University of St Francis Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear High School Senior Royce, College is a place that is full of activities and oppurtunities to define yourself. Take advantage of the clubs and activities that you can because they will help you meet new people and make great friends. Don't be afraid to express yourself for who you are. Please try hard your Senior year, even if you have already decided what school your going to attend because your grades do matter and your efforts will help develop great learning habits that can be taken into colleges. There are a lot of test in college! You need to study for them! Showing up on exam day with just basic knowledge retained from your attention in class will not cut it. You need to take time out of your schedule to prepare for these exams. Don't be afraid to talk to people, be yourself, yes some people will think your weird cause you are, but people will see your guineuine self and love you for who you are. Girls are more attractive in college so be more confident and hit the gym more buddy. Lastly, don't let anyone take your faith. God loves you for you.


I would open up to all the major there is in college to experience. As for me when i use to be in high school i wanted to be a accountant but then at the end i change my mind and study for parlegal after doing almost 2 years i change my major to Criminal Justice. If i would of prepare myself more and i would of go straight to the career i'm in right know i would of been done a while ago. If i would of just take a small break and think very good on what i really wanted to do for myself and would of explore some other type of classes. I see my myself in the correct place where i always wanted to be at for a while. The steps i'm doing know is takiing me to achieve my goals and my dream. I know what im doing now is prepare me for the real world. I would never give up on my dream on getting my education from college. To all the students thats are seniors you want to be someone and do something for yourself and be pround what u achieved.


I would tell myself that I need to stay in school and go to college while I am young. Don't wait until you are older and decide to go back after being away for so many years. It gets harder to be successful the older you get and it is even harder when you have a family to support. Commit to a profession that suits you and be successful in that profession. Don't go after the big bucks without securing a degree. An education can never be taken away from you.


Dear Medelia, I know that right now you are stressing about how college will be like and how your father will pay for it. Now that I have experienced a semester at your university I can tell you how it really is. People are nice once you get to know them, give them a chance before you think the worst of them. You will learn life lessons, whether it be about living with someone else or what to do in life, you will learn them over the course of time. Money is still stressful but you'll try anything in your power to be sucessful and go to the school of your dreams. Coming from a single parent home, some days are better than others when it comes to paying tuition payments but things will get better over time. Do not give up. You can do this without stressing yourself crazy. Your future college self.


My transition was first to the military, then to college. I would tell myself to be more patient and attentive. Also, I would tell myself to have more confidence in my abilities as a student. I would tell myself to help those less fortunate and not be caught up in the materialistic world that a lot of young people starting out live in. I would say to pay attention to detail, and to embrace everyday like it could be the last.


Jose, in the future you will be offered a great job. The money will be good and you will stop going to school because the tempation of making good money. Dont do it. You will be there for 8 years and then downsized. The key to your success is finishing your engineering degree. Your future daughters will count on you and with your degree and your potential, you will do great things. You will start a trend in your family and soon enough everyone around you will realized that education is the foundation to a great life. Study hard and get what you deserve.


First and foremost, Randy, don't take this first job for granted. You'll come in to more money than you'll know what to do with -- help mom out a bit, but save, save, save! Don't buy a new car. Buy a gently-used 3-year-old fuel-sipper that you can pay off inside a year. Don't let the present get in the way of your plans for the future. And so you know, "going with the flow" isn't a plan. Next, plan to go back to college. Go for something practical: computers or business are big. Art and architecture, while you might enjoy them and be good at them, they won't make things easier. Shoot for something you know you'll be good at from the start and worry about soft skills and hobbies later. Oh, and that cute blonde you meet in your first couple years of college: bad news.


If I could tell my freshman self one thing on the first day of college, it would be this: college is a privilege, embrace it. I remember thinking that college would be a liberating experience where I could do what I wanted and be who I was. I have since discovered that, while college can be that, it is not a magical portal to adulthood. There is freedom to decide what I do, where I go, and who I am, but that freedom is just the other side of responsibility. I have made friends that I will keep for life, and others who have already fallen by the wayside. I have made choices that have made me proud, and others that could have been better. The important thing is that everything I have done during college has been in the service of discovering my true self so that I can be the best version of him. Embracing the educational and experiential opportunities college has to offer, even when they are difficult, make the experience as rewarding as possible. I would tell my freshman self to appreciate the journey and use it to shape the path of future success and happiness.


