University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Never waste any opportunities. Life really is a big opportunity, and every day is a step towards that opportunity. College can seem like a time to just enjoy life, but we fail to realize that enjoyment comes as a fruit of our labors. Work hard. Never quit. Put in the 60-80 hour work weeks. Then, later in life you will reap the fruit of your success and truly will enjoy life. Don't waste your opportunities, especially one like college, which will move you quicker towards your dream than anything else. Unfortunately, there are very rare any "reset" buttons, so take your shot while you can.


Before anything, do not worry about finances, focus on making good grades. If you make great grades, scholarships and other oppurtunites will come along. Secondly, do not be afraid to ask for help! Bother your professors; they are there to help you! Make friends with the people in your class, compare notes, and make study groups. Thirdly, make sure that you give yourself ample time to study and review for upcoming assignments and exams. No more procrastination. Lastly, and most importantly, get sleep. Do not become a walking zombie because you will not be attentive during class, you will be tired and not want to study, you will start eating a lot more and become lazier by the hour. Its a vicious cycle to get into.


Learn as much as you can and listen to your teachers, also make sure you study hard so that your grades will be the best as possible so that you can get as many scholarships as possible.


I would first attempt to prevent my past self from losing his composure by reassuring him that my presence in the same moment of space-time as him would not cause him to vanish or disintegrate atom by atom. Afterward, I would advise my past self to be more proactive in befriending faculty and students regardless of whether or not they are associated with his major or course of study. I would emphasize to him how important it is to form these relationships, to interact with intelligent and talented individuals who embrace the value of education and strive to leave a lasting impression on whatever endeavor they choose to pursue.


Hey Me- just listen. You've always trusted your inner-voice right? Well, this time is no different. Elizabeth, don't you dare doubt yourself in college. You have a family that supports you in every way. You've pushed yourself in everything you do, from grades to sports. And these things have made us great! To catch up- we're driving now, and buying our own food and gas. We're hardly home these days and not getting the solid A's we thought were undoubtedly coming our way. And here's why I'm here: to say- don't let these things scare you!! You're STILL as determined as you were a year ago. You're STILL strong and whole-heartedly devoted to your dreams. Things are harder now. And some of these problems, be it making enough money or getting the best grades, are new things that you must take in stride. But what do we do to problems? We overcome them! That's who we ARE!! So believe in yourself. Don't be afraid of independence and the struggles it comes with. We can do this. As we always have. So believe in yourself. Always.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self i would tell me to learn alot more about financial aid, scholarships and better ways of how to pay for the expenses of college. I would also tell myself to make sure i put in for as many scolarships as i possibly could and as fast as i could. Moreover I would let myself know college is a great experience but is hard as well, always ask questions because no one is going to tell you on their own and to never give up no matter how hard it gets.


I would tell myself to keep up the hard work and start filling out scholarships and saving your money because the hardest thing to come is money issues.


Being a high school student goes by fast, you must plan a head. Instead of, following your friends you need to join clubs and activites, as well as, keeping up your grades that you can earn scholorships and choose the college of your choose. Not only that, you also want to save money, because you might want to stay in housing, which cost lots of cash for each month. You also need to have a plan out schedule. This will help, because you can organize your days of the week, such as, planning what homework you going to do for what class first, and how long you plan on spending on each homework during the day. You also want to pay attention of tuition, and the field of study you are taking up. The reason why, is because tuition may cost more then what you may make in your field of study. This probably the most important because if you are someone who have grants, fasfa, etc. you have to make a monthly payment after 6 months of graduating.


I would tell myself to make sure my high school grades are top notch, that things in college are much different than they seem. Nobody is there to baby you about doing your work that you are responsible for your success or faliure. The liberty to chose waht you want to study is wonderful but you have to be mindfull not to waste time taking unecessary classes. I would also say that staying on top of things is the way pass classes and keep moving forward in college. Never miss class and if you must miss class make sure you have open communication with your professors. Communication is the key to being an excellent student, make sure to always email councelors and advisors if you need any help. I would remind myself that if you want the best you have to try your best.


