University of St Thomas-Houston Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The friendly atmosphere is nice since it gives the school a comfortable feeling. There's not much to feel uncomfortable about.


The atmosphere around the school s no other that i have ever felt. As soon as you are on the campus you can feel the warmth, compassion, and friendliness. I f you cannott feel it just loom around, you will be greeted with a smile and a simple yet professional "hello" that makes you feel at home automatically.


The small but diverse community is the best asset. UST is a Hispanic Serving institute which means it has one of the highest percentils of Universities with hispanic students. Along with that there are people from truly different backgrounds and beliefs that are able to be heard because the class sizes are intimate enough to hear from every student on a daily basis.


The best thing about my school is the ability for me to continue playing basketball at a competitive level, while attaining an education that will allow me to be competitive in the job market.


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is the education. Being a Catholic liberal arts school, you are required to take Theology and Philosophy classes in addition to a vast core. Some may think that many of the classes they take will have nothing to do with your major, but you get insight into so many different disciplines, which allows you to think and analyze more critically. Not only that, but regardless of your beliefs the classes help you to learn more about yourself which is the key to success after college.


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is the enviroment that the students create within the school. Each indiviual contributes a part of his or herself which establishes a mix background that you want to be apart of. Being a Catholic school, the University of St. Thomas sets the bar high, not only for the teachers but for the students as well, encouraging the students to push pass their limitations and boundaries in order to succeed within their academic field.


What I consider as the best thing about my own school is that the learning evironment that the school has provided for the students. Not only the students are able to deepen their own knowledge in their field of study but they also have plenty of opportunities to deepen their spiritual life through attending mass, adoration, and private prayer life.


I have truly never been dissatisfied with any professor in any field at this school - they're all very engaging and fair.


The beautiful park, chapel, and the community on campus.


The professors definately and the size of the school. They are experts in their fields currently working or retired, and have vast knowledge of the real world. They definately prepared me well enough for the working world! The small classes were another advantage. More time with the professor means a great relationship and better access to them!


The best thing about the Univeristy of St. Thomas is that it is small enough that all students even upperclassmen are equally likely to want to help their classmates and those who are under them.


Smaller class sizes are great. Faculty is always accessible, so is financial aid advisors, academic advisors. Everyone is friendly and eager to learn.