Jazmine i know that you are having a hard time deciding what college to go to, or rather where to begin. I know you will make the right choices just take it one step at a time. It will be a bit scary and nerve wrecking, but you are not alone. there are many people who you can rely on to get you through the process; your parents are a big part of what is helping you make the transition. The first day of school is the most intimidating. After the akward introductions to people you don't know and getting used to the schedule, you will find that you actually will enjoy college and that all the stressing you are doing is for nothing.


I would tell myself, that there are no do-overs. I would tell myself to take every moment slowly, and do what is best for myself, not someone else. Never take anything for granted, and be myself and set my goals and remember to remind myself everyday that I can accomplish anything in my life, if I just try. I would also tell myself that never base anything that I do, on someone else's opinions, etc. I would remind myself that I can do anything, and can accomplish anything in life. Believing in myself is the most important thing in life, because no one can do it for you.


Knowing what I now know about college I would tell my high school self to not be so afraid of challenging my mind and setting high expectations and goals. I do not need to be a product of the environment that I grew up in I can achieve many things in this life if I am not afraid to try and potentially fail. Life is good when you strive to achieve, and not just in the achieving but that it is ok to fail just as long as I have tried, done my very best and have learned from the failure, that in and of itself is not a failure but a success. Life has no boundaries through education, and the only boundaries that truly do exist are the ones I have put on myself due to fear of failure, so high school self, break down the boundaries and have no fear you can do it!


If I could go back into time and talk to myself I would definitly tell myself to try harder in high school. I would tell myself to really apply myself to getting the best grades I could and not slack off. I would also start looking into colleges in the beginning of my senior year or even junior year of high school. I would also make sure to go to college right after high school and not procrastanate untill 4 years after high school graduation. I think that the transition would have been smoother if I had gone right after high school. I also wish that I had taken some educational classes that were offered in high school, because I think that if I had it would have motivated me and helped me realize that I wanted to be a teacher. Also I would advse myself to wait to have children untill after I had finished college because it is difficult being a mom, going to college full time, and working. Eventhough it is difficult and I love being a mom I would definitly advise myself to wait to have children untill after graduating.


Understanding the role of a college student is not always a walk in the park, especially when life gets in the way such as family, friends, work, sports, and the list can go on. Winston Churchill once said "The price of greatness is responsibility". As a current college student, responsibility plays a great role in the college life. There are always deadlines, assignments, studying, and of course class attendance. All of these are key points in which we must attain in high school in order to be a successful college student. One must be willing to grasp all the information that is given in high school. I have learned it is very important to keep a good relationship with your instructor, as that person will always be there to assist you. Staying focused and organized in all classes is a great way to keep a balanced schedule. I would contribute what I did know to others in class as it would be a great help to others. Most importantly, no matter how difficult an assignment is, always give it your 110/{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} it will always be worth it at the end.


As a 42 yr old, making the return to school, I wish, with every fiber of my being, that I had trusted that my parents REALLY DID have my bests interests at heart. I was somewhat free-spirited, and they tried to get my head back to earth when I thought I was in love with a boy. They didn't like him from the start. They begged me, bribed me, grounded me to keep me away from him. They begged me to go to college and experience life. Instead, I rebelled, and learned so many difficult life lessons. Mainly, trust your parents, especially when it comes to education. I am now a mother of 2 girls, and am hoping that returning to school will inspire both of them to take their education seriously and to never, ever sacrifice education for anybody. EVER. Working as a nurse has taught me many valuable lessons, probably the most important being perseverance and dedication to your family, education, and career, while keeping in mind that any man who claims to love your forever, will NEVER stomp on your dreams of furthering your education.


