University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for academic success, particularly in business. In general, St. Thomas graduates many successful students who have had experience with coursework outside of their field of study (Saint Thomas requires coursework that includes the fine arts, philosophy, and theology). Saint Thomas is also known as being an athletic power house.


St. Thomas is known for their business school, students from all over the country come to get a business degree and it is well recognized in that field. St. Thomas is also known for being the school that has a lot of journalism majors that go out and get really good jobs in that field.


The university of Saint Thomas is best know for it's amazing business programs. We have many stundents who attend UST just for the great business prgrams.


If I was to say what the University of St. Thomas is best known for is their study abroad programs. They offer a wide variety of programs to choose from and if a program you want is not offered you can petition for that program. The faculty and staff make it very simple and pain free to apply for a study abroad program. One of the best things about their study abroad program is that it is alway very easy for other students from different universites involved in the ACTC program , to study abroad throught the University of St. Thomas.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its business program. It actually does have a very good business department and many of the students you will meet there are different types of business majors. However, this is not all St. Thomas is well known for. This university has an excellent reputation in its community for attracting quality students who want to be involved in their school and community and do their very best. UST is also known for its study abroad program and they highly encourage all students to take advantage of this eye opening experience with scholarships.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for their successful assistance in helping undergraduates achieve their Undergraduate degree in business and/or law.


their college of business. science department. beautiful campus. aesthetics of the buildings. focus on studies. sense of community/family. suitcase campus.


Strong Catholic tradition. Small class size with a liberal arts education. Typically considered a suit case campus, but if you get in with the right crowds than weekends are very social. Party life is very important to most students and most students have wealthy families.


School spirit and campus involvement! Not to mention great facilities in a beautiful location! Everyone is involved in a least one extracurricular club or activity, and many people are involved in quite a few! The school spirit is intense - everyone is proud to be a tommie! Teachers are amazing, very passionate about their subjects and students!


The University of St. Thomas is best known for its generosity in scholarships, our beautiful campus, and our business program. Some students wouldn't have even been able to dream of coming here if it wasn't for the generous scholarships that St. Thomas awards. When I applied to St. Thomas, I knew that I wouldn't be able to afford it, but to my surprise, the scholarship that I was awarded allowed me to come to a prestigious school and allowed me to be certain that I'm receiving an excellent education.


My school is best known for it's business school as well as it's law program.


UST is best known for there superior business program. There job placement iss econd to none. The school teaches in an applied fashion, that prepares students for the work force.


My school is best known for their very nice campuses and buildings. The school has built a lot of new facilities recently, and is in the process of buildings new student center. My school is also known for its smaller class sizes and its very popular study abroad program. Also the business school is very well respected.


For it small class sizes and its awesome business programs.


The study abroad variety to choose from. St John Vianney College Seminary. St Paul School of Divinity. Catholic Studies Program.


I think they are best known for some of their athletics and alumni funding.


At the moment is is most known for its undefeated record for football.


The University of St. Thomas has a terrific business school with interesting professors. The class sizes are small so I feel comfortable asking questions or meeting with them for extra help. There are a lot of St. Thomas alums in the Twin Cities so I feel there will be a good network for me to tap into after I graduate.


The University of St. Thomas is best known for being a private university, and how it accomplishes many feats in the philosophical and theological field.


My school is now best known for the business program. Many of the students I've talked to are majoring in business at UST. UST has a variety of options for different kinds of business majors as well. The other top majors at UST are Catholic Studies, Education, Law, and Social Work. The music department is getting better as well. The campus is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. It is a place you could call home.


I believe that generations of St. Thomas graduates are know for there strong will and percievane that has produced one of the best business schools in the midwest.


My school, University of St.Thomas, is a private school and is well known for giving a very good education and also in financial aid. Every professor I've seen all have their Ph.D and there isn't one student teacher which makes the education even better. The campus is small-medium and is perfect for walking distant between north and south campus. University of St.Thomas is mainly known for business and has a wonderful grad school for business from what I hear. I certaintly don't regret for going to University of St.Thomas.


