University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


While St. Thomas seems to be accepting of almost all creeds of people from a plethora of backgrounds, the only types that I could think of would be personality types. Those who would like to "just get by" would have difficulty at St. Thomas. Even those who are lazy are helped to refine that laziness into efficinecy. Those whithout motivation to do well, however would waste their money; grades are not given, but earned. Even though the feint of heart would be socially accepted, the school just costs too much to fail.


People who aren't tolerant of other cultures, opinions, or beliefs or academically focused shouldn't attend this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that is not serious about college and higher education. This school is private and very competitive and with the cost and course load being on the "heavy" side, this school is not a place where you hang around to find yourself and discover what you like. Most people there are coming in with atleast a few years behind them at another community college so as to defray the cost of tuition. Bottom line if a person isnt serious about this school theres no need to apply.


The type of person that should not attend St. Thomas is one that is not ready to work hard and set aside enough time for completing assignments, whether it be reading the book or article or writing their research paper or mid-term or final.


Anyone can attend this school unless they don't like to work. UST is very diverse and and in a very metropolitan area with access to great resources. The professors here can be tough, so if you're not prepared to put effort into your work then it would be best to get an online degree.


Noone should NOT attend this school. The university curriculum is very flexible and a student is able to adapt quickly to the writing based exams. As in any school one should be honest with themselves about how much work they are willing to put in studying and what they expect from the school. Also, my school is very diverse and has both liberals that complain about the schools core requirements and spend their days debating on their extreme beliefs and are very narrow minded. As I mentioned earlier, noone should NOT attend any school, but just be curious of life!


Someone who wants a wild big campus, someone who just wants to finish school with out doing to much.


An extremely liberal person who is not willing to study alot.


people who arent nice or want a real university experience. were a private catholic school.


Someone who needs a large class size or a large campus. You may feel overwhelmed by the work load as well.