University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


When I was looking at schools alot of people told me that St. Thomas students teneded to be from around the Twin Cities area, and were for the most part, rich, spoiled and stuck up. I also was told that St. Thoamas students were more interested in where the party was at, than where the library was.


If you have talked to some people who have visited St.Thomas before you might hear, "They are stuck up", "They think they are so smart" , or "All the kids that go there are rich".


1) They are all rich 2) They all leave on the weekends 3) All the girls wear North Face jackets and Uggs boots.


All the students are really rich, and the girls all walk around with their Ugg boots, Northface jackets, and Coach purses.


Stereotypes about St. Thomas students include that they are all rich, suburban kids who spend Daddy's money. Also, people believe St. Thomas is mostly a business school and other majors don't get the time of day.


St. Thomas students may be stereotyped as being wealthy snobs, but...


Rich and stuck up Beautiful (ranked in Playboy magazine for most attractive girls)


St. Thomas is sometimes perceived as a college for rich, stuck-up people. Others believe that you must be Catholic to attend.


Spoiled suburban students


Rich, white, suburban people