University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I try not to brag, but I am proud of the philosophy department at University of St. Thomas. Seeing as philosophy is the study of the pursuit of wisdom , what better way to prepare for law school than to truly think critically by challenging the questions posed by the greatest thinkers in history? In the same right, what better place to study philosophy than the best department in the south? The source of the department's strenght is truly the students. The faculty help the students to formulate questions that allow them to converse outside of class on complex topics.


Once again, the small, yet lovely campus is what gets me. There are no 50-student classes or the ridiculous lines at the cafeteria. Everyone knows everyone. The teachers know you by name and learning is so much easier. For example, I took French II in the fall and my class had six people in it. Of course, not all of the classes are this small, but the staff sure takes the time to know everyone in the classroom. Although cheesy, I always ask my friends, does your teacher know you? 'Cause I know mine does; awesome to brag about.


Saint Thomas is diamond in the rough. The university core requires a good number of philosophy classses and theology classes which people at first hesistate to realize the importance of. However as you get a little older the ethics and clarity that this core teaches you really opens up one's mind and one's potential to grow as a person. This growth or experience one receives mentally REALLY guides you to provide true value to people in whatever discipline you are trying to study! The ideas learned allow one to make decisions in a eloquent manner in work force.


I brag most about the professors and small class sizes. The small class sizes allow professors to truly get to know their students. Students are not just a number or a name. Professors can put faces with names. All of the professors at the University of St. Thomas are always willing to help out as needed. Additionally, the faculty serve as professional references for job applications and resumes. They provide excellent insight into the field of study. The professors go above and beyond the requirements in their lectures and are very creative in their lesson execution.


It is a very small school. I dont have to rush from class to class because they're all in the same place.


When I tell my friends about UST, I brag about the small classes that allow for more discussion and attention to you as a student. The professors are dedicated at what they do and care more than most professors at any other school. The small classes allow for a better sense of community that I wouldn't be able to find any where else.


It is very academically forward, the teachers are focused on the students best interests, and the classes are small. students get the best help when they need it, because the teachers are so close to the students. the campus is small, and the people are very friendly.


The schools great professors and that it is one of the best catholic schools in the country. also that we are the safest college campus in Texas