University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Super clean, beautiful, organized and fun.


The University of St. Thomas is a welcoming private institution school with a high focus on utulizing college as a stepping stone in your future career. While students and faculty are friendly, there is a definate disconnect between those who attend for only the social aspect and those who attend for the academics, while most students are somewhere in between. Many students at St. Thomas complete internships early in there career and recieve financial aid.


The University of St. Thomas is academically challenging and has a beautiful campus.


Complex, engaging, fun place to be for a exciting 4 years.


The best place to recieve an education.


A lively, urban and open community.


University of St. Thomas is a fun, upbeat school. Although it is a good time coming here, there are very challenging courses. You are right in between two major cities, but close to many suburban neighborhoods and wildlife.


St. Thomas is a good school and has a very good education program with a strong faith support.


The University of Saint Thomas is a four-year Catholic Institution with a mostly caucasian student body, but is also very supportive of the minorities that attend; it is very welcoming to all and has great academics as well as being associated with the ACTC (Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities).


The University of St. Thomas has a sense of worldly awareness that offers a diverse student body the necessary skills for success in promoting the common good.


This school has become home to me, it is accepting, diverse, challenging and provides a lot to do.


The University of Saint Thomas cares about their students.


The University of St. Thomas, located in a homey, residential area of St. Paul but only minutes from both downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis, is a conservative, private, family community rooted in Catholic tradition with a focus on student's academics as well as becoming moral leaders, most known for its school of business.


A fun, energetic campus that strives for students to succeed while fostering a sense of responsibility and duty to others.


The University of St. Thomas is an acadademic institution that stives to integrate education, faith, and community.


It is very welcoming, accomodating, helpful, and fun to a large variety and amount of students.


The University of Saint Thomas is a school which promotes learning in a safe, healthy, and enjoyable way, while allowing students to have fun, exploring themselves and the world around them.


St. Thomas is a beautiful private college in St. Paul which offers great financial support to its students, small class sizes, multiple resources for academic success and wellness, limitless opportunites for academic and social success and happiness, a supportive and dedicated faculty, a diverse and welcoming student body, and a spectacular feeling of belonging to a community.


St. Thomas has friendly students and staff that are willing to help you.


The University of St. Thomas is small, diverse, fun, innovative, goal orientated, and alumni love to network with the students.


St. Thomas has a beautiful campus with friendly and helpful students and staff , small class sizes, and a great atmosphere.


St. Thomas offers many classes to prepare and allow students to accomplish their career goals.


The University of St. Thomas is a school with well-rounded and determined students who want to do well in school, and this school definitely prepares its students for their chosen career paths.


It is a catholic based school but only half the students are actually catolic, it is a school of about 10,000 undergraduate students and it is known for Business.


Small, career and club focused school.


St. Thomas is committed to creating well rounded students.


St Thomas is a great school that offers a excellent education.


My school is a faith based college, with many opportunities for me, in whatever major I choose, and almost any activity I am interested in.


A place where students can meet new people, be academically challenged, and achieve the goals they want to.


Saint thomas has a very nice campus with a big focus on academics. It is very expensive to go to school here. All people here have good intentions of learning or teaching.


The University of St. Thomas is a quality school whose goal is to help the students become successful.


St. Thomas is absolutely beautiful and an incredibly easy place to have fun, learn and make friends.


St. Thomas creates a culture among faculty, students and staff that recognizes the power of ideas and rewards rigorous thinking while actively engaging Catholic intellectual tradition.


My school is a Catholic private school that is known for its excellent academic reputations, especially in the field of psychology.


A univeristy with a faith base but plenty of opporutnities for secular involvement and a university that has the best of both big univeristy amenities and the close bond felt in small colleges.


The University of St. Thomas is a great venue in which students have the ability and the opportunity to grow no only as an individual person, but also as a professional that will someday enter the working world. It allows students to make life-long friends and learn things that will stick with you the rest of your life.


Academically swell, but cost, activites, and social life is miserable, which is why St. Thomas fails to meet my expectations.


St. Thomas is a place where you will gain knowledge, life-time friends and a degree from a very prestigious and well-known university.


My university is a very large family that has its flaws but is a place where one can see themselves succeeding in.


University of St. Thomas is life changing in a very positive way.


A warm and welcoming place where there is a mix of different ideas and backgrounds.


The University of St. Thomas is a school that works hard to get their students to think critically about problems and not just accept everything that you are told.


UST is an average school that costs a lot of money, exists for business and science majors, is nestled in suburbia far away from the beneficial aspects (but near the detrimental aspects) of city living, and has a fairly homogenous student body.




The University of St. Thomas is not only an academic institution, but a community working together to "advance the common good."