Our reputation is upper middle class, white , conservative students who don't have to pay for anything because their parents take care of it. Also it's known for being a business school (which majority of students are going towards a business major, but the other departments are amazing too!)


UST is big into sports, business, and journalism. It has all the advantages of a big school, but it has a great small school feel. The campus is utterly beautiful, and you're surrounded by historic St. Paul. You're within easy bus distance of all of the major stadiums, music venues, and malls. This school has it all.


My school is known for its very good business program, which is one of the reasons that i chose the school because I was considering having a business major. It is also known as just being a good school, very nice campus, caring teachers, and good services provided. I have also found that the dorm rooms are fairly larger then other schools. I have known quite a few people who attended Saint Thomas and the majority really enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus.


My school is definately most known for its catholic studies. We have one of the biggest seminary programs in the U.S., and theology is the class that requires the most credits.


My school is best known for their Catholic tradition. St. Thomas has the oldest cemenary in the state of Minnesota.


I think UST is best known for being a hometown and neighborhood school. A lot of people that attend school there live nearby and have grown up knowing about St. Thomas and many people have some sort of alumni or community connection to the school.


The school is best known for having a great business program, and having a large seminary group. It is also known for having the greatest baseball coach in America: Dennis Denning


The small class sizes give students opportunities to increase their network, real life skills and understanding of the materials. I would never be able to concentrate in a huge lecture hall with 100 classmates. My professors know my name and recognize me on campus. It's a great community.


St. Thomas is best known for their school of business and law school. As well as the study abroad program for students.


A strong liberal arts/Catholic education.


The University of St. Thomas wants to teach us ?thoughtful approach to the challenges of contemporary life.? In our various lectures or in different extracurricular activities- it all teaches current students to fathom different aspects of life and use them in their non academic life. For instance, I am a part of this dance group, PULSE, that is run by only students and it brings all students from different racial and dance backgrounds- bringing a community. It was in that group for the first time I was a co-choreographer with my own show.




Being a private University, being expensive yet receiving an high-quality education, good business department, very friendly campus, very nice campus (clean, beautiful buildings)


We have great sports teams but might be best known for expensive tuition.


Good math and science programs


Good for business. Overall a well-rounded liberal arts school.


I believe St. Thomas is best known for its academic excellence, academic rigor. I personally noticed the carring attidude towards their students.


I think UST is best known for the quality of education recieved. They have an outstanding reputation for being one of the best schools of the mid-west.


I would say that the University of Saint Thomas is best known for its academics. We have wonderful sports teams, a nationally recognized dance teams and numerous other clubs and organizations as well. The reasonwhy we are all truly here though, is academics, and the University of Saint Thomas is a challenging but rewarding institution that will give you an excellent education and experience.


St thomas offers a very prestigious business program and has had many graduates go an achieve great success.


Beautiful arcitecture, catholicism, women's softball team, women's dance line


The business school at St. Thomas is easily it's most popular and widely known program. It is a very respected school within the university that the majority of students participate in at least a couple of elective classes, if not earn a degree in.


My school is best known for the graduation rate and employment after graduating rate. When one graduates from the University of St.Thomas, they not only graduate with an exceptional diploma, but with well rounded and constructed morals and goals. My school helps mold academically strong future corporate students, but well rounded students with the right motives , that every employer would love to have a part of their company.


Business school.


St. Thomas is best known for having a really good business school. Students who graduate with a business degree from St. Thomas have a pretty big advantage in the corporate job world. St. Thomas is also known for it's amazing study abroad opportunities.


Saint Thomas is known for its very successful business school and also its extensive study abroad program.


We are best known for our business majors. Companies come to St. Thomas to find students to work for them. It is an awesome program.


Outsiders generally sterotype us by our catholic affiliation. But within the school there is not much emphasis on religious affiliation. There is a lot of diversity here and all of the professors respect that, even the theology professors! We are required to take three theology courses, but they teach it as fact and don't try to persuade you to believe one way or the other. Professors only want you to gain a thorough understanding of the different religions in the world.

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