University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


St. Thomas has small class, good professors, a whole lot of white people, and some fun cocurriculars.


St. Thomas is a "big, small school" that allows students a variety of opportunity including the various extra-curricular activities, degrees and future careers.


Friendly people that are there to help you excel in whatever you choose.


The University of Saint Thomas has so much to offer between academics and extra-curricular activites.


UST is a very good school, very involved in the community and has a great business program!


A medium size liberal arts college with a beautiful campus.


It is a great combination of big and small with a really caring community.


Goal and carrer drivin people looking to do good in there world and life.


St. Thomas is a welcoming liberal arts school with the feel of a large school and the positives of a small school and a very active student body.


"Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the University of St. Thomas educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good."


The University of St. Thomas is a Catholic University, has a decent sized student population, is very good academically, and is a great and fun school to go attend.


The University of St. Thomas is a beautiful campus. The one-on-one time with the professors and the small class sizes really helps with studying and focusing on the class itself; actual learning happens in the classroom and I would not give that up for anything. I am getting my money's worth out of my classes.


University of St. Thomas allows students to challenge themselves and for them to challege the world.


My school is a academic institution that only allows for hard work to become educated for career opportunities for the future.


St. Thomas is a small catholic college containing many upper middle class students.


The University of St. Thomas is a very beautiful school, with students who aspire to be leaders of the world and help those less fortunate than us.


The University of St. Thomas is my dream school with a perfect atmosphere that is full of warm and friendly faculty, staff, and students.


The University of St. Thomas is a private, Catholic University dedicated to fostering faith and knowledge within its students.


St. Thomas works hard to keep you on track with graduation and the academic perspective is very tough.


Anyone who likes smaller class sizes, wants easy access to professors, an inclusive student community, enjoys participating in a variety of clubs, organizations and sports, loves experiencing other cultures, wants to challenge themselves in many respects especially academically with a comprehensive curriculum, and wants to graduate as a well-rounded scholar should definitely consider applying to the University of St. Thomas.


The University of St. Thomas is an amazing place to be; the scenic and familiar campus, the beauty of nature during all seasons, the warm, genuine staff, the small and personal classes, and the welcoming, homey atmosphere make it a great place to spend four years.


The University of St. Thomas is a beautiful display of architecture and that traditional Catholic feel, which offers a private education that is second to none, a friendly atmosphere where you can meet new people and gain a sense of acceptance and a better chance to be successful in the future because of their long standing reputation for excellence.


The University of Saint Thomas is a Catholic institution dedicated to educating its students while instilling moral and ethical values.


The University of Saint Thomas is a private, Catholic university that is able to uphold its Catholic traditions and mission while embracing and encouraging diversity in its classes, among its students, faculty and staff, and within its community, allowing for a close knit neighborhood community with global connections and understanding.


Universtiy of St. Thomas is a catholic, liberal arts school, in the city, with an amazing business program.


Focused on being well-rounded.


St. Thomas is a small school in a great location with great academics and great people.


Saint Thomas is very welcoming. It is the perfect size with not to many people, or not too little. The campus isn't too small, but small enough where it is easy to walk to your classes. There is unbelievable school spirit and so many different oppurtunites to get invloved in any sort of activity group.


Innovative, promising, leading school for health sciences & research.


All of the professors are super helpful, and all of the students are kind and interested in making lots of new friends.


The University of St. Thomas is a college dedicated to the students; caring faculty and positive students combine together to make a very positive academic environment.


The University of St. Thomas is a great school with so many opportunities. It's full of helpful and intelligent professors and a faculty that really cares about their students. The class sizes were exactly what I was looking for in a college, and I just love the atmosphere.


St. Thomas is a career-focused school that makes sure you are ready to go into the work place upon graduation.


St. Thomas recognizes, welcomes, and encourages students from every race, ethnicity, and religion.


A school that is dedicated to helping its students grow academically and socially in order to become leaders in today's society.


St Thomas is a large small school in a suburban area with lots of access to the big city resources


Small school feel, with helpful teachers, plentiful academic resources, and individualized attention.


It's a fun, beautiful, and energetic environment.


My school can easily be described as a perfect fit which can be shown in the love of the students towards the pride of the school and the education that the school provides for its students.


A small school with great networking capabilities, but not very accomidating to a variety of backgrounds.


Saint Thomas is a place that engages you academically and morally, while preparing you for leadership.


The University of Saint Thomas is a diverse, multi-cultural, Catholic school where lots of knowledge and friendships are gained.


University of St Thomas is family.


A sense of community feel with fun loving people.


The University of St. Thomas is Minnesota's largest private college that teaches students to be globally minded citizens working towards a common good.


The University of St. Thomas is a competitive community of students.


My school gives me an experience that allows me to grow not only academically, but as a person as well.


The University of St. Thomas is a private, Catholic, liberal arts university that strives to fulfill the mission statement of: "educationg students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically and work skillfully to advance the common good.


University of St. Thomas is a great, friendly, very charismatic environment that promotes learning and gives you one of the greatest places imaginable to study during your undergraduate or graduate years.


The University of St. Thomas is technologically up to date and is challenging, giving the students an excelent education.