If I was to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to look for and apply for as many scholarship opportunities as early as possible. When you get to college make sure you join any clubs you can and go to all the events on campus. It will allow you to become more social and meet a lot of people. It is so much more fun if you have a lot of friends and know a lot of people on campus. Don't be afraid to get tutoring and try to rent your books online which will save you a whole lot of money. There will be a whole lot more free time than there was in highschool so make sure you manage your time wisely and try to get your schoolwork done early.


Firstly, I would tell myself to not believe everything that is told. For example, the reason I am attending a community college is because my counselor for high school delcared that I had a plan that would let me attend a California State/UC school. Unfortunately, my counselor had left out a crucial class: art. I was never an artist and I would have not even batted an eye when told I did not need an art class, only a foreign language. If I was able to communicate with myself in the past, I definitely take that art class instead of wasting time going and transfering from a community college. My parents were also not very pleased when I broke them the news. I would save myself a gigantic headache.


Don't really worry about anything except money. Apply to scholarships. Don't be lazy; you can't afford to be.


I would tell myself to do a bit more research on the different majors that are available. I would also try to remind myself that ultimatelly the sourses will be take by me and not my parents. So this would mean that I must be sure tht the major and school I'm choosing is of my choice only.


I would tell myself to study more, more in depth, and make sure i know "how" to study. Studying for test in high school, and in college are about as comparable as day and night. The information is so much more in depth, and the amount of information at most times can be overwhelming. in high school, it was breeze to not study and make an "A" on a test. I rarely cracked open a book in high school, or took notes; I sat there and listened, my brain acted as a sponge to the little information i needed. My brain in college acts more like the chemistry lab paper towels we had. It would absorb very little bit, and push the excess of the liquid around the table. The information in college classrooms is more crucial to the student, you rebuild and reinforce your foundation then build up, layer upon layer upon layer. Also in college, the littlest details count the most; the big picture is not all that discussed, the finer parts are most crucial in the information.


I would tell them to not be afraid of the challenge. My first semester I found myself settling for a career that I knew I could absolutely conquer, but I always knew something was missing. Do not be afraid to change your major to something that you feel a calling or passion to do because you will regret it in the end. I would also tell them to not be affraid to take changes. In college there will always be someone to enhance your intellect and mind, you just have to be willing to embrace those oppurtunities. It is crucial to go beyond the classroom lessons and embrace the college climate and freedom to reap the true benefits of a university.


While attending the University of St. Thomas last semester and continuing to attend, I have learned many things about myself and about life. In order to succeed in college, I believe there are three qualities you must possess: the ability to manage your time wisely, to proiritize, and to be open-minded. Having these qualities is crucial in college because they will not only help you in college, but also in life. Time management is usually the hardest thing to get used to when you make the transition from highschool to college because in highschool, this is for the most part, done for you. Priorities are very significant to keep in mind because if you constantly focus on things that may not be as important as your homework or a paper that is due, it will affect your grade and you will have to find a way to make up for it in the future. Lastly, being open-minded helps you to obtain knowledge that you would not if you never listened to other opinions or views of lessons you learn. I have realized that these qualities are necessary and have put them to use early in my college career.


The week before my first day in college a plethora of emotions ran through my mind starting with a build of excitement to a petrifying fear and high anxiety. It wasn’t until the night before I questioned my ability to continue a higher education by starting over at a new school where everything was unfamiliar. But once I arrived to my first class, that doubt turned into something positive and simply wonderful. I will be to first to say that college is nothing like high school. It's difficult and challenging and on most occasions it seems impossible to create a social life on campus with the studying hours continuing into the late hours of the night. But once those study buddies become good friends and the work load doesn’t seem as horrible as it did the first semester, college becomes an exciting new journey that’s helping me take one closer step to what I want to do for the rest of my life. This is the one last step taken until complete adulthood takes over and I have loved every minute of it so far. I’m grateful that I have had this opportunity to grow.


