University of St Francis Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


that the classes are smaller


The dedication of the professors to help you shape your individual career


As an adult transfer student enrolling in the RN-BSN fast track program, the ease of application and enrollement are what made choosing USF easy.


The closeness of the college and the fact that everyone is helpful are the best things about the school. The professors are very committed, and so are the studenst.


I feel that class size as well as professor accessibility is one of the best things at my school. Small class sizes allow you to interact with your classmates as well as your professors one on one. Attending a small school gives you the feeling of a family and the closeness of a family. There is always someone there willing and wanting to help you with whatever you may need.


The best thing about this school is the comfort level. As a mature student I feel very welcomed here.


The University of Saint Francis has a great education program. The program offers many classes and many school room experiences. I know when i graduate the program, I will be fully ready to teach my own classroom. The education program is always there to answer questions with a smile on their faces.


You really must look at what you want to do with you life before you come here and make sure the program will fit your needs and wants. The medical programs such as nursing as well as the psychlogy program are very good. I changed my major and now I wish that I would have looked into thier other programs becuase some of the programs here are still at thier infancy, therefore it is hard to finish graduating on time. The small class sizes are amazing, and overall, if you know what you want to do you should come here.


The class sizes are small which allows students to have one-to-one learning experience with professors. Students relationships are closely bonded due to the sizes. It has a great college atmosphere with classrooms, dorms, resturants, and stores just walking distances away. The college is located in a good area, near the downtown, in the middle of the city of Joliet.


The University of St. Francis' greatest assest is its small size. Within the first few weeks, the professors know their students by name and a little bit about their life. This offers a great system for support as there are always open doors for a student to seek advice. The social aspect of a small school is great too. Everybody knows everybody and looks out for each other. Its like a family at the University of St. Francis.


The best thing about the University of St. Francis is the professors. I have never met teachers like the ones here at USF. They are well knowledged on what they are teaching, and they are constantly wanting the best out of you. Many of my teachers have gone out of their way for me, whether it be contacting a company for an internship or just staying after class to help with a homework question.


The small classes is the best thing about the school because the teachers really get to know the students to best serve them.


The small class sizes, b ecause professorse are always available if students need extra help.


The godly atmosphere because i am a christian and i love that we have a church on campus and as students everyone have to take religion classes.


The University of St. Francis excels at assisting students in any way shape or form to obtain a degree. As a current student I have personally witnessed the university going to any extent to help me out with every problem I have encountered from tuition issues to academic issues. USF has assistance in every department that is more than willing to go out of their way to make your experience a great one here.


The best thing about my school are my instructors who offer real life experiences along with book knowledge.


The school had the best nursing program in the area. Most of the classes are small and a student can get the one on one time in which they might need. Love the campus and the ground are nice.


The class sizes are small and the professors are well educated and experienced in their field. The quality of the education is remarkable.


The best thing about St. Francis is its size. Because it is a small university, it is easy to get to know everyone on campus and make new friends. It is also great going to a small school because the professors really get to know you as a student and strive to make sure you succeed. You are not just another number in there class.


The friendly atmosphere there. It's very cozy, sort of like home, which makes us more comfortable to be ourselves. Anything busy or overcrowded would stunt the craving that we feel here to reach out and talk to others that we don't know. Here on campus, we can talk comfortably with new students or students we didn't know without the pressures of a party school status or worrying that we'll be rejected. It's like an an innate civility is instilled in everyone who walks on the campus grounds.


It is smaller, feels more personal.


The best thing about my school was how friendly the students and staff were. Everyboy is always happy to help you out with any questions you might have. There are small classes so the teachers always have flexible office hours and are always willing to give you some of their extra time to help you out.