University of St Francis Top Questions

Describe how University of St Francis looks to someone who's never seen it.


Homey, demanding and rigorous.


Career driven oppurtunities provided by professionals for their respective fields driven by engaged professors


Love it. Mostly kind professors.


The University of St. Francis is warm, nurturing and welcoming university that promotes excellence in education and development of a higher level of social awareness and spiritual consciousness in it's students, staff and faculty.


The University of St. Francis is very inviting and welcoming!


The University of St. Francis is a school in which one can challenge themselves academically in an supportive environment.


Small Catholic school, very expensive, with a few good programs for degrees.


The Univeristy of St. Francis is not just a place where students go to learn, its a place where a student grows for a lifetime; the teachers not only just teach thier students, they help them; the teachers ensure that each student has the tools to succeed for a lifetime.


The University of St. Francis is an excellent place of higher education because of the small size, incredible faculty, location, and financial aid.


The University of St. Francis is a family-oriented school that allows students to be who they are, and achieve their full potential.