University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


St. Thomas is great for music and business students. There is a pretty broad spectrum of people here as far as non-religious to religious and quite varied interests. To enjoy St. Thomas, you should like a medium sized school where you will recognize a fair number of people around campus.


I think that this is a great school for students who are either looking for a career in business, or are unsure of what exactly they want to major in yet. The businees school was just accredited and is exceptional! There is also a great job placemnet once you graduate and strong alumni relationships. St.Thomas also offers very diverse required core course material, so if you are unsure you will be able to take many different liberal arts classes to help discover what you love to do.


The person that should attend this school is someone who knows for the most part what degree they want. The school isnt cheap but with a degree from here, you are very likely to get a good paying job from a illumni in the area. If you plan on moving to find a job after college, the degree from St. Thomas might be put to waste. The people in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area really respect this school and some look to hire our graduates right after they graduade.


Someone who enjoys learning, is driven, enjoys engaging in conversations, likes a small classroom where prof's know you by name


The kind of person that should attend the University of St. Thomas is someone who is serious about their education and is passionate about school spirit.


St. Thomas is a great liberal arts school if you enjoy the small class aspect of college. All of my classes are under thirty people with plenty of access to professors. The professors are extremely good and willing to help. The school itself is large for a small school so it has plenty of athletic teams and events as well as many clubs. The orientation at the beginning of the year helps so that you can quickly make friends and get involved. If you want both the pro's of a large and small school, St. Thomas is for you.


A very confident person who likes to talk to many different people. They should be very open to meeting different people, and also very patient. Someone that likes to get involved in extra activies on campus. Also, someone who have a great amount of money to spend on this school considering it is very exspenive.


A very independent, self motivated person should go to school at the University of St Thomas. In order to have a more prominent social life, the person should not be afraid to join a club.


I do not believe in categories when it comes to who should attend a certain college. I believe everyone has a right to obtain their education wherever they may please.


A person who is wanted to explore religion and appreiciates the city life. Also, someone who prefers small class sizes and a meduim size campus.


Anyone with a strong drive and motivation to achieve great things. Anyone with a desire for individual attention from professors who really care and want their students to do well. Anyone with hopes of finding work right after graduation from employers happy to hire a UST grad. Anyone who thrives in a small community, with tight knit relationships. Anyone looking for a campus that provides both the excitement of the city and the proximity of a beautiful parks, rivers and outdoor recreation. Anyone looking for a quality education and an exciting social circle.


The kind of person that should attend St. Thomas should be someone who wants to be part of community, where you can get one on one attention if needed. This school is small and personal, and really feels like a home away from home.


St Thomas is a school that fits for anyone. It is an amazing place to be and there are many opportunities to fit into the school atmosphere. Some of the people that fit best at St Thomas are leaders that are looking to continue their high school activities in college. There are a variety of activities open to everyone and there is most likely something for everyone!


The type of person to attend St. Thomas is one that is hardworking, open-minded, and is looking for great opportunity to start a career.


A student that wants the attention of a private school but the student body and resources of a large state school


The kind of person who should attend a school like St. Thomas is someone who is motivated and ambitious. Anyone who believes they can make a change in their own life as well as positively influence another’s life should attend this school. Someone who wants to be involved in the community but may not know where to start belongs at this school. Anyone who is dedicated and passionate about their work in the classroom and outside belongs here as well. Lastly, anyone who seems lost and needs guidance will be led down the right path at St. Thomas.


I would reccomend a conservative type person, who is willing to abide to the expectations of a catholic university.


The kind of person who should attend the University of St. Thomas is an open minded and determined individual. The person should have high standards for achievement and the integrity to work hard and stay focused through the challenging courses. A strong work ethic and the ability to overcome adversity and obstacles are also key traits of the type of person who should attend UST. The person should be ready to critically think and question aspects of society that seem to be the norm of today. Also, the person should be excited to learn while meeting new entriguing people.


The person that should attend this school is a person that values athletics on a high level while still wanting to be in an academic instituition. Also, St. Thomas values their business school, therefore, a person wanting to go into the business field is a major plus. St. Thomas values their Catholic tradition while still accepting another religions. You don't have to be Catholic going to a private Catholic university. All in all, St. Thomas is an excellent university of wanting to be in the city, but not in the midldle of the city.


A person who wants to have the city around them to explore and an education that is based on the higher ethics that St. Thomas shows its students. It is not a simple education and with the new buildings like the student center and athletic center it is a great place to study.


Any type of person should attend this school. The University of St. Thomas has a welcoming environment for everyone whether you are white, black, yellow, or purple. You may be gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, etc. Most know that we are a Catholic school, however all religions are accepted and welcomed. The diverse population at this University fosters a supportive system for all individuals and groups and I would encourage anybody of any culture to join the Tommie family.


Any person who is dedicated to learn and succeed.


Someone who is looking for a fun, exciting, academic oriented environment should go to this school. Someone who is dedicated to their school work and willing to work hard to achieve good grades. Someone who is looking for a great new athletic facility with the top of the line equipment and a new student center which will provide more activities. A person who isn't concerned with the low level of diversity and is able to deal with students from more of the upper income level families.


