University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

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When considering the rest of my college career, I had to look at a variety of aspects. Looking at the the town, the genuity of the people, and what the school could bring me in my future, all led to what choice I would make. The University of St. Thomas had different unique qualities that the other schools I applied to did not. This school is full of creative minds, people with full hearts that are truly interested in the betterment of their future, ad finally, this school had the atmosphere of a family that would not let others down.


The University of St. Thomas not only was the most beautiful campus I toured, but as I did my research and especially now that I attend classes here, I've learned that the professors are really very intelligent and come from all around the states to teach at St. Thomas. The classes are small, but that gives the opportunity to get personalized feedback and create relationships with your professors. Also, the course material is specialized and in depth which makes the classes interesting. Compared to other colleges, St. Thomas is a safe and positve environment to learn and live in.


That this private school is on the lower end of the price for college but it's in a good location.


UST allows me to be my own person and share what I am good at with others around me and in class. I also get to have a beautiful campus to live and go to class on, but most of all I get to feel not like a student, but like a person. Last, but certainly not least is the opportunity for me to share my faith with everyone and anyone around me and IN a classroom environment.


There is a large variety of classes for a smaller private school.


The unique thing about Saint Thomas is that it has a sense of community that I didn't think I would find anywhere else. I had only heard great reviews from the school and I decided that this was a good investment to make into my future regardless of the cost because it is a private universtiy.


St. Thomas is located in St. Paul, but is a great community to be apart of. When you are on campus, you forget that you are in the middle of the city, but when you want, you can explore all that St. Paul has to offer. It's truly the best of both worlds! St. Thomas is also small enough that classes aren't too big and you have the chance to know lots of people, but big enough that you are always meeting more people.


It's better then most other schools


St. Thomas has small class sizes and a fairly intimate campus while still being a relatively large private university. I didn't want to attend a large state school with giant lecture classes and St. Thomas seemed to stand out by providing almost the same number of opportunities in a more intimate setting.


The only thing unique about St. Thomas in comparison to the other schools I considered is the amount of scholarships they award.


The University of St Thomas has a strong Catholic background that is offered for any students, regardless of religion.


University of St. Thomas is unique because it is a close knit school with a big name that is recognized by employers.


This school felt professional and like somewhere you wanted to be compared to other schools.


The campus is really pretty. Buildings are all done in the same architecural style. It's a small campus in a big city, so you have the abiity to connect in the community or get lost in a large city. This area has a rich history and the school has old traditions that are great. It's a great welcoming community for all students.


It was very close to the heart of the cities but was very beautiful. Though I am less than 15 minutes from two malls and downtown the campus looks great and feels like its not in the middle of the twin cities.


St. Thomas has lots of alumni support. They constantly are providing opportunities for students to connect with alumni through various programs. St. Thomas' alumi are frequently on campus/online posting job or internships for students.


It was the only school that I considered with an Operations and Suppy Chain major. It also had a lot of faith groups and volunteer groups on campus.


What is unique about Saint Thomas compared to others is that they will go the length to make sure that you recieve the quality education you deserve. They will do anything to make college happen for you.


My school is not too bing, but not too small. It is catholic. I love the people! It is a classy, high end school but you don't have to be wealthy to attend. I always feel welcome! The professors and faculty are wonderful! There are many resources for students to use.


One thing that is unique is the extremely small class sizes and one-on-one attention that we receive from most of our professors.


One thing that I think is unique about the University of St. Thomas is the close attention that faculty pay to their students. Because the University of St. Thomas is a small school, students receive more personal attention from the University of St. Thomas' staff and faculty. This means that staff and faculty are able to give you help in choosing a major, or in financial aid. The close attention that I receive as a student is what I value most from the University of St. Thomas.


One of the most unique things about St. Thomas is the constant positive feedback I recieve from people when I say I am enrolled at St. Thomas. Every single alumni I have met from St. Thomas tells me what a wonderful school it is and the amazing opportunities St. Thomas has to offer for my future after my years at St. Thomas. I have never once heard a negative comment besides the cost, but that is primarily because it is a private school.


It strives the importance of being a good and a responsible person at all times to be able to succeed in life and in all the area of it (personal and professional) . It also strives the importance of giving back to the community, and the importance of helping others and the environment


It has a beautiful campus in a great location. The vibrant Twin Cities life is a few minutes away, but the campus is located in a beautiful, safe area.


