University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I have seen three main kinds of students. The students who do not care about academics at all, the students who care too much without knowing the proper actions to take in order to better themselves, and the students who care the right amount meaning they invest time and fruitful effort in every minute they spend on campus. The first group does not try. The second group does try, a little bit, but without knowing how to go further. The third group can either be found in the library or leading some sort of event for an organization while still maintaining high grades. These are the types of students I have witnessed academically; however, everyone mingles and mixes beautifully together. Each student is accepting of his peer. The amount of love I see exchanged between friends who genuinely care for each other is unnumbered. There is an overwhelming abundance of students who just want to be friendly because we are all working toward our future and we are helping each other get there one day at a time. If you want a place where your peers encourage you to shoot for the stars and follow your dreams and discover what love is, as in the love found in friendship and in God, then St. Thomas is the place to be!


The students are friendly and welcoming. They come from all different backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. I have made friendships here that will last a lifetime!


People who are very into their school work.


My classmates are very generous, intelligent, and motivated individuals.


My classmates at the University of St. Thomas are very intellectual yet kind and mostly intoverted people this is what makes University of St. Thomas unique.


Students very often work full time while assisting to school. They are ethnically diverse with a big percentage of international students enrolling to St Thomas. Students are very friendly, competitive, focused and discipline mostly because the school's curriculum is designed to make students more responsible. Since our classes are very small, you become very good friends eventually with everybody, classmates and professors. Students spend so much time together doing class-related work and/or volunteer services to the neighboring community. You cannot feel unwelcomed because many of the students associations on campus make sure that you are comfortable.


My classmates are highly intelligent, extremely talented, incredibly competitive and ambitious, exuberant, and really fun to hang out with.


The classmates I have encountered at UST today alone have impressed me with two general ideas: the first is that UST students are an extremely diverse group, and they all embrace that. I see people from all walks of life eating and talking together but also learning alongside each other. The second idea I have picked up is that these students are a bit immature sometimes - by this, I mean that when an outsider (such as myself, for I am a transfer/commuter student) comes in, they are wary. I received assurances this will change, however, so I am hopeful.


Most of my classmates that I have had the chance to meet are nothing like I expected. They are very helpful and really want you to succeed, not just themselves. One time I needed help studying for a chemistry exam and my classmate took the time out of his weekend, called in to work and helped me study. When I received my grade it was a much bigger improvement than my previous grade.


Mixed, crazy, wild, fun, loving, smart, studious, engaging, dorky, a little bit of everything


very dedicated & hardworking.


Helpful to one another, you really have to put yourself out there and people will react.


They are very artistic, goal-oriented, disciplined, organized, hard-workers, and social


Most of my classmates are trendy and know their goal in school.


My classmates are diverse, lively, and multi-talented.


eager to learn and do well


They are very diverse.