The kind of person who should attend the University of St.Thomas is a goal and career oriented person. They must be able to take initiative as well as know how to conduct themselves.


I think the nice thing about St. Thomas is there isn't one niche of people who encompasses what it means to go here. A grand majority of the population is a middle-class or upper-class midwesterner, but at the same time we boast several international student, have clubs for everything you can imagine on campus, and attend school in a city that is continually becoming more and more diverse. It would help, however, for those who attend this school to at least be sympathetic to the Catholic tradition.


Someone who is dedicated to perfect a field of study who is interested in meeting a lot of new people and someone who can deal with the cold winter months of minnesota.


A person who attends this school should probably have a way for paying for it because it's extremely expensive. They should also like a small school where they can get one-on-one attention if they so choose. They should also be OK with their friends and/or themselves going home alot on the weekends. This person alos has to be focused on working/studying hard, but playing hard as well.


Someone who wants to learn, someone who likes to interact with and get to know their teachers, someone who enjoys all seasons of the year and someone interested in a liberal arts education.


I would have to say someone who uses the resources given such as professors, librarians, etc. and someone who like to be involved on campus. I use my resources and enjoy the small and tight-knit community at St Thomas. I see all my professors at least once a month in their office for help with anything I need. Almost all students at the University of St. Thomas are involved one way or another around campus, be varsity sport or tutoring theology or being in photo club, everyone on campus is involved.


A person who should attend the University of St. Thomas is someone who loves the intimacy of a smaller school. This is a great school for someone who likes smaller classes and more connection with each of their professors. Anyone from any religion can come to school here too, so everyone should apply! Also, anyone who likes a smaller campus in general would love it here - it only spans about three blocks on the St. Paul campus.


Since it is a liberal arts university, it is a good fit for pretty much anyone, especially if they are unsure as to what they hope to study.


A person who is welcoming, fun-loving, and hard working would fit right in at St. Thomas. The students a UST foster an open and invigorating atmosphere in which class is most important, but so is having fun and going outside of your comfort zone.


A student that is dedicated to his or her field of work, one who is adventurous and willing to try new things in the city, and one who likes a close-knit community. Students at St. Thomas put school work first and this can be seen throughout the campus during anytime of the school year. Students at St. Thomas often study in groups to make learning fun. I have seen so many passionate students here who are proactive in beginning their career.


Someone who is outgoing, likes to have fun, ambitious, dedicated to their studies, and will passionately pursue their major.


This school is definitely for those who are both self motivated but also do to the resources and support for those who might need a little push. This is not for somebody who may take a none interest in school at times but if support is needed, there is more than enough available.


There are many kinds of people that should attend the University of St. Thomas. As for all colleges, at UST students should work hard, stay committed, and have goals. If you do those three things then I think any kind of person should attend UST. UST has many kind, respectful people, which ranges from, athletes, double majors, business men and women, to seminarians, bookworms and many other people just looking for a great education. and a great experience.


Despite being a Catholic University, less then half of the students are Catholic. Therefore, it is more important for a person attending this school to be open minded about different spiritual backgrounds. Furthermore, someone attending the University of St. Thomas should be looking for a well rounded education to prepare them for internships and prospective jobs.


A person that likes a medium to small sized school. Most people that attend this college are close to home. If you like knowing the majority of people in your class this is the school for you!


Do not attend this St. Thomas unless you are hard working. I have been pushed very hard by teachers and other faculty to do well. My roommate did not try very hard our first semester and he dropped out of an essential class which he must now retake. Classes are very expensive and many majors require you to take many classes so dropping a class may end up devistating later on in your college career. However, if you are ready to work hard, you will do just fine and it will pay off for you in the long run.


Well I think that anyone can, but it tends to attract a rather homogeneous mixture of students that mostly are from more affluent families. School is making big push to bring in international students, but these students don't seem to be blending in with the other students for reasons which I do not know.


A person who is commited to their education, enjoys community service, wants to get involved in campus life, wants to be more than a number, and wants a balance between city and suburb life.


Really any person that just wants to learn and receive a great education. Someone willing to work hard for four years to learn career related information.


A social, outgoing, smart, career-driven person.


The type of person to attend St. Thomas would be a upper middle class white heterosexual individual. Besides this type of person, not many other students attend St. Thomas. This university is not very racially, ethnically or socially diverse. Most students share the same homogenic background and could be mistaken for each other.


Sociable people who want to learn and meet a lot of people.


The kind of person that should attend the University of St. Thomas is someone who wants more out of their education than merely listening to lectures and taking notes. Small class sizes and peer interaction play a large role in classes at St. Thomas. Someone who wants to be challenged by their education will find this school to be a great fit.


Someone who is very disciplined.


The University of St. Thomas is suited for a student looking for a prestigious, faith based education that is looking for both a big city and small town feel.


I think that a motivated and determined person should attend this school. The University of St. Thomas is a great school that strives to challenge the minds of its students. The people who are thinking about attending St. Thomas should be ready to live and portray the university's mission statement, "Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the University of St. Thomas educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good".


Anyone and everyone :) Especially those who want to get into the business, social work and education program. It is competitive or difficult if interested in sciences; not all courses are required year-round.