The best advice to give to a high school senior is not the usual "it'll be over before you know it" stuff. While this is true, the most important thing to tell someone who is a senior in high school is to just have fun. School is important, but enjoying that last year with your friends is too. Concentrating totally on school will just ruin the year. Enjoy the time you have together. And don't put off applying to colleges. While it may seem like there is a lot of time, there isn't. And don't choose a college without first visiting the school. This is a mistake that many people make, and it is really an important thing to do. You have to be comfortable at your school. Know the layout of the area as well. Going to a school in the bad part of town may not be the best choice.


Meredith, don't be so hard on yourself! It's okay to laugh, to learn as you go, and its definitely okay to not know exactly what you want to do with your life- that's what college is for. Try taking a wide variety of classes freshmen year, so you can see what area of study interests you and what courses are a poor use of your talents. Make friends on campus, with students and faculty alike, so you can share ideas and receive input from your comrades. Volunteer on- and off-campus in a variety of different activities. If you get a "B", don't get upset. Review the areas you struggled with and spend a little more time looking into them, even making use of the free student tutoring center. And Meredith, have fun! Remember, you will learn three times as many lessons outside of the classroom, so come into college (and life) ready to learn! College lays the foundation for you to build your dreams on, so make sure the stones are in place.


Going back in time to give my self advice about college, I would tell me self to stop procrasinating on applying for scholarships and ask all the questions about financial aid as possible. On top of that, I would tell myself to take more college level classes to fully prepare myself for the fast paced environment that college courses bring. I would also tell myself to join as many clubs as I can possibly join, so then I can be more well rounded when I get to college. Because I was afraid to join any sports in high school, I would advice myself to tryout for any sport that interested me, to be more well rounded. All of the above mentioned would have greatly helped me if I knew that college was not how the movies and books I have read portrayed it to be. The advices that I would give the past me would have made the transition to college life much more easier. But all one can do is look forward and make the future right by using the mistakes from the past to correct the future.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell myself to prepare better. I would tell myself to care more about my advanced placement classes as well as the advanced placement exams. High school was very easy compared to college, I should have developed good study habits in high school so that I would not be struggling in college. I would also tell myself to get out and enjoy my high school years, not in the house with my boyfriend. I feel that I may have missed out on things in high school, something that I am changing for college. One final thing that I would tell my high school self is to plan better. Research schools, fill out applications and most importantly find scholarships! College is more expensive than I would have ever imagined. I should have been better prepared all around. There is no way for me to go back in time and change these things, that is why I am trying to fix some mistakes, starting out with applying for scholarships.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school senior self to set some career goals and find a path while also focusing more on organizational skills and studies and less on watching reality shows. I would tell myself to enjoy organized sports more and building friendships instead of working 3 jobs each semester. Sleep is NOT overrated, nor is good nutrition. Cramming for an exam doesn't guarantee retention and there are only so many excuses you can come up with before you realize that you're ultimately cheating yourself by not going to class. Finally, I would tell myself that financial aid is designed to make the college process easier and gives opportunity for personal growth and socialization and to take advantage of that.


There are many things I would tell myself If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, but the most important thing I would tell myself is to be more serious about what kind of future I want. When I was a senior, and all through high school I never seriously thought about what school I wanted to go to or what kind of career I would enjoy. I always thought that this would be decided for me, but it is a much bigger decision than I thought. I would also tell myself to be more open to new ideas. I am an open-minded person, but new classes and new futures scared me, they weren’t a familiar place. I was used to high school, it was easy and didn’t require much work. College is a completely different place. There is much more work to be done and a lot more effort has to be put into that work. I have taught myself well so far in my college career. I put all the time and efforts I need into my work and seriously consider my options for a successful future.


