University of St Francis Top Questions

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It is smaller and the class sizes are smaller


More home-like feeling.


Universtiy of St. Francis is a small catholic school. It has very few people but I think that is an advantage because it creates a friendly enviornment for the students and teachers. You are able to build relationships with the people around you and not just be surrounded by strangers.


It is a great place to learn. All the students are friendly and welcoming. The adminstrations and faculty are always aways available to help and encourage you as you work towards your degree.


I loved the small class size, as well as the program I orginally wanted to go into. I was able to change majors though very easily, even though one of the programs is still very much extanding. It also gave me a very nice scholarship based on my high school GPA and ACT score.


The University of St. Francis is very small. This is actually a really good thing because you can get more focused, individualized attention from your instructors, as well as hands-on experience. It's a community, really.


USF is an extremely small school. The teacher's get to know their students on a one on one basis. Everyone is very friendly, administration included. The campus is beautiful and it's a very friendly environment to be in.


It is a small school and you do not get lost in the crowd, but you are still provided with an excellent education! Although you can live on campus and participate in the complete college experience, you can also commute and still feel as though you are an important member of the St. Francis community.


Students at St. Francis become quite close with their fellow students. Since, St. Francis is a rather small school, students will become familar with other students in their major. Also, St. Francis provides a numerous amount of extracurricular activities that allow students to get involved in the surrounding community.


This school was very small in size and i definitely was looking for that. I enjoy how the classrooms are very small as well and your teachers know you and you are not just another number to them.


The classes are small.




Honestly, the dedication of the staff is the most unique aspect of the university in my opinion. They are always available whether it be through e-mail or telephone. Since it's a smaller school, there are smaller classes which gives professors the opportunity to spend more time individually with the students. Also, there's always something going on for students to do, whether it be a club meeting, sports event, movie night, etc. This is helpful because it gives students more structure which keeps illegal activities from occurring as often.


The University of St. Francis is unique because it offers exellent communication services to its students which is especially important since I am an online student. I never have to wait long, whether by phone call or email, for an answer to my question and everyone is very friendly and willing to answer your questions. It has never been a confusing or overwhelming experience for me.


The quality of teachers and students, and their passion for their work, makes my school the best I have attended.


My school is a small local university that has a variety of racial backgrounds. Also this school is like a little town of its own which is really cool. It has small classes which I like too.


It's a very small school compared to the other schools around Chicago.


I chose this school because of the ability to classes online to complete my bachelor's degree. This university offered a cohort with my local junior college which will make things very convenient for me.


USF is in one of the most progressive and growing communities in America. Joliet is coming up to standard as far as housing, employment and social venues. It experienced a surge in it's population, coupled with the extension of the new I-355 freeway, it is really a nice place to live now. It's small enough to not feel overcrowded, but close enough to Chicago to enjoy it's amenities. USF is in the process of building it's campus and adding new programs and areas of study. It's an exciting time to be at USF.


There is a strong emphasis on community and what it means to be part of one.


I feel like the most unique thing at my school is the fact that it feels like one large family. It seems as if everyone knows everyone where ever you are on campus because it is a smaller private school.