College has been a real life saver to me. Before i really began to care about my education, i was headed down a path of self-destruction. College has given way to dreams and goals. It has also been a wonderful way to exert my extra energy. Since i have began my path for a higher education, i have gained more reponsibility, respect, and time management skills. I used to hate attending school in high school. Now I feel like thats where I'm meant to be. College has opened a lot of new doors for me. It has also given way to a broader understanding of life and a wave of creativity.


The college experience has given me the opportunity to broaden my thinking through the form of books, lectures and from professors in their field of expertise. This stimulation has inspired me to think at a higher level, efficiently take notes, and explore new ideas. This will in-turn enable my growth and development as a college graduate and help obtain resourceful connections in my future job searches. Having a college degree provide


I believe that my education over the past years, in and out of the classroom, has developed me into a person of character. In the most recent years I have exhibited the utmost perseverance during troubling times, but without the troubling times, I would have had no "fire" to refine me as a person. Coming out of high school, my foremost goal was to go to West Point and become an officer in service of my country. I grew up in a low income neighborhood, and my parents had always taught me that hard work, education, strong will and God were all that I needed to succeed in whatever aspirations that I had for myself. I did my best to focus on these aspects of my life through high school and succeeded in earning an opportunity to go to USMAPS, the prep school for West Point. Initially, I though that it a year at USMAPS would be a sacrifice, however in hindsight it was one of the most developmental periods in my life so far, and I am glad that I was able to make bonds with friends there that will last me a lifetime.


I have really enjoyed attending the University of St. Thomas because I feel that the quality of education I am receiving is top notch. The campus is beautiful and I enjoy being there. The student body is diverse so I don't feel out of place because I am a non-traditional student. I had never even contemplated attending a private university, because I felt I would not be accepted for admission and I also thought it would be too costly, but after doing a little research and attending a transfer student information session I found out different and realized I could do it. The school provides a great support system and has a very nice and informative financial aid office that works to get you as much aid and scholarship money as possible. Enrolling in the school was a very smooth and easy process. I have changed my major a couple times already and all the staff, from academic advising to the the counselors who handle transfer students, have been great and extremely helpful. As a junior, I am looking forward to the day that I can call myself a UST grad!


At the beginning of the school year, I was admitted under conditioned terms. I was to not get lower than a C and maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA. Not so difficult I thought, but as soon as classes began I found myself struggling to keep up with my grades. Writing, it involved a lot of writing, something I, thankfully, love to do. Not only was I having a hard time with classes, but also getting to meet new people was difficult. Naturally, I am a very shy person yet living on campus made things easier. My roommate shares the same interests as me and we always attend on campus activities to get to know our campus better. Thanks to her I have more confidence in myself and that has opened many opportunities. I am involved in many clubs, one of them being Best Buddies were I have found my "campus family". My experience has been that of personal transformation. The activities I never did in high school, I am doing in college. I am glad to say I have maintained good grades and am no longer conditioned. I have succesfully learned to balanced my social and educational life.


I have been conditioned to think that "college is going to be the best time of my life." I don't necessarily agree with that statement; If college were going to be the best time of my life, then why go to classes and work toward a degree if not to make my life better? My college experience so far hasn't been what I had expected it to be. I say that because I have attended a community college since graduating high school. I chose the community college route because in senior year, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Naturally, I didn’t want to go away just yet. I tried to attend my college courses just as if everything were normal, but many of my professors noticed that I was holding back.. One of my professors came to me after class and asked if there was anything I wanted to get off my chest. It was at that moment that I realized what I wanted to do in the future. I want to become a teacher to change student’s lives, to teach from my heart and show compassion for my students.