High school years were rough for me as I just moved here from Poland. People at school degraded me since I did not speak English well. To them I was “that girl with a funny accent” with no friends. My goal for high school was to survive and learn English. I decided to go to community college and get Associate’s Degree in Travel Business Management, because it seemed easy and did not require too much public speaking. However, I have always wanted to be a teacher, but since no one believed I would be able to teach children English while I struggled myself with that language, I gave up. In college everyone seemed more mature. No one was bothered with my accent, and as they encouraged me to talk more, I realized I know English better than I thought. I was just afraid to open up and use it. I have realized that I can do so much more and I should have followed my dream from the start. I wish I could go back to my senior year and believe in myself, stand up for myself, and become who I wanted to be no matter what others thought.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college life I would tell myself to attend college right away. I would explain to myself how hard it is to go back to school when you are a single mom and have to work and take care of a child. I would let myself know that education is the most important decision I can make and that college is not as scary as I think it is. I would tell myself that the University of St. Francis is completely willing to sit down and help you with everything and anything I need! I would encourage myself to take my senior year more seriously and to begin taking classes that will help me with my college education. The University of St. Francis is a wonderful school and that I will feel like I am at home. I would tell myself to move into the dorms and experience as much independence as I could!


Once you start a class, preservere and finish it, don't just drop it within the due date or after it will affect your GPA and educational standards. Also network throughout the college/university it helps build self-confidence and allows you to get to know your resourses within the college. Be on time to class, and ask as many questions as you need, do not be afraid to ask like many professors say the only dum question is the one not asked. In addition, join clubs, Student government association it helps you build leadership characteristis, and also help you get to know the communities by doing community services, join honor societies if you qualify. Have time managament when it come to applying and recieving financial aid, do your homework on scholarship oppurtinities, there's alot of money given to other things becasue students lack to research and apply. Also study beyond what the professor expects you to study, do you homework on time, and keep on pushing till you reach your career. Don't give up !


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would tell myself that your future is unlimited. As a recent high school graduate you have unlimited possibilities ahead of you. This is a wonderful time of discover. Take this time now to explore new opportunities and enjoy every learning experience. While you are in college go to different concert and plays. Take advantage of opportunities to travel abroad. Take a variety of classes they will help you grow and a person and a student. Above all when the works gets challenging and it will, do not give up. Ask your teachers, friends, and administrators for help; help is available if you seek it. With good friend and caring professors your time in college will fly by and you will graduate with a bright future ahead of you.


I would tell my younger self to not mess around and finish high school, the go to college. It seems like other things are more important right now, but not getting the education that is needed right now, will lead to problems in the future, and a bigger struggle. Go to college and stay focused and in doing this you will suceed.


Note to younger self: Heed my advice eventhough you think you are on top of the world, there is still much to learn. Please remain so energentic but please learn to channel that energy into something more useful rather than proving your point. There are bigger tasks to tackle ahead. Remember that everything you do from four years previously can determine how you are preceived by other people. Please, please take your classes seriously! Do not doubt yourself and let others tell you what you can and cannot do. You are the only one who can be the judge of that. The best piece of advice I can give to my younger self is to become a nurse or even get good grades you do not have to be an innate ability (eventhough, you really do have that) but perseverance and a drive to succeed! You have that. Lead with your head and your heart and your journey will take you where you are meant to be! Just remember. think before you do as every action can follow you for the rest of your life. Believe in You.


With age comes wisdom. I am a firm believer that one picks up wisdom during the years of his or her life. High school seniors think that they know everything but in fact they know very little. I was so naive when I graduated high school. I thought I could make all my decsions by myself and that they would have no consequences. When I graduated high school, I went to Las Vegas and married my boyfriend at the time. I thought love was a good enough reason to but my education on hold. Many people told me that I would not return to school after taking a break. I did prove everyone wrong and I did go back to school. School at twenty four is a lot harder then I thought it would be. Now I am a mother of a four year old and have many other responsiblities, I did not have at age eighteen. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not stop going to school and I should never let anyone tell me differently. I do believe you live and and you learn and I have learned a valuable lesson.


