University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


St. Thomas is best known for its well-connected business school, its highly thought of education program, and for having a cohort of young women who only wear Uggs and Northface jackets. They're usually blonde but not always.


The Univeristy of St. Thomas is best known for its beautiful campus and small class sizes.


University of St. Thomas is best known for its students being health conscious, and high standards. The students here set high goals for themselves and the University is known for helping them achieve those goals, particularily in the business world.


Best known for what? Now let me see... My first thought would be Business. But wait: it's really Catholic Studies That you absolutely can't miss. The classes are great, And community's A home-away-from-home. Plus, there’s a chance To study for a Semester in beautiful Rome! Why St. Thomas? The reason that many Have heard for miles around Is Catholic Studies: The program that’s worth MN’s long months with snow on the ground.


There are two main things St Thomas is known for. The first is the school of business. We are known to prepare students to become successful leaders in a business setting. In addition, St Thomas is known for is producing well-rounded student, no matter what their major. This is attributed to our heavy core curriculum, and it gives companies confidence in our graduates' abilities to look beyond the subject matter they studied.


St. Thomas is known for producing graduates with a well-rounded education and strong skills that will benefit them in the workplace. We are innovative and hard-working. Our Business School is well-known and highly accredited. Also we have great professors, who are all highly educated in their fields. Students and staff at St. Thomas are known for having a strong sense or spirit and pride in the University. Sporting events are highly attended and everyone is cheering on the Tommies. Overall we are very proud of our school and want to show it off to everyone!


St. Thomas is best known for being a more expensive school that provides a good education.


It is best for its business, education, and liberal arts classes. UST also is the most well known Catholic private university in the midwest and top 10 in the country. They have the firm belief that everyone is created equal, and should be treated that way, in the classroom and out. They have great support by the state to help students out financially and personally. Lastly, they have a very good rated career placement program to help graduates make the best out of their degree they worked so very hard for.


University of St. Thomas is known for its strong business program. Almost half of the students who attend St. Thomas major in the business field.


St. Thomas is most well known for its Business programs. There are many alumni working in the area so the connections coming out are fantastic.


It's business and law programs. Most students are here to become a business major or to go onto the highly acclaimed graduate law school.


I would say St. Thomas is best known for its business programs and job placements. Business-related majors far outweigh any other major on our campus, and business graduates from St. Thomas are looked upon highly from employers. People also often mention the beautiful St. Paul campus and, more recently, the new $66 million student center.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its business school and its education degrees.


I would say it is best known for business and for getting graduates jobs right out of college.


St. Thomas has strong connections with jobs around the area so finding a job right out of college is much easier than other schools. Professors care about their students and learn each and everyones name. Class sizes aren't too big, so getting one on one time with professors isn't that difficult. The campus is beautiful and I feel so safe and at home here!


The business and biology programs and for being a suitcase school.


Being a private, Catholic university, and the business department.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its prestigous academics. St. Thomas is always one of the top schools in the country in a number of different programs.


The University of St. Thomas is known for a vigorous academic program, with an emphasis on developing Catholic morals and fostering a diverse and welcoming community. St. Thomas is known for it's expensive tuition but also outstanding financial aid program that does its best to make a St. Thomas education affordable for everyone. The study abroad program is one of the best nationwide and has only gotten outstanding reviews from the students I've talked to. St. Thomas is known for being a Catholic university but also welcomes those of all faiths.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for excellence in the liberal arts and business. It is a Catholic school with rigorous academics and is well-respected in the Twin Cities metro area. They also have the Opus School of Business, their graduate business school, and the School of Law, which are both esteemed in their respective fields. Their high level of service is also well-known.


In my opinion, St. Thomas is best known for their high tuition rates and excellent education, especially in the school of business. Over half of the students who attend UST are business majors and their curriculum isn't easy. Business majors, as well as all other students, are pushed hard to achieve their goals.


I would say that my school is best known for its beautiful campus and its well known business school.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for it's prestigious academic excellence. It is one of the best business schools in the nation.


I think the school is well known for it's Catholic background and it's football team.


I think the University of Saint Thomas (UST) is best known for it's Tommie Pride. Those who go to UST love it and we will show you how much we do care to go to such a great University.


We are probably best known for being right in the city and having most of our students live fairly close to the city area. Some people call us the 'suitcase school' because students often choose to go home for weekends due to how close they already are to home.


Strong Science courses and Football team.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for rigorous academic study, career-focused courses, and a Catholic-centered education. The most common majors are Business for men and Communication and Journalism for women. Each student is required to take three Theology courses and two Philosophy courses.


Quality Catholic Education based on the Faith and Reason.


Sports, and a very VERY good education!


The University of St. Thomas is known for it's strong business program that is deeply rooted in ethics. St. Thomas is also known for having a strong study abroad program. Students who wish to study abroad can chose to travel to almost any country in the world. Most of all, St. Thomas has many traditions that it keeps close, the walk through the arches on the first day of school and graduations, kissing under the arches to become a true Tommy, all saints parade during homecoming week are just a few of St Thoma's great traditions.


Our school is best known for our interaction between students and professors. We are ranked nationally for quality of undergraduate teaching among several of the top schools in the nation including Harvard and Princeton. I really feel that I get the biggest bang for my buck possible here.


The Univerity of St. Thomas is best known for preparing their students to be active memebers of society.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its business and catholic studies program. Both programs are packed with professors that are excellently qualified for their positions. The Catholic identity of the university is also well known. St. Thomas has a chapel on both the north and south campuses with high attendance at each. Many people from my home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota are familiar with St. Thomas because of the presence of St. John Vianney College Seminary and St. Paul Major Seminary.


Our good athletic teams, and our business school.


One of the things the school is best known for is the great business program they have here. They are also known for being an excellent university with small class sizes and dedicated professors. Also that they are a Catholic college.


The University of St. Thomas is known for having a great school for Business along with Study Abroad programs with both affiliate schools and ones that students find themselves. St. Thomas is also known as being a very religious school with a strong emphasis on morals but still with and open attitude towards others beliefs.


My school is best known for it being affiliated with Catholicism. It has a great business program. Also, it offers many pre-professional programs. Many students choose to come here for the sports, too.


The University of Saint Thomas is best known for there awesome business school. There sports teams aren't too bad either for being in division 3!


Being a school with very successful rich alumi and students.


Having one on one instruction. Dedicated and sophisticated professors.


Our school is best known for our business and law programs, but we offer and excel in many other areas of study.


I would say that St. Thomas is best known for its campus. If we were to bring somebody new to campus to check it they all say the same thing, "It looks like Harry Potter!" We just giggle because we know it's beautiful! It's also just so comforting and home-like.


My school is best known for our football team. We had gotten really good in the last few years and are going to the championship for our division.


University of St. Thomas is well known for their prestige and being well-credited. Also, we have a great business school. Lastly, all of our sport teams do very well, especially our basketball and football teams.


St. Thomas is best known for its proximity to the Twin Cities, its strong religious tradition, its decorated sports teams, and its business school.


They are best known for their buisness department and law school.


I think we're best known for our huge network of graduates.


St. Thomas is best known as a well rounded, prestigious, Catholic liberal arts university consisting of quality academics and an intellectual moral mission.


The University of St. Thomas is very well known by anyone in the TwinCities area as a prestigious private school, which offers amazing programs in several different areas such as Social Work and Engineering, all in a smaller, more intimate setting to meet every students personal needs, to give them the best possible chance for success.