When I was first applying to colleges, I guess you could categorize me as the ambitious honor roll girl with Asian parents to satisfy. The only schools whose brochures I salvaged from the mail were “brand name” schools. Fast forward to senior year, and I have abandoned schools that have offered acceptances and rejections. What remains? A small school near home that has offered me a full scholarship. Despite being the school that I had labeled as my definite back-up, the University of St. Thomas was also the very first school I applied to, the one I felt at home at, and the one that I never realized provided me with everything I was looking for, and more. I’m near my loved ones, at a school that nurtures my Catholic faith yet also exposes me to a rich variety of cultures. My classes are challenging in a unique way that parallels the distinctive student body itself; the things I learn go beyond the scope of the textbook and somehow relate everything back to the human core of life. The UST experience, in essence, has given me INSIGHT into not just college, but what is to come after graduation.


My college experience.. where to begin. UST is a smaller school however this allows one to experience a lot of one's classmates. I have gotten a lot out of UST as a person, student and man. The philosophy part of school allows one to realize that he who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightened. At the begininning of my experience you really learn about the human person and this is what makes one have originality and a door to open up new frontiers. I have have gotten to work with entrepreneurs by networking within the school around the Houston area and see how they incorporated philosophy and theology into their businesses and how it affects the people in the business. Within my experience here at UST i have mostly learned that you were born original. A lot of students i think get this mixed up for a while with all the pleasures of the body and reliance on other things. A big thing i have also learned is that without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. It has been a great experience and i hope more hear about UST. Thank you. - Kaleb


It has given me the knowledge needed to be successful in this continualy evolving technological world. I have aquired the skills needed to make my job seamless as well as being able to provide pristine desktop support.


I have gotten the value of responsibility and accountability out of my college experience. I have to be responsible and make sure that I get things done and do my very best. Life is too short to waste.


Since attending St. Thomas I have absolutely had a great experience. While attending there I have recieved a great education, learned valuable lessons from the faculty and clergy (its a catholic school), and definitely attained the life skills needed to strike out and make it in the world while still remaining level headed and humble for all the experience I've had. Attending a Catholic school has definitely had an impact on how I view the world and has at times made me look inside and myself and reevaluate my priorties and helped shape me into a better person. People say that the college experience needs to be on your own at a big school but at St. Thomas its almost like having a family there because the faculty is very focused on the students and making sure that we acheive to our full potential. Don't get me wrong, everybodys' college experience is valuable to them in their own way but attending this school has definitely given me something I wouldn't have had before....a shot at a very promising and fulfilling life.


Initially, I entered college with an immature mindset. School had always been easy for me, and I assumed college would be the same. After a year and a half of classes I now appreciate the rigors of being a student-athlete. What I most appreciate abour by college experience up to this point is the wisdom I have gained. Specifically, I have come to better understand my strengths and weaknesses as an individual. This knowledge more than anything else will be invaluable to me as I become a self sufficient adult.


My High School experience was unlike many others. My first two years included me being homeschooled through a religious homeschooling program. And my second two years at a Community College close to my home. I transferred to Central Washington University not knowing what to expect or what to gain. And since being here a quarter, I believe, I have only gained. While attending Central I have started to shape and become who I believe I am. I transferred as a Junior and jumped straight into my Philosophy major, which in turn, provided me with plenty of knowledge and experience. Transferring to a new college out of High school as a Junior is an interesting transition. Divided by having an age of a Freshmen, but a status of an Upperclassmen creates a void in who you meet and what you do. I feel like I have grown from this experience though; being able to direct, lead and mentor Freshmen and be taught and brought up by my superiors. Overall I feel like it has been an amazing experience to meet new people, and learn a myriad of new information this year. I am looking forward to what lies ahead at CWU.