I would make sure that I understood the importance of my academics. I would have made sure to tell myself to create healthy habits especially eating habits because you really need to keep yourself in check with eating and exercising. Also, I would make sure to tell myself to branch out and meet new people at every opportunity. I would tell myself to do my best to go out of my comfort zone and meet lots of people I wouldn't normally see myself being friends with. I would remind myself the importance of my education, followed by track, and finally extracurriculars, and make sure I don't overwhelm myself with too many extra-curriculars. College is what you make it and being outgoing and having fun is half the battle sometimes.


Dear Yadi, The most important thing in life is to have a goal and to believe that you can achieve it. Believing in yourself and in that you can reach your dreams, is the motor that will keep you up through difficult times. Without a goal, motivation does not exist. No reason to fight in life. There is no fulfillment. Education is the path that takes you to achieve your goal in life. An educated person will know how, when and where to look, reach and obtain what is needed to assist others. Dream high and your wings will expand. Have high expectations of yourself and that will make of you a better person everyday. Education should go always alined to compasion and virtue. That way, no matter what your dreams or goals are, you will find success in everystep towards your goal. Even a fall here and there will teach you something valuable in life: how to prevent it next time and how to get up and continue. Having an education will enable you understand people of every race and creed, to respect life and nature, and to be able to respond to your kids with honesty and humility.


When deciding on what school to look at, you must really look into what you might want to do with your life. High school classes, even in advanced placement, are much different in college. You want to look at other programs that your school has to offer and make sure there are many options for you. Also, make sure that you go to the campus more then once, and even sit in on some classes if at all possible. Your school choice shouldn't just be based on what classes they offer but also the lively hood of the campus because you want to be comfortablet there as much as you would be at home. Lastly, look at whether they offer good internship and after gradutation job serivces, because even though you may not be thinking about it now, you will need those services. Make sure you read all the small print about jobs and other school programs to guarentee that this is the school for you. Work hard and learn as much as possible because it will only benefit you in the long run!


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself not to worry too much. Seventeen is too young of an age to realize exactly what one wants in life. When choosing a college, it is important to look at not only what will challenge you academically but also where you will be comfortable. Excelling academically is of equal importance as remaining happy. I would advise myself that the college transition is not easy, but if one remains level-headed and focused on what they truly want, they will persevere. The best advice I could give to myself would be that as time passes you will mature and realize that the most important things are not scores on an exam or your GPA, but the friendships and life lessons that you will learn.


I would tell myself to talk to students at the schools that I was interested in. Knowing a student's point of view of a school can be really enlightening because it can give you insight into what their experience has been. I also think that an overnight visit would have been a smart move, especially if you are planning on playing a sport in college. Talking to professors in your respective field of study is always a good idea because you will be spending the next four years with them and it is important that you believe that you could get along with the professors. The most important thing is to love the school. I believe that the feeling you first get when you walk onto the campus really makes you opinion about the school. University of St. Francis felt like home to me from the second I stepped out of the car on my first visit day.


I graduated high school in Janurary of my senior year. During that time, I was not so focused on school. I just wanted to make money and move out of my mother's house. I wish I would have taken school a little bit more seriously. I would have told myself that college is the path to success. I would have looked for colleges and went on college tours. I would tell myself that I would have to study and do the assigned readings. I would have told myself to not be afraid to go to college. I would have told myself the I am great and I can do whatever I sent my mind to do. I am grateful that I am a junior in a 4-year school now. I beleieve that things happen for a reason. It was my chance to go to school when it was right for me. I am pleased with my school and the students and the faculty. Another word of adivce I would give myself would be to never lose hope.


Right now I am a 27 year old single mother of a two year old boy. If I could go back to my senior year of high school self, I would shake myself and scream in my ear to finish college right away. Life only gets much harder the longer you wait to get your degree. I would tell myself to go straight to a four year university and skip community college even though it's cheaper - it's easy to get lost at community college and not finish school. I had different students in each class and there was no camaraderie. Live on campus, it makes making friends ten times easier! Yes it seems cool to get your own apartment but it's lonely. If there was any way back them I could have fast forwarded to see what the future would be like for me, I would have done things so differently. I'm so happy I have my son in my life right now, and I'm finishing school for him. But I wish I could have finished school before I had him so I could be building a better life for us now.


