University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to share with my friends my passion for 3D printing. I have two of my own 3D printers, one in which I build myself. Since this is a rare interest for an eighteen year old, I like to talk about it to others. Most friends think it is pretty cool and it is an area of interest I can "brag" about that others find intriguing. I am hoping that my interest in 3D printing and materials leads to a future career, so while "bragging," it is cool when I find others that are interested too.


The education I receive in terms of the academics and the opportunites my professors have given me are amazing. My professors continue to inspire me and cultivate new knowledge in me.


I wouldn't brag about my school at all. It is a community college and provides the necessary classes needed for associates degrees or if you plan to transfer to university. Most people commute so there isn't really a burgeoning social life. It gets you where you want to go and can save you money in the long run.


Out of all of my friends I am going to the best school by far. University of St. Thomas is one of the best University's in the whole state. So far my classes have been great, and I have learned alot. Also compared to most of my friends, who aren't really enjoying their college's social life, I am having a great time. I have met many interesting people and done many interesting activities. Overall I feel my school is really great.


St. Thomas is like a big family. It's hard to walk through campus without seeing someone you know. It's big enough where you don't feel surrounded by the same people all the time, but small enough where you feel comfortable and at home.


St Thomas is a great school for networking. Our alumni are very involved with the school, and it is much easier to find a job (around the Twin Cities/Minnesota area) after college once receiving your degree. St Thomas alumni are very generous to our school. Our new student center and recreation facility were recently funded by some very generous alumni. The University of St Thomas has a beautiful campus and countless connections. I can't see myself anywhere else.


How beautiful the campus is and how I am more likely to be hired for a job someday than them, because of the institution I got my education from.


What I brag about most to my friends about this school is how highly-ranked it is in regards to business majors. Although it is very expensive, I believe that it will certainly pay off in the end. The University of St. Thomas matches approximately 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students with jobs when they graduate. I hope to be a part of this percent in 2016 when I hope to walk and receive my diploma.


I have had absolutely wonderful experiences with my professors, my classes, and the programs I am most involved in. The Social Work and Justice and Peace Studies departments, both of which I am a part, have succeeded in creating an inclusive environment for their students. Nearly all the faculty I have been privileged to work with care about their students' learning, are passionate about what they do, and keep students engaged.


The facilities at St. Thomas are amazing. The student center is the heart of campus life; because there's always something going on. With the bowling alley, the space with Wii consoles, air hockey, foosball, spa, cafeteria and other places to eat, the student center is the most desirable facility on campus. There's space to study, eat, relax and have fun. Everyone can find something to do there. Whenever my friends come to UST, they're astonished because their college campuses aren't as fancy-looking as St. Thomas facilities. They're definitely jealous.


The buildings are absolutely beautiful, my classes are great, small, and close knit. Most of all I have met so many great people in such a beautiful city.


How pretty the campus is and it is in a great area. In the cities so there is a lot to do, but you forget that you're in the cities because it feels like at home. Also the quality of the professors and classes.


When I talk about my school to others, I typically will brag about the relationships that develop between professors and students, the competitive atmosphere, the opportunities we gain from going to school in the Twin Cities, the new buildings, the people, and how it seems to be the perfect balance of big/small school.


I love the buildings and the faculty members. Generally the people and students. Academic achievement is high as well.


Let your slef have fun at St.Thomas. Get an active social life and that is how you make friends. People do not make friends in class only. You need to get away from school work and have fun with people in order to enjoy your time here.


It has 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement in my field of study (Operations and Supply chain Management). Also, there are a lot of great opportunities for community.


We have had a lot of new buildings in the past few years, including a new student center opening tomorrow.


I compete with the University of St. Thomas’s swim team, so I would probably vocalize how much I enjoy this team, as well as the brand new swimming pool. Academically speaking, I would brag about the close relationship I have with each one of my professors. Also I am in the Air Force ROTC program, which is also a talking point for me.


The thing that I'm very proud of this school is the devoted, friendly and active staffs here. My friends really get jealous of me for having such wonderful professors who understand and willingly help their students whenever they have any trouble or question. They openly talk and give advices for students, willingly spare their precious time for us no matter how busy they are. I love their professional, active, and responsive attitude toward their students' education. They really care and want the best for us.


I brag about how wonderful the professors are as well as how amazing the campus is. The newest building, the Anderson Student Center, is absolutely amazing!


The Catholic Studies Program is so wonderful and Sitzmann Hall, a building for it fosters such a great community environment.


The Student Center


When I brag about going to the University of St Thomas, I focus on how great of a school it is known for being. The University of St Thomas has such a great reputation because it is very academically challenging and it's the best liberal arts school in Minnesota as well as being one of the best liberal arts schools in the United States.