To me, college has been more than book knowledge, more than tests, more than cramming, and even more than making new friends. College has given me the opportunity to fail, give up, if you will, the chance to walk away and quit. College has been a stressful test of my will to make it through to the end. Engineering has posed as the most difficult major I have encountered and I have risen to meet its challenge. I have learned to adore the mathmatical formulas that make it possible to predict the distance an object will fall and the time it will take to do so. Physics is like magic and I am constantly awed at its power to prove over and over the laws of Sir Issac Newton, a man I have learned to care much for since he also took a large part in my dreaded yet amazing calculus. My loving hate for these subjects is due to the fact that I want so badly to master them. I thank college for the opportunity to succeed. I will be the victor, and some glorious day I will graduate and know that I have made it. Take that, college.


I have recieved great expriences from my college life. Even though some are bad, they helped me to learn new lessons for the future. First I have met so many incredible people from students to faculty. I enjoy learning so many things. I have learned so much information that it sometimes seems overwhelming, but it is worth-while. I have accomplished many goals that I have set for myself and continue to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. My school has a great student to teacher ratio so that I can be involved in the various disscussions and not feel ignored. The kindness and caring attitudes that I am surrounded by have helped me to get through many difficult situations that have come my way. This school has made me a better person on so many different levels and continues to build me up for success. My school pushes me academically but it increases my knowledge and understanding of various subjects. I have seen so many institutions that are so overcrowded and many students really don't get the help they need but the Univeristy of St. Thomas has truly changed my life.


I have learned many things that help my experience with college turn into a wonderful opportunity. I have found out what I wanted to do with my life such as become a MFT focusing on pain management without the use of medicines. Also, as wanting to become a Christian counselor, I have the feeling of what God is doing with my life and to share His words and use them to help others in need. I have been studying pain with my grandpa, another Christian counselor and mentor, and I found it to be useful. Pain is very complex and I would like to know about it more. I found that college has lead me to find my true passion in life, find out who I want to become, and I have learned how to focus my work and study information that is more relevant to me, which makes it more interesting. I learned to adapt to social behaviors and i have a clear understanding in the way people act. Even though college is hard, I still find it facinating to study everything that I can. The more i study, the more I find things facinating.


Since entering college, I have had great experiences through joining volunteer opportunities, maintaining a job, and also being a member of the Honors Program at Pierce College. I first became an avid volunteer through my experience through my college's Service Learning Program, in which I volunteered at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center for 7 months. It was an extremeley rewarding experience, and I now value my life differently because of the patients that I have met. I take no opportunity for granted, and want to squeeze the opportunity out of life. My academic performance has qualified me continuously for the Pierce Honors Program, in which I am able to take enriched and advanced classes and have a better opportunity to get into the university of my dreams. Working part time has also made college a priority for me, as I can properly and efficiently allocate time to be successful in my studies, without being idle. It has been invaluable to attend college, as I want to eventually attend graduate school and receive an MBA. The hours of intense work and studying as well as my rigorous classes will help me to reach my dreams of owning my own business.


I have learned a lot of valuable lessons in college. It has taught me to be more independent, resourceful, and patient. Going to an out-of-state university has definently changed me. Living away from home has weaned me from many of my family dependencies. Since I'm unable to see my family everyday it has taught me to be stronger. I have learned to live without seeing them everyday and it has made me more self sufficient. Without my parents constantly caring for me I have to handle several financial and social situations on my own. It has also taught me that everything does not happen exactly the way that you want it to or when you want it to. College has definently helped me to mature.


Since I was very young my mother who was a teen single mother planted the small seed of desire and passion of me attending college and furthering my education. She has always stressed the importance of furthering my education in order to be able to be an independent woman and most importantly to be a well rounded individual. In college I realized it wasn’t just going to school to further my education as my mother had always stressed, but rather a journey of Self discovery and it being a stepping stone towards the endless opportunities I had to be whatever I desired. It has made me proud to be able to be attending college because I knew I was making my mother’s and I dream come true, after all this is why when I was growing up she worked hard to provide me with the best opportunities possible. Being here, today in college I value it more than ever because I realize it has been only part of my journey that we all have in life and most importantly for part of my search of how I desire to help and leave my footprint on this world.