There would be much advice for my yonger self and would start with the year after high school. Advicing myself to work diligently, saving funds for travel abroad I would provide examples of how beneficial this would be for my future. Gaining perspective on the world and my place in it my younger self would have experience to draw upon when navigating life. I would explain to myself that if unsure which field of study is right that a vocation would be a smart start and would not preclude me from a later career. I would want to tell my younger self that she would love plants and medicine and go into a field a nutrition before finally studing naturopathic medicine; however, then I might miss out on much of the growth that has now brought me to this knowledge. Knowing little about college, having little guidance and discouraging advisors I have struggled through college. Knowing this I would tell of the future economy, how to pair science and math classes with english, and suggest taking math and science classes immediately so that my younger self might find the good experiences more meaningful and struggle much less. Lastly, have fun.


When assuming that I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that I needed to be better prepared for the financial obstacles in order to further my education. When I applied for financial aid, my application was denied. This outcome greatly discouraged me. However if I could go back in time I would tell myself not to be discouraged and that there are many other ways of finding funds for school. I would also say that I should try to apply for more scholarships such as bright futures, and campus discovery. The ability to go back in time would reward me a chance to also tell myself that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it. Throughout high school I was never certain what I wanted to pursue in life, all I knew was that I wanted to be successful. I knew that success was a neccessary goal, but I hadn't fully believed in myself. The advice I would give myself today would be to always believe that with faith, and hard work, my dreams would and can be made my reality.


If I could go back in time when I was in high school senior I would advice myself to enjoy the moment. A big part of my senior year I was thinking of college and I feel like I should have focused more on the present. I would tell myself to enjoy every minute of high school, take advantage of having time to goof around and spend time with my friends going away. I would also get myself in the habit of being better in time management.


Work more! College is expensive! Know what you want to do before you enter a university. Switching majors as I have done is a pain in the butt and a huge money waster. Work hard so that you can pay for college each semester and not paycheck to paycheck.


This transition from high school to college has been a long one. To go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have to go back to 1994. If I could do that, some advice I would give myself would be to never give up finding what excites you. I would also tell myself that even though college may not be a possibility immediately following high school, someday that possibility will open up and you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it. There have definitely been some speed bumps along this road between high school and college, and that is why I would tell my young self to not lose hope, to keep on working towards your dreams, to not get discouraged...yes it will be hard, but in the end, when you can finally say you got your degree, it will all be worth it.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self to relax. I thought in high school that by my senior I would need to know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Yes, one should have an idea of what they want to do with their life, but you don't need all the answers. I took two years off between high school and college, and this was the best experience of my life. Within this time I was able to find myself and really decide what I wanted to do with my life.


Sarah, please do not get caught up in the social life of a high school senior. College is not about following your friends, its about finding yourself and earning an education. The friends come with that no matter where you attend. Also, listen to your mother. She has a sound head on her shoulders with some valuable advice in regards to the financial aspect of college. You will do well in college as long as you keep up your study habits and seek help when you need it. Have fun and enjoy yourself!


If I could speak to myself as a senior in high school the advice I would give myself would be to jump into the college atmosphere and get involved. Being involved in clubs and organizations on campus or around the community can only benefit your future resume. College is supposed to be the time of your life, so if you are constantly getting worked up over little things then you are going to miss out on the true adventures. YOLO (you only live once) and you only get four years to go through college so you need to take full advantage of everything and try your hardest.


It seems like such a long time ago when I was a high school senior and I have learned so much since then. If I were to go back in time and give myself some advice about transitioning into college I would advice myself to make a plan for what I want out of college and stick to it. I would advice myself that while meeting new people and creating new relationships will happen, it is so very important to stay focused on my goal to achieve my degree. I would tell myself to hold onto my values and cherish the everyday learning moments that may come and go. Also, really paying attention to the advice and knowledge I get from my professors will greatly help me in the future. I would also tell myself to go out and reach for any opportunity that I'm blessed with to help me to learn the things that will help me with my degree and possibly with my future career. Lastly, I would say to consider networking opportunities throughout your college years because they may pay off after graduating from college.


