University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Our campus atmoshphere on the weekends. Many students choose to leave every weekend so that they can go drink at parties. However, those of us who stay on campus have a great time with the campus activites. However when everyone chooses to leave campus versus staying those activties get cut from the budget.


many students do go home or away from campus on the weekends.


The theology requirements. We ar required to take 3 theology classes, i understand its a Catholic school, but i think 1 theology class would be efficient enough to get their point across. I'm personally not Catholic so its not the easiest for me to get intrigued by the courses, but in the end i think it will be a good experience.


I think that their isn't much diversity and everybody seems to come from about 20 minutes away and its a pack and go home kind of school.


I do not like the meal plan that I had to buy to live in the dorm. I don't eat that many meals at the cafe, but this you would find at any school. UST is great no big complaints!


Since this is a private school, some departments such as music, theater and even biology (which is relatively new here) take a backseat to more popular departments such as business and education. So unless you are a business or education major, your classes might possibly be in the older buildings on campus and your major program will get less money and have fewer people in it. Other issues: the spanish language program here is so-so, on campus parking is limited and expensive, and there are lots of general requirements such as 2 philosophy and 3 theology courses.


One thing that is a disadvantage is the amount of competition for jobs. Each of your classmates is considered competition; however, I believe that can then be used as motivation to work that much harder to distinguish yourself from your classmates.


Many of the students conme from wealthy families, as a result many newer students tend to possess the aire of rights instead of privilage.


This school is small and competes in Division III sports. It does not have a strong journalism department. Because I am a journalism major and I want more out of my college experience. I am transferring after the 2009-2010 academic year to University of Kansas. However, I need financial aid since my mom and I are the only people paying for my education. My GPA is currently 3.62 and this school is also way too expensive. I can get more out of my college experience and pay less at KU.


Perhaps the worst thing about this school is the cost of tuition. This is a vary expensive school and has been rated one of the top schools in the country in which graduates come graduate with the most debt. But if students are proactive in seeking out scholarships and working hard during the summer and j-term, they can help to minimize these costs.


I think the worst thing about my school is that there are a lot of undergraduate core requirement classes you must take and pass to graduate.


The school tends to very clique oriented. Also, the school is not great for majors besides business or some science.


I really CANNOT say one negative thing about the University of St.Thomas. I love it and think it's a great place for a wide range of diverse and unique students.


There is a lack of college feel, kids aren't very involved in activities and most kids hometowns are within a 50 mile radius so people often go home on the weekends.


The worst thing is the price and lack of financial aid. It is quite exvepnsive and is hard to see where the money is going to to. Most people get aid but it is usually not enough to bring down the price to a reasonable level


The food choices, not many choices and it's expensive.


The worst thing about my school is how they handle meal plan donations. I volunteered on a children orphanage in South America campaign were students could donate a meal from there meal plan to this cause. The problem was that St. Thomas was only going to allow 20 percent of the money that comes out of the donated meals to go towards the cause and they would not tell us where the rest of the money was going. In some respect I feel that this school is stealing money that is not theirs.


There is too much emphasis on Catholicism and everyone is very conservative.


Hate crimes, high-class floosies, untold amounts of alcohol, military academies on campus, high costs, horrible food service, I've never met the president, seminarians, etc...


It is a private school that attracts kids from private high schools and upper middle class backgrounds. Because of this, kids that attend are spoiled (some of them) and are very materialistic. It can be an intimidating atmosphere if you don't come from that background and you feel a bit of pressure to fit into that by buying labels and what have you.


The Catholic atmosphere can be intimidating during freshman orientation and your freshman year, don't let it get to you.


The worst thing is probably the social clicks. I feel as though I have only changed high schools and live away from home. The clicks are very noticeable and are exclusive. Apparently, this tends to be a reoccurring theme in many of the small private schools in Minnesota according to students from surrounding private universities, with whom I have had the pleasure of talking to. I think this is due to the amount of money that student?s parents have, assuming they are attending this college because their parents can afford it, unlike the current author of the statement.


The college's religious beliefs are part of every activity.


It's in the city, you always feel like too much is happening at a time.


It's way too religious. Other religions seem to be inferior at St. Thomas, Catholicism rules the day. People have the mentality that if you're not Catholic and don't like it then you should leave. Students aren't very open or accepting of other views. The academics are also lacking for the most part.

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