and intructors.The administration is out on campus and very easy to access and talk with. I am happy I chose this school.


The best thing I consider to be about USM is that there are a lot of interesting and nice people that go here. It's a good place to meet new people that you wouldn't normally meet.


When I completed college, I had a job waiting. Organizations know that if you graduate from USM, you have an excellent education. USM offered both academic and extracurricular activites.


The professors were among the best things about my school. Professors at USM were extremely helpful when needed. However, they were challenging at the same token. These professors pushed us to the extreme to be the best, most successful musicians we wanted to be. If we were students who were extremely competitive, then they gave us the tools to work toward those goals. Professors were awesome about bringing people in who were "celebrities", according to our major, to teach us to be more than we could be. Additionally, we learned more skills to take with us into the real world.


I think the best thing about my school is the size of the classes. There are less than 10 lecture size classrooms on campus so classes are usually intimate. This allows for you to get to know your professors and them to get to know you. It also allows you to meet other students in your classes which you wouldn't ordinarily get to meet or talk to. Becoming so close to the people you are studying with allows for you to really learn a lot more about your subjects.


The best thing about my school is that it challenges me. Throughout high school I took all of the accelerated courses, but I never had to study because everything came easy to me. I like how USM challenges me to study, and it has made me learn how to manage my time wisely.


The best thing about my school is that I could always go to my professors whenever I needed help. They were always there no matter what.


We are a college school, the alumni pour tons into the sport, plus our art department has wonderful performances, concerts and art shows. We are exposed to all sorts of events that take place on and off campus, the adminstrative staff is helpful with shows and events that take place and we are given ample opportunities to showcase work and other projects while attending. We interact with the different courses such as theatre and sciences labs, outdoor classes and many more. Our motto "To the Top" is just that we will all rise to the top of our goals.


The best thing about my school is the people. Everyone is so different, whether it be politically, culturally, or socially. I literally meet someone new everyday who opens my mind up to new ideas or possibilities. The professors are always inviting students to visit with them, even the really scary professors. Southern Miss is the only place I know where I can ask total strangers if can I join their frisbee game, and I am wholeheartedly accepted into the group. By the end of the game, the people I played with were no longer strangers. Instead, they were new friends.


I love how much help everyone is. The faculty and staff go out of their way to do anything for the students.


The best thing about my school is that even though its a pretty big school, the buildings and classes are easy to find. Also, the classes are taught well and the teachers work to get the material across to the students.


Every professor I have ever had is more than willing to help you succeed. This is great because it gives you that relief knowing you can ask questions to clarify things.


It's big. I come from a smaller town, so it's different and I enjoy it. It is also very diverse, in fact, I've met all kinds of new people whose interests, backgrounds, and ideas differ completely from my own.


It offers a variety of fields to choose from. People can decide to change their major without having to transfer to a different school.


The best thing about my school is the surroundings. There are many things students can get involved in, on and off campus.


I am really impressed with the study abroad opportunities at USM. As an undergrad student double majoring in Spanish and International Studies, it is one of my main goals to study abroad. I have chosen to go to Spain next year and I was really happy with the amount of help and feedback I got from the Study Abroad office. It was a personal experience, and unlike a lot of the other processes at the school, I didn't get the run-around and I wasn't hurried out of the office - I felt ready for the next step.


My school is very social and warm. I don't belive anyone who goes here feels that he or she is out of place. There's something for everyone.


The best thing about my school is my professors are willing to help me and tell me what kind of things need to be changed on my projects. Other than is my social life and the community service activites I get to be involved in.


Aside from the stellar Honors College which I already mentioned, I think that our strong student to teacher ratio really allows the instructors to spend the necessary time with their students. The teachers at USM are very approachable and willing to help their students. This enable students, such as myself, to feel as if we can go to our instructors during their office hours and talk to them after class. It also allows teachers to learn about their students on a personal level which helps build good student-teacher relations.


The best thing about Southern Miss is the they have people there who actually care about your learning process. They care about the students and they try there best to help the student in any way they can. Southern Miss is really a friendly place to be


We are an extremely diverse school. We are 16,000 minds strong; we each have our own minds and opinions. We do not judge based on race, sexual orientation, or religion. This is important because one does not seek to attend college to be an outcast.


The best thing about my school is the music program. The symphony is one of the best in the region. Each of the teachers have traveled all over the world. Each year the symphony manages to get brilliant guest artists to perform.


The best thing about the University of Southern Mississippi is the unique atmosphere that surrounds the school. The school has and overwhelming sense of pride, culture, and family thats stays with you, even if you have only visited the campus once or for the very first time.


I think it is how the teachers and professors try to help the students . I feel it has to do with my experiences and how teachers have always tried to help me. They have always been helpful and considerate.


People at my school are very friendly and hospitable. This is the best attribute of The University of Southern Mississippi. Everyone makes you feel welcome.


The best thing about my school is that you always feel at home. There is always something to do or a club to be involved with. From attending the football games to having a picnic outside, there is never a dull moment. Since USM makes many things convenient, it is easy for anyone to enjoy themselves without the hassle.


The best thing about USM is the professors! Of course there are always going to be those few bad ones, but the majority are amazing! They are very well educated and resepected nationally


I love the computer lab that they have for students.


I would consider the different student activities on campus to be the best thing that The University of Southern Mississippi offers. There are over 280 student organizations that any student can get involved on campus. A studnet that is not intersted in any of the student organizations that a he or she can create an organization. Southern Miss is best for the students an people that run the organizations and the staff that advise them. The people and the amount of organizations is the most important things here at The University of Southern Mississippi.


The best thing to me is all of the fun things to do outside of class to get involved in the happenings at USM. I love the intramural activities to exercise and to get to know other people.


The town that is rests in. Hattiesburg is a great college town that is just the right size and within an hour and half drive of three large cities to get away to on the weekend. The weather is always warm and nice!


The department I'm in (graphic communications) is an excellent place to be. My professors are real world professionals that are well known in their industry. They give real world advice and have the knowledge to guide you in your growth as a designer that will benefit you in the working world.


The best thing about my school is how everyone is free to express themselves. The school focuses on the individual and is excited when the student body is sure of who they are and what they want out of life. Southern encourages self expression and wants to know what each person thinks and feels. Everyone and everything is accepted at Southern. No one has to worry about feeling left out or "weird." The University of Southern Mississippi is very welcoming.