I would tell myself to study more. Not to slack off and really try and understand things a lot beter. Go to my teachers when I don't understand something or to another student who does. Ask more questions. I would tell myself to be more open to others and just be myself. It only gets harder from here on out. I would say not to pay attention to what all the other people are doing or saying and just be who I am. Spending more time with my family rather than on the computer or out with my friends all the time would be a good thing too. Get a job so I can help pay for the tuition costs and look for more scholarships. I would ultimately tell myself to study harder and just be myself.


Be yourself; don’t try to fit a certain mold. In high school you are constantly striving to be a specific type of person, whether it's the captain of the football team or captain of the math league. In college you can truly be yourself, embrace everything that you are and hold nothing back. Do not be afraid to join clubs or talk to people you would not have normally talked to in high school, it just might be the best decision you make. The entire experience of college is exhilarating and exciting, but don’t forget what you are really there for, academics. The library is a very helpful place. All the new and overwhelming courses and studies, you have to be open for getting help. Be strong enough to see when you need help and don’t be afraid to get it. Take advantage of all the great learning resources that are given to you by the professors. College is a very exciting time where you really get to grow into the person you will be for the rest of your life. You have take advantage of everything to grow to the fullest potential you can be.


The best advice that i could give myself as a high school senior would be to be more patient. Some of the worst advice that was given to me as a high school sophomore was to decide who I wanted to be that year and base my future around that decision. If I had entered college with a more open mind about who i could become, I think college would have been easier for me. I do not think it is possible to make a decision at fifteen and stick with it forever, because life events, time, and patience changed me from who I was then to who I am today. While in college I ended up changing my major from computer science to mass communications after realizing that dreams and goals can change as I changed. Without patience I never would have learned valuable lessons that my first communications class had to offer about a major I had never considered before. It is with continued patience and perserverance that I am achieving my degree as a mass communications major. Originally changing my life's plan was very scary; patience made me realize change can be a good thing.


I'm glad I decided to take the Junior College route and go after reaching my dream goal of attending USC. Although I got into San Diego State University, I didn't want to get caught up in partying and risk my grades slipping. All my other close friends went off to Cal State Universities and now regret it because off the increases in tuition and cuts in Financial Aid. I like living my life with no regrets and in the end I know it will work out for the best.


Choose a career that places more emphasis on your happiness opposed to a career that offers more money. Do not succumb to lucrative aspirations and pursue a life of admiration and joy. The word transition is no longer a milestone in your life. Remember that if you're not working hard, if you're not being successful in whatever you are doing, if you don't have people hating you. . . YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH & YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB. The key to college is to always be so unbelievably optimistic that nothing will ever break you down.


I would tell myself to be open to everything. At first, I didn't want to dorm at my school because I live very close and I thought it'd be pointless. I kind of regret that decision now. All of the students who do dorm at the school are a lot closer and know many more people. It probably would have been a scary transition at first, but I think it would have helped me a lot. It's a big step moving out and basically living on your own, but it's a step I definitely wish I would have chosen to take. I wish I would have realized that I shouldn't have been afraid or nervous to take this step because all of the other freshmen were in the same boat as I was!


One piece of advice that I would give myself would be to keep the high school connections among friends.Once we're in college, there are hundreds of new faces that we will meet but they will never compare to high school buddies. Also, i would advice to cherish the help and encouragment we received from the high school community at MHS. With college life comes new responsibilities and independence that needs to be controlled. The freedom that we have can become bad if we do not manage time, money and resources. By learning to prioritize and to live a moderate life, we can live a fun and "controlled" lifestyle that will help us be sucessful in the future once we have jobs and family. Finally, I would encourage myself to enjoy life and to take chances, to meet new people and new places.To never forget my morals and beliefs and to stand for what I know is right even if it is at odds with others' beliefs. most of all, I would advice to never give up and that success is measured not by the times we fall but by the times we get up and keep going.