I love to tell my friends about what a great education St. Thomas provides. The beautiful campus is always great to view while walking to and from class, and the professors get to know you on a personal level. You aren't just a number at St. Thomas, you are an individual. All teachers have high expectations for student success and they help you in many ways to reach your goals. Also, there are many opportunities at UST including studing abroad, numerous clubs and organizations, and research and work opportunities.


I don't normally brag, but if I did it'd be about the great academic research opportunities and community support that faculty and campus offers.


There is a great sense of community on campus, even though there are approximately 6,000 students on the St. Paul Campus of St Thomas. The classes are small enough that you get to know almost everyome in all of your classes, and that really comes in handy when studying for midterms or finals.


The great people. From true friends to professors who are willing to get to know you, there is no shortage of quality people at UST. Professors are always accessible and know you by name, making classes and learning more manageable and fun. The facilities on campus are top notch including a top notch athletic facility and a brand new student center.


The facilities and the people of the University of St. Thomas are the things that I brag about most to my friends. They both are elite and first class.


When I talk about St. Thomas I always mention the amount of personal attention paid to each student by teachers and advisors and how much I have learned since I began. I also mention how involved I am and how much of a leader I have become since attending the school. I love to talk about my experiences as a Resident Advisor, Talking Circles Diversity Retreat Leader, member of Tutor-Mentor, member of the UST Cheer Team and PULSE performing arts club choreographer.


St. Thomas has small classes where the teachers can get to know you, and help you understand the material better. Also, in the residence hall I live in, there is carpet, and private bathroom. We also get discount tickets to countless things being so close to the city. It's great here!


Are athletic teams are really good: volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, etc. Also, the sense of community is really good, especially on South Campus, you feel very interconnected. School spirit is also very strong here, homecoming games are so much fun for this reason. Most professors are more than willing to put in extra time to help you succeed in their class. There are so many resources available to people that it is extremely helpful and makes transitioning to college a lot easier. St. Thomas is known to be a good school, and I can take pride in that.


The opportunities available in the city of St. Paul.


I have a better relationship with most of my professors than with any one of the students; Saint Thomas is dedicated to encourage relationships between its students and faculty. Saint Thomas conforms to me, and the type of person I want to be instead of making me into a number, or feel like an outsider. At Saint Thomas I decide my future.


When I tell my tell my friends about my school I brag most about the community here, the dorm life and the on campus community that is so strong at UST.


I brag most about the amenities, how well our football team is doing and how much the Twin Cities have to offer.


Comically, I the first thing I brag about is all the beautiful women and then I move into the more important aspects. I love the small college atmosphere St. Thomas provides. My classes consist of between 13 and 20 students each. The professors are supremely personable and skilled in their area of expertise. The food in the cafeteria as well as the other restaurants on campus is wonderful and affordable. Almost everyone that attends the university is extremely kind and all share a special bond of friendship.


I am on a national championship dance team at the school so that's what I normally talk about first. Also, we have a brand new student center and recreational center and both are absolutely amazing!


There are so many resources at St.Thomas. If you need help or want to join a club there is always a program in place for that. Also there is a new student center being built that is going to have tons of cool things in it like a bowling ally and many things.


I usually talk about the new student center we will be getting in a month. There will be a new cafeteria, bowling alley, hair salon, smoothie shop, and much more.


I first bring up the new athletic center, and the soon to come student center. I also talk about how our professors are very cool, and most teach very well.


Whenever I tell my friends about UST, i always tell them how gorgeous the campus is and friendly everyone is. I cannot remember a day that the door has not been held open for me. The campus lights up at night for Christmas and the QUAD is always buzzing with people.


Not only is St. Thomas concerned about the academic success of its students, but also providing activities outside of the classroom. I love all of the extra ciricular activities that St. Thomas offers; there is a club for about anything you could think of and very successful varsity sports teams as well. There also many student leadership and employment opportunities that are offered right on campus. There are a variety of included student services available such as Academic Counceling, Career Development Center, tutoring services, etc. as well. This year St. Thomas is also opening its new student center.


The awesome campus as well as my ability to meet and have a real conversation with any given professor.


Besides the reasons I explained above there are a few other aspects to St. Thomas I brag about on the regular. One bragging right is the location to the cities, other college campus's, and my own home if necessary. I brag about my large dorm room with a bathroom at my own dispiosal. I also tend to brag alot about the abundance of clubs our University offers, such as boxing, salsa, debate, spanish, dentistry, accouting etc. Last but not least our new Campus student center and Anderson complex, plus our wonderful Football team!


UST has great services for any of your needs. Lots of emphasis on careers and personal development.


Our academics and our beautiful campus


The overall quality of the campus, the new athletic facility, the new student center, the wonderful professors, the great relationships you make with other students and staff.


With small classroom populations, each student is able to get more questions answered and test feedback than big state college students get.


I brag about the great Catholic community.


The University of St.Thomas has high academic expectations for their students. They Provide tutors for students who need extra help, the teachers are more than willing to meet with you outside of class and the campus life is booming!