University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The people who are there and are very willing to help you out if you don't know where anything is or have questions. The size of the campus is just right and the way people welcome you makes you feel at home.


I am in an area that is close enough to grocery stores, banks, and shopping centers. Also, the area is extremely safe and friendly, so I feel I can walk around late at night and not be concerned about my safety.


We have a workout facility being built for the next academic year that cost about $70 million dollars, and it contains a state of the art swimming pool and weight lifting area.


I brag about the amazing campus and education along with the many opportunities we have here.


I love the classes I'm taking at the University of St. Thomas. Although they're difficult, I learn so much. The teachers are really helpful and the information is very interesting.


Sometimes about how well our sports teams are doing. In the recent years our sports organization has done very well.




I LOVE the fact that the main undergraduate campus is in a safe neighborhood setting where there is no fear for safety reasons, but then we have an easily accesible shuttle to take us to our second campus downtown. It is the best of both worlds! So not only do I live on a beautiful campus, I live with amazing people, who become friends for life!


My friends that I have made here, or the location.


When I talk about my school I tell my friends about our beautiful architecture, how peaceful it is to walk around campus, the small class sizes, how i know all of my professors and they know who I am, and lastly I tell them about all of the great people I have meet here! These few things don't even begin to describe all of the things I love at being at University of St.Thomas.


Everyone at school is extremely friendly but i mainly surround myself around familiar faces.


It's in the city, but I doesn't feel like it. The campus is beautiful, and the people are so friendly and helpful.


I brag about all the different kinds of activities and ways to get involved on campus. I tell my friends about our small class sizes and our wonderful faculty and staff members. I often express how beautiful and spectacular the campus is. Also, I always remember to mention every student holds the door for the next student, regardless of how far away they are. Our campus does a wonderful job creating a safe, positive, fun environment to live and learn on.


St. Thomas has many reputations, but what I most love is the great sense of community. Coming from a very small high school, I was relieved to not just be a number in my college classes. My professors go out of their way to memorize everyone's face to their name and will usually give out their home phone numbers. The classes usually consist of about 20 students and are never taught by a teacher's assistant. On campus, you are certain to see a familiar face to wave hello to. We are a small community in a big city.


The availibility for connections in the business department and the location of the school.


I tell them about all of the awesome opportunities we have that will boost chances for future employment. We have tons of networking events, on-campus interviewing, and chances to get involved in pre-professional groups. I tell them about all of the amazing speakers I've seen and how much I've been able to accomplish through my work in on-campus organizations. I also tell them about how beautiful it is. Our campus looks amazing.




it's a good school

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