University of St Francis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person to attend this school is anyone who likes small, community like schools. A person who wants to make friends easily and be active on campus.


The University of St. Francis is a small liberal arts university. It has a fun, warm, nurturing environment. The campus has a real family feel to it and there is always plenty to do on and around campus. If you are the kind of student who enjoys learning in a personalized environment this is the school for you. The class sizes are small and the professors are extremely knowledgeable in their discipline. They are always available to help you and are genuinely concerned with helping you succeed.


The type of student that should attend the University of St. Francis is one that wants their money's worth; they are willing to pay more for the type of education that enables them to both learn and understand their subject matter rather than fall behind. They are not seen as just a number, rather an individual who with enough perseverance can excel academically and in their chosen career.


Any type of person would love St.Francis. We are a small school, so we can all get to know each other. We learn Franciscan values, but just because you are not catholic it doesn't mean you won't like the school.


Anyone who feels they would benefit from teachers who really are invested in their students so that they may become better individuals should attend. It is truly a journey at the University of St. Francis. A person does not leave the doors the last time being the same person they were when they first arrived. Not only are the franciscan values taught in theology classes, but many people are living examles of the schools values: service, integrity, respect, and compassion. Anyone who wants a strong caring environment like this as well as receiving a great education should consider St. Francis


A kind enthusiastic person would attend this school. You have to be driven and focused to attend this school as well. This school is not for everyone because they do ask a lot of you. They tell you how it is. You will be busy and you will have to be focused or you will not make it. I like it because they do not surprise you with huge assignemnts and expectations. The students already know what to expect.


attend this school only of you are focused and ready to learn. it is a christian school so you will learn about religion, mainly catholocism


A person that is friendly and compassionate would fit in well at the University of St. Francis. The relationship between the students and staff is that of a family. The person should also be willing to work hard and get involved in activities on campus. Doing so will enable the student to get the most out of the education and enjoy the college experience even more.


The person who should attend this school should be motivated to get the most out of college and want to gain friendships that will last them throughout their lives. The person should want to do well in college so that they can maintain a good job and career once they graduate.


A person needs to be very attentive to their school work. It is a very tought school but you will be better qualitified when you enter the job market.


In adherence to the USF’s values of respect, service, integrity and compassion—a USF nursing student models these values. The hands of 38 University of St. Francis nursing students were blessed during a ceremony marking the beginning of the students’ clinical rotations. Students are expected to provide the best care possible, we ask God’s blessing of the hands to help us achieve this. The hand blessing ceremony is important to me as a nursing student because our hands will be reaching out to those in need, literally and holistically. USF is a Catholic Franciscan University.


Anyone. This school is great with making anyone feel like they belong. There's no excessive drinkers or partiers here though, so I doubt some party harty's would like it here. That doesn't mean that there is no drinking at all, because every campus will have that, whether they have strict NO NO rules about it or not, it's just a reality.


People who live close to St. Francis/Joliet, IL area should attend this school.


The type of person who should attend this colle would have to be a person who is dedicated. The majority of the students that attend this school are athletes and it is hard to excel in both your studies and atheletics unless you are dedicated.