As a high school junior and senior you dream of college, you yearn for the freedom, the knowledge, the overall stigma with being labeled a “college student”. So far, I've learned business theory, how to solve functions, and even picked up a little Spanish, but the knowledge I've gained about myself in college will stay with me forever. I remember getting my first D on a test, amazed that my study habits were insufficient and forcing me to realize that I wasn't in high school anymore. My first time actually studying in a library then later falling asleep, waking up, and cracking the books again, teaching me perseverance and the importance of managing my time better. I remember the first time I told my friends I couldn't go out with them because I had to study and how good it felt that I was finally becoming responsible. I came to college seeking a degree in accounting; little did I know it would be a major in life, with a minor in accounting. I am thankful for the life lessons college has taught me thus far and look forward to many more in the near future.


My college experience has been very challenging. Coming out of group homes and foster homes, i have wanted to prove not all kids who come out of that kind of system are bad. I wanted to prove that im not just another statistic and i can work as hard as anyone. I want to make a life for myself. Attending college has been valuable to me, because it of course furthers my education and it challenges me to be the best person i can be. I can always see me going back to school in the future, because to me school is fun not just rewarding. Everyone has always told me that i had the smarts and a gift for school. Math and social studies were always my strong suit. When i got put into the state system school became an almost second to survival. I never let it go away though. I continued to do as much as i could in High School, and when i got my diploma i knew i could continue to go as far as i wanted. Since then i have just nearly completed my associates degree and the sky is the limit.


My college experience has really meant a great deal to me, probably much more than to many of my classmates. My parents immigrated to the United States nearly 40 years ago. They have always taught my siblings and me the importance of a good education. I graduated from high school and never finished my college education. I ended up getting married and had two children. As my children grew older, my father continued his persistence in my finishing up my college degree. It was tough coordinating between my school work with all the responsibilities I have as a homemaker, but I successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on Elementary Education with Special Education Certification. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas in May. This truly meant a great deal to me, especially with having two teenage boys. They saw me through the entire time I went back to school balancing my full-time school work load with maintaining the house work and keeping with their own education. I have learned alot about myself and truly value my college degree so much more knowing how hard I had to work to get it.


My experience in the University of St. Thomas has been rewarding and I am proud of my academic success there. My work ethic and sensibility have been enriched by the University’s various humanistic courses. I very much enjoy the topics covered in my science classes which have increased my thirst for learning and knowledge even more. Although the professors are very demanding and the classes are always challenging, I have become self-disciplined and have acquired the study habits that are reflected in my grades and GPA. I have been familiarized with research and volunteering services thanks to the University's faculty members.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have continued to grow as a person and am discovering who I am and where I fit in in the grand scheme of things. I have learned valuable skills that will help me in the real world. I haven't learned just skills that pertain to my field of study althought that is a huge part of what I have gotten out of college, but also I have learned life skills that will better help me to cope and adapt to my changing surroundings as life leads me on the journey I must go down. College has taught me how to work people, even when those people are less than agreeable. It has taught me how to stay organized and managed my time correctly to get the most out of it. It has taught me to be savvy and careful about who I trust and how to make lasting friendships that will survive and thrive for years to come. College has, for me, prepared me for my life ahead of me and without this experience and guidence I think I would be very lost in the outside world.


What I have gotten out of my college experience, so far, is a better understanding of myself. I feel that I've come to known who I am, who I want to be, and a sense of purpose in the world. This has allowed to me to break free from the social norms that supress the high-school system into a heiarchy based on a social caste system. The education is top notch, and I'm amazed at the passion and intelligence of my professors. All of these things have made college the most valuable experience so far!


