University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UST is best known for its strong catholic identity. The theology and philosophy programs are very good and well known as is the pre-med program.


Our school is best known for its graduate programs and micro credit program offered all around the world. We have a higher ammount of graduate programs that allows undergraduates to be consumed with people who are pursuing higher education out of self determination. The Micro Credit program is a student run program that travels around the world to help people in poverished countries take out loans to start their own business. Along with these accomplishmentswe are ranked among the highest rate of students traveling abroad.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for it's high academic standards and for it's religious studies. It is considered to be one of the most prestigous universities in the Houston area.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its liberal arts education. The school was founded on faith-based principles and continue on in that tradition even today. UST has grown to a diverse school. The student body that makes up this school come from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. With the diversity, the professors allow for discussion of differing opinions without suppressing any voices. I have completed my undergraduate at UST and I cannot imagine completing my M.Ed. from any other school. This is a one-of-a-kind school in the heart of Houston.


UST is known for its Catholicity and its openness to the liberal arts tradition. It stresses forming the whole person, preparing them to be able to think and act in the world, rather than just "make the buck." We're also known as the hyperconservatives to the liberals on our campus.


Football, Terry Business School, UGA Law School


My school is best known for its liberal arts catholic enviroment, and for its really good soccer team.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for it's location in the heart of a major city - Houston, TX, for it's small classroom size, it's well known professors, and it's pre-med program. The public transportation available near the university allows students easy access across the metroplex. An average classroom size is about 20-30 students, and by the 2nd or 3rd week of school most professors will know all of their students by name and care about them personally.


My school is best known for its premed program and its international studies.


UST is known for the Cameron School of Business. Also, we are known to have international students


Best know for its strong ties to the catholic church