The community is very strong. There is always something to do and while many students make destructive decisions, there are plenty who are not.


St Thomas has the best of both worlds in the sense of having a smaller classes but there is a lot of resources here for a great time learning !


Study abroad is HUGE here at St. Thomas! I'm going on my second study abroad trip in a couple of weeks, I went to Italy last winter and I'm going to Hawaii this year. St. Thomas encourages their students to study abroad and there is a huge percentage of students who take advantage of the many programs St. Thomas has to offer abroad.


One thing I really like about the University of St. Thomas is that its very unique and the professor are willing to help you so you can succeed.


The class sizes are perfect so that the teachers get to know you, you get to know others, but still feel like you are very important.


What separated St. Thoams and other schools appart for me while making the decision of where to spend these four years of my life, is St. Thoma's legacy for excellence in business and more importantly in ethical business. I was very impressed that the business program here requires 200 hours of service in order to graduate. The business 200 requirement says a lot about the central values of the school. St. Thomas also has the perfect locations. I love that it is in the city however feels like its own little world.


St. Thomas' faculty and professors care about the students first. Anytime a student has a question they are readily available, are more than happy to help, and always insure that we understand the material when we seek help. All of the chemistry professors here (my major) know me by my first name and we are on a very personal basis. Any one of them would gladly write me a letter of recommendation. Plus research is very easy to get into, and looks great on a resumé. Academics come first. Plus class sizes are small (21 on average per class).


Having a north and south campus there is a little for everyone. I feel like no matter who you are there is something here for everyone. Its also super easy to get involved in something. No matter what you are looking for there is something here for you. Even if what you are looking for isn't here St. Thomas has teamed up with 4 other schools to offer classes to students.


This school is unique because of the exclusiveness of the campus. It is in a high class area with a small neighborhood like feel. The professors are very friendly and are always willing to do what it takes to help you get a good grade. The campus is not large and it does not take long to walk to wherever you need to go. The dorms are relatively large compared to other schools I looked at.


It has a Catholic Studies department and one the best philosphy and a catholic seminary


St. Thomas is unique to the other schools I considered because of the location. It is in a great area of downtown St. Paul, while maintaining a residential feel. It’s possible to feel immersed in an urban, populated setting, while also being comfortable in your own home.


St.Thomas is unique because it allows one to have an outstanding college experience with small classroom sizes to ensure the learning of each student is accessible and essential. It is a Catholic based school that accpets and encourages a diverse population to attend this university. All the needs that one is accepting when attending college are met at this school, which makes the life of a college student that much easier.


The University of St. Thomas is such a good fit for me. It's different because of the people. Everyone is wanting you to do well. Peers are encouraging, and it's a great place to be a student.


By big city, but in a small neighborhood.


The University of St. Thomas offers individualized education that allows its students to truly get to know their professors. Class sizes are small, which allows students to feel more connected and involved in class. Professors have open office hours, so if a student ever needs help or has a question, he or she can either drop in during his or her listed office hour times or set up a meeting. St. Thomas is a tight community that is only minutes from the city, which offers many career or internship opportunities.


Having a Liberal Arts education allows students to have diverse knowledge.


We have small class sizes and great personal attention from our professors.


The Catholic Studies program.


It is just the right size.


St Thomas is unique to the other schools that I looked at because it is a smaller campus and it is located closer to the cities than the other colleges.


The University of St. Thomas is unique in the fact that it is in the cities but you are close to nature as well if you want it. Also in the fact that faith is important on this campus, you can really get involved but if you do not want to it is in no way pushed on students here at all.


the campus is beautiful, the classes are good sized, and it is in a good location.


My school has a seminary, it is a catholic college, it has over 50 study abroad prgrams, its sports are very talented.


Has the best business program in the state of Minnesota


My school is not just a "school." It's a community, filled with staff so willing to assist me in any and every way possible. The campus is beautiful in the fall, very festive in the winter, and it is a joy to be outside in the spring.


One thing I love about the University of St. Thomas (UST) is the individual attention we receive from professors. UST values high academic achievement/performance, and as such, provides its students with smaller class sizes and a small student to faculty ratio – about 15:1 on average. With easy access to professors, and the opportunity to build great student-professor relationships and friendships with students that share similar academic interests, students at UST are provided with an enhanced learning environment and an overall enriching college experience that can’t be found any place else.