Being a transfer student, from Houston Community College to University of St. Thomas, has allowed me to see that any university is much more challenging then a community college. In the past, being a student at Houston Community College, I was able to get by with a few hours of studying here and there and as a result, pass with good grades. But when I transferred to the University of St. Thomas I realized that this college is a whole new ball game. My study habits, the amount of hours dedicated towards studying and some of the sacrifices I had to make, not only had to be taken up a notch but also had to be constantly applied to each semester. As a current student for the past two years at the University of St. Thomas, my confidence and excitment has only increased and not only that but my drive to accomplish my goal, which is to graduate from this prestigious university, has really pushed me towards becoming a better student and an individual.


I came to UST as a die-hard Catholic looking for a school that would uphold my views over the rest of the world. I came out a die-hard Catholic capable of looking with true respect to those outside my tradition and capable of appreciating all seekers of Truth as we come to know the world. It is many ways hard to admit that one doesn’t have all the answers, but UST calls us for us to do just that. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition is one which claims that Truth is an infinite well, one that any and all peoples seek to drink from, and some who are not Catholic drink even deeper than the staunchest of believers. I will be forever indebted to UST as I continue my studies for opening up the world and and I will always thank my professors and peers for bolstering my faith by revealing the beauty of that world outside of it.


Through my College experience i have learned how to really study and find out what my interests are and to become a better memeber of society and to better myself by boming more independent and college is vauable because once you have it the sky is the limit.


Even though I haven't attended college for a long amount of time, I have still learned numerous things. I've learned that procrastination isn't always a friend of mine. I've learned that professors are people too. Going into college I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea what the classes were going to look like, feel like, or smell like. College is a totally different world from high school. There are people smoking on campus. Professors who are allowed to curse. What I'm trying to say is what I've gotten out of college is a completely different environment with completely different people and classes. Its valuable to attend to get that experience. To have that different feeling. To see the diversity on the campus. To educate yourself, not only with the academics, but with the social aspect also.


Throughout my years attending my community college, I have learned many valuable items that are vital to the real world. Not only have I learned information about my field of study, but I have also learned key values, such as teamwork, preparedness, studying skills, and neatness. However, being a science major, I have also learned many interesting things about my field of study, such as how and why things work, things about myself, and how to solve any science- related problems. It has also been to my advantage attending a community college, because I get more one- on-one study time with asking teachers questions I might have. I recommend this path to any student coming out of high school.


My father passed away in the United States when I was 13 years old and only 3 years later I lost my mother to Mexico. I was left at 16 years old with my older brothers to feed for myself. Since I’m the first generation to attend college I take my education very seriously. My education at College of the Sequoias has been very motivated. Not only am I the Vice President for M.E.Ch.A but I’m also in the honors society club. My experience has taught me to be fierce and chase for my dreams and value what I have accomplished. Being the president I’m very active in my community. I learned that it’s better give then receive. During summer I volunteer at a senior citizen center in Farmersville California. It was a great experience because I had the chance to be the cook for those senior citizens and the feeling of helping them is priceless. All this great experience had help me become a confident and an overachiever. I ‘m very hungry for a higher education and never look down and keep heading to the future because no one will stop me.


My college experience opened a whole new world for me. I was raised in what people would call "the ghetto" and I did not know anything aside from that. Coming to St. Thomas showed me that there was a better life out there and all I had to do was work hard to get ahead in life. My education improved and I realized that there were people out there ready to help me get ahead and not just hold me down. Because of my past I decided to become a teacher in a low poverty area. I wanted to encourage students that were like me to know that there is a better life out there and know that they can raise their quality of life if they work hard. I am now about to attend graduate school to get my masters in curriculum and instruction to improve my teaching methods.


I have gotten that you need to manage your time wisely and know where you want to go in life. If you set your own goals and meet them, then you will Be a very successful person later on in life. Kep your head you and ask plenty of questions, even if you think the question